█ 110-acre coastal promontory in Pacifica, Calif., transferred to National Park Service (nps) in 2002

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█ 110-acre coastal promontory in Pacifica, Calif.,

transferred to National Park Service (NPS) in 2002

from Trust for Public Land, with assistance from

the California Coastal Conservancy and Pacifica

Land Trust

█ One of the newest sites within

the 80,400-acre Golden Gate

National Parks

█ Unique matrix of wetland, grass-

land, and coastal scrub habitat 

█ Sensitive ecosystem supports

federally endangered San Francisco

garter snake, threatened California

red-legged frog, and rare San Fran-

cisco forktail damselfly

█ Named for the Mori family, Italian

immigrants who settled on the

point in the 1880s

█ Area has hosted—over the

years—farm and ranchlands, inn

and restaurant, bootlegging site,

quarrying operations, film location (“Harold and

Maude”), dirt-bike track, and informal trails 

█ Dramatic coastal bluffs feature 360-degree

views of Pacifica, Milagra and Sweeney ridges, San

Francisco, the Pacific Ocean, and Pedro Point 

█ Site improvements organized by NPS, Golden

Gate National Parks Conservancy programs

█ First phase of trail improvements and habitat

restoration started in July 2007

█ Two ponds placed in 2007, for a total of four

ponds intended as frog breeding

habitat and snake foraging grounds  

█ 800 feet of informal “social” trails

removed in 2007 to enhance safety

and preserve wildlife corridors

█ 1,300 feet of fencing erected to

protect sensitive habitat

█ 198 box timber steps installed to

improve Coastal Trail leading from

seawall to Mori Point bluffs

█ Over 1,400 volunteers engaged in

community stewardship of the site,

contributing a total of 40,000 hours

█ 2.6 acres of invasive plant species

controlled in 2007

█ Over 9,000 native plants propa-

gated and planted throughout Mori Point site

█ Over 10,000 seeds collected for future projects


Please visit www.parksconservancy.org or contact:

David Shaw, Director of Communications

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

(415) 561-3064   dshaw@parksconservancy.org

Ponds at Mori Point provide habitat for the California red-legged frog and San Francisco garter snake

Community volunteerism

drives restoration work

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