​ The Decline of the Mughal Empire

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The Decline of the Mughal explain1.2

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The Decline of the Mughal Empire 


1.2: Describe the role of later Mughals in the downfall of the empire;(K, 






The teacher Talk about how the Mughal Empire ran into trouble at the hands of 

not only rivals and rebels but also because of the incompetence of their own 

rulers. As a result, they were either killed or became puppets in the hands of their 

enemies and opportunists. This gave a chance to Sikhs, Marathas, Rajputs, and 

others to seize the day and weaken the empire.  

Events happened in 17


 and 18


 century influenced the destiny of the 

Mughals. The shape of empire had totally changed and by the middle of 19



century this glorious rule finally ended. 

In 1615 CE Emperor Jahangir gave the British permission to trade with India 

and it was actually the stage for the end of Mughal rule in India. 

Jahangir’s son Shahjahan had prosperous rule but in the reign of Aurangzeb 

cracks had begun to appear. 

The Sikh rebellions in Punjab 

The Maratha uprising 

Tussles for power and constant wars worsened the Mughals 



Influential effect of Sayyid brothers 

Nadir Shah and Ahmed Shah Abdali invasion 

All these factors were the flashpoint of the downfall of the Empire 



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