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The pie chart demonstrates the data, which is taken from one university, about destiny of Anthropology graduates afterwards their graduation of bachelor's degree, while table compares incomes of anthropologists from their workplace after 5 years' work.

Overall, it can be seen from the given chart that the vast majority of graduates work full-time in comparison to other categories, which has almost similar percentages. From the table it can be concluded that government sector's salary is the highest among other employment types.

Looking at the details, it is noticeable that full-time workers has the highest percentage (52%), which is nearly four times greater than the percentage of part-time workers as well as unemployed people. Surprisingly, graduates who work at part-time job and at the same time have postgraduate studies had almost the very same amount (5%) with people, whose destination is not known (8%) together with students of full-time postgrad (8%).

As regards table, half of employees' of government sector the greatest amount of salary ($100,000+), whereas the percentages of private companies as well as freelance consultants is 40% and 30% respectively. However, in the first and second column the amount of workers of private companies twice higher compared to other kinds of employment.
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