1. Choose the best answer

Choose the answer which correctly completes

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19. Choose the answer which correctly completes
the sentence.
His mother will come at 8 o’clock … evening.
A) of this B) on this C) this D) at this
20. Choose the answer which correctly completes
the sentence.
Is that house small?
A) No, it isn’t. B) No, there’s a big house.
C) No, a big house is that. D) No, that’s big house.
21. Choose the best answer.
A: Must I always pay my rent by cheque?
B: No, … . Pay it however you want to.
A) you needn’t B) you mustn’t
C) you shouldn’t D) you oughtn’t
22. Choose the best answer.
After trying for some time, he gave … working on it.
A) way B) up C) in D) on
23. Which genre of music was Josephine Baker famous for?
A) She was famous for jazz music.
B) She was famous for blues music,
C) She was famous for rock music.
D) She was famous for country music.
24. What happened when the Germans entered Paris?
A) Armed soldiers fought them.
B) Baker lured them back to Germany,
C) The French formed a secret alliance,
D) They sent messages in code.
25. What was Baker’s most important job?
A) To provide shelter
B) To give authoritative reports
C) To write messages in code
D) To have a diverse group of fans
26. What happened when Baker died?
A) The army had a special ceremony,
B) Baker had an impact on France,
C) Her fame became an obstacle
D) The Resistance found her secret codes.
27. Mark a statement for true
A) Baker’s first job was to carry messages written in code to and from European
B) Baker did not provide shelter for Resistance members and supplied them with goods
C) Baker was always equipped with a small notebook during her concerts
D) In 1940, armed German troops entered Europe.
28. Mark a statement for False
A) Baker was always equipped with a small notebook during her concerts
B) In 1940, armed German troops entered Europe.
C) Baker enchanted politicians and army members with her singing and dancing
D) Baker sorted details about the war and gave authoritative reports.
29. “obstacle” means _____
A) a place to go that is safe from danger or bad weather
B) to separate things into different groups or classes
C) an object or a problem that stops you from doing something
D) to convince them to do something, by using a trick
30. “armed” means ____
A) you are carrying a weapon
B) people clap hands to show approval.
C) an event that happens on special occasions
D) a small piece of information

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