1 Every visitor have own purpose to coming museum. Someone comes to just enjoy, some people come to learn something. Each visitor have various points of view. In my opinion it doesn’t matter come to joy or learn anything

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1)Every visitor have own purpose to coming museum. Someone comes to just enjoy, some people come to learn something. Each visitor have various points of view. In my opinion it doesn’t matter come to joy or learn anything. It’s all up to visitor’s purpose.

People that suppose museums should be place to enjoy. That type of personalities come to museums one or twice in a year. They are just watch masterpieces, archeological exhibitions, ancient statues to divertissement. Maybe this is because they believe, museums’ mission is not educate, they needn’t importune people with lecturing.

Second type of individuals who presume museums should teach something to visitors. If we look at history, their views is not wrong too, because the main task of museums is to show people real examples from history. So it is nice, for to nurture the society with pure instances. Unless museums do not illustrate real evidence, there would been lots of doubts about original events from history.

To sum up, each individual decides for ownself. Some people continue believing that museum’s duty is to give joy to people. However, I think it doesn’t matter anyway second type of persons idea is more nigh to trust.

2) We can separate families to two types, first of them father supply the family with money or whatever, second type is confront to first that is mother supply the family. Recent years second type of families increasing negligibly. There some causes of this substitution.

Some people have not confident upon themselves, especially some are “males”. Therefore they just lose voluntarily. Because they afraid to be responsible to their familiars. Their family, parents, teachers and all things around them nurtured them as that. If elder generation would nurtured better this tendency would have declined over time.

On the other hand, women. At this situation females have own contribution too. Some women want to work freely, to build own career and thus require gender equality from males. So they look for the people above. In turn, this leads to an increase in such families. That women’s working doesn't matter but it is not good for men to substitute their place in such a family with women.

To sum up, In my opinion this tendency is not good development, because men need take more responsibility than women. If he doesn’t, he is not deserve to respect.

3) All hobbies’ duty is similar: just relax. One portion of people believe hobbies ought be harder to enjoy. However some think it doesn’t matter how much difficult or easy. Now I will try to realize and explain, why people think differently.

Actually hobby is additional activity for everyone. People who think a hobby should be harder are people who like challenges. They seek challenges from everything. They believe that life consists of difficulties and every time people should prepare to toughs. If people spend time to just relax life bring several tortures to them. So such people presume that hobbies should be harder.

However ones type of individuals realize it is not important of how difficult their hobbies. That person just realized we are only guests in this world therefore we should do what we want. Life is short to spend it in difficulties. People need do required activities to alive no more no less. If we do not do whatever we want we might regret after retire. It doesn’t matter how much our hobbies and activities difficult, harder or tougher it’s vital our happiness

In conclusion, It is not crucial toughness or easiness of our hobbies. The vital stuff is our happiness not other things. Intent is same to spend our time worthy.

4) The best way to mark students’ knowledge is examination but some students’ grade might be alter with their grades during the semester. In my point of view it is not important his/her grades during semester examination settle all.

5) Nowadays biotechnology is developing rapidly. Maybe this is because, average life expectancy is growing over time. It might be cause several problems as overcrowding and disperse different illnesses. Furthermore extra expenses government might spend to social protection because increasing average life expectancy means retired generation is increasing, government need supply with pension that pensioners.

In our contemporary world mankind are not stopping to propagate and life spanning is growing too. It means more and more people, it might cause deficit of foods, fresh water, suitable places to live. Consequently mankind embezzle the places that other creatures live, additionally the earth’s natural power can not supply with food so many people. Mankind destroy the earth’s nature, criminalism will increase, there might a conflict between the big countries over land divide.

So that circumstance create some personal discomfort too. If people live more and more they will more tend to diseases as flu, cold or break of bones. So elderly people cannot accomplish some tasks for themselves. It will complicate to wash clothes, to cook any meal, to go market to buy anything. If people live less, they will have less need for others. In my point of view is, 60 years enough to people to relax in their life.

To conclude, it will not bring good outcome that world wars or toughness from starving. However human is human anyway, if mankind starts being more patient I believe that cope to solve this problem too.
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