1. a new means of detecting gold in travellers’ luggage recently been brought into use

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Level Test IELTS
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1. A new means of detecting gold in travellers’ luggage ______ recently
been brought into use.

  1. Has B) have C) is D) was

2. The poor ______ unable to look after themselves.
A)are B) is C) was D) has been
3. I have two boys, but ______ of them likes pop music.
A) either B) both C) neither D) none
4. Neither of these roads _____ to the airport.
A) go B) goes C) don’t go D) doesn’t go
5. It was a ____.
A) thirty-minute show B) TV show thirty minute
C) thirty minutes TV show D) TV show of thirty minute
6. They always give the available seats to ______ comes first.
A)whoever B) whom C) whenever D) which
7. A: Who told you they were moving?
B: They told me ______.

  1. By themselves B) on their own

  1. Themselves D) himself

8. The weather changed ______. There was an ______ change in the
A)Unexpected / unexpectedly B) unexpectancy / unexpected
C)Unexpectedly / unexpected D) unexpectedly / unexpectation
9.______ we leave, ______ we’ll arrive.
A)The sooner / the earlier B) Sooner / earlier
C)The soonest / the earliest D) The soonest / earlier
10. A: What do you think of politics?
B: Oh, I find politics really ______.
A)Depress B) depressing C) depressed D) be depressed
11. He ___ the picture if it ___ him.
A)Will buy / impressed B) would buy / impresses
C)Will buy / impresses D) will buy / will impress

  1. If I were you ___ .

A) I shall wait B) I wait C) I would wait D) I waited

  1. He said, “I’m very busy today.”

He said ___ .
A) he had been very busy that day B) he is very busy today
C) he was very busy that day D) I’m very busy today

  1. The best student in each class will ______ a prize at the end of term.

A) catch B) receive C) possess D) prove
15. When John _____ in London, he went to see the Houses of Parliament.
A) Came B) reached C) arrived D) got

Answers : 1.A 2.A 3. C 4. B 5. A

6. A 7. C 8. C 9. A 10.B
11. C 12. C 13. C 14. B 15. C
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