# NikGapps configuration file # What is nikgapps config? # nikgapps config is a configuration file which allows you to configure your installation the way you like

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# NikGapps configuration file # What is nikgapps.config? # nikgapps.config is a configuration file which allows you to configure your installation the way you like. # You can choose the partition to install and You can also skip any Package that you don't want to be part of your installation # Where can I find nikgapps.config? # nikgapps.config is placed in /sdcard/NikGapps folder automatically after first install with all the packages enabled for installation # If you want to configure the installation with your very first installation, extract nikgapps.config from the gapps zip and place it to /sdcard/NikGapps folder # How to configure nikgapps.config? # Edit the file and set 0,1,2 against the package that you want to configure, save the file, flash the gapps. # NikGapps installer recognizes 3 config values # -> 0 (Skip the package) # -> 1 (install the package and delete corresponding aosp app) # -> 2 (install the package and do not delete corresponding aosp app) # For e.g. if you want to skip GoogleContacts during the installation, the config should read GoogleContacts=0. # if you want to install GoogleContacts and remove Aosp Contacts, config should read GoogleContacts=1. # if you want to install GoogleContacts and keep Aosp Contacts, config should read GoogleContacts=2. # All the lines starting # in config file are comments. Adding comments (#) in front of Package name will not skip it's installation. i.e. # YouTube=0 will not skip the installation. # How to configure nikgapps.config to install it to /system partition or /system/product? # Update below config to install it to a dedicated partition # set InstallPartition=system for /system and InstallPartition=product for /system/product partition # If you are not sure about the config, just skip making changes to it or comment it by adding # before it # InstallPartition=system WipeDalvikCache=1 # Following are the packages with default configuration GooglePlayStore=1 GmsCore=1 GoogleServicesFramework=1 GoogleContactsSyncAdapter=1 GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter=1 DigitalWellbeing=1 YouTube=1 GoogleMessages=1 GoogleDialer=1 GoogleContacts=1 CarrierServices=1 SetupWizard=1 GoogleOneTimeInitializer=1 AndroidMigratePrebuilt=1 PixelSetupWizardOverlay=1 PixelSetupWizardAodOverlay=1 PixelSetupWizard=1 PixelTips=1 GoogleCalculator=1 GoogleClock=1 Drive=1 Velvet=1 GoogleMaps=1 Gmail=1 GooglePhotos=1 PlayGames=1 Lawnchair=1 LawnchairRecentsProvider=0 Lawnfeed=1 DeviceHealthServices=1 GBoard=1 GoogleCalendar=1 MarkupGoogle=1 GoogleWallpaper=1 GoogleFeedback=1 GooglePartnerSetup=1 GoogleSounds=1 AndroidDevicePolicy=1 GoogleKeep=1 Books=1 Assistant=1 GooglePlayMusic=1 GoogleRecorder=1 GoogleChrome=1 DevicePersonalizationServices=1 GoogleGo=1 AssistantGo=1 MapsGo=1 NavigationGo=1 GalleryGo=1 GmailGo=1
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