0. Procedure of Marketing Research

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0. Procedure of Marketing Research

  • 0. Procedure of Marketing Research

  • Research and Analyses

      • 1-1. Public Research (FACT, Coverage, Blog and Opinion)
      • 1-2. Personal Research (Consumer Research: Depth Interviews)
  • Hypothesis

      • 2-1. Context Map and Hypothesis story
        • Baltic Cities
        • Scandinavian Cities
        • Berlin and Warsaw
      • 2-2.  Hypothesis Verification
        • Media Hearing (TV and Magazine)
        • Travel Agency Hearing
        • Consumer Research (Group Interview)
  • Conclusion

  • Additional Research: Photo Evaluation

  • Appendix

Purpose and Method

  • Purpose and Method

Purpose and Method

  • Purpose and Method

The acceptability of seven stories were verified by three investigations.

  • The acceptability of seven stories were verified by three investigations.

    • Media Hearing(TV & Magazine)
    • Travel Agency Hearing
    • Group Interview

Basic information

  • Basic information

Evaluations of Story

  • Evaluations of Story

    • Baltic Cities
    • “The World Heritage” caught highest attention of all sightseeing contents (②”The Only Survived Medieval City” earned high evaluation).
    • In combination of ② with ③, the mixed story ”The Wonderland in a World Heritage” contributed in people’s acceptability toward the story.
    • ①“Nature Lifestyle in Balt” that included many sub contents (Gourmet, Landscape of a town, Shopping, Activity through experience) also contributed in consumer’s acceptability in combination with ② and ③.
    • Scandinavian Cities
    • Most of the opinions were that the purpose of the trip was NOT for “Gourmet” or “Shopping” but to enjoy representative main contents such as nature or design.
    • Berlin and Warsaw
    • There were many opinions that people hope to know the history and culture of Berlin and Warsaw.

Purpose and Method

  • Purpose and Method

Procedure of Photo Evaluation

  • Procedure of Photo Evaluation

    • Gather all kinds of pictures related to tourism resources throughout the Baltic Sea Region.
    • Respondents are ordered to divide those pictures into several groups which share some similarities.
    • Respondents are interviewed to look into the reason why they have sorted the pictures into those groups.
    • Respondents sort the groups in the descending order of interest,etc.
  • General Information on Consumer

Research results

  • Research results

    • Common reasons to select the photo
    • Fascinated by photos which can give you an image being the place
    • Fascinated by contents linked to one’s hobbies, interests and experiences
    • Main travel contents that Japanese travelers need for travel destination
    • Local cuisine (Food)
    • Goods that can only be purchased at the cities (Shopping)
    • Interaction with the locals (Activities)
    • Streets that gives you an image of the local lifestyle (scenery)
    • Evaluation for 11 BaltMet Cities
    • Two respondents were interested with the plan that can experience the lifestyle. In those, the pictures of the Baltic Cities were highly evaluated.
    • We can predict that, by sending lifestyle contents of Baltic Cities, it will increase the recognition and popularity of the Baltic Cities in Japan.

herbs: special products in the Three Baltic Cities

  • herbs: special products in the Three Baltic Cities

  • cepelinai: Lithuanian national dish.

  • medus: Lithuanian mead

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