1. Golden gate animal rescu

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1.Golden gate animal rescu


3. All life is important, no matter how small

4. Established in Uzbekistan in 2020, Look after an animal’s welfare (LAAW) original goal was to protect Animals. This organization can help find animal shelters and rescues in area. Shelters and rescues most commonly serve cats and dogs, but some take in other domesticated animals, like rabbits, hamsters and others.

Since its founding, Look after an animal’s welfare organization has taken an active role in advocating against animal homelessness, testing, hunting, and fur-collecting, as well as protecting and supporting wildlife and wildlife habitats around the world.

5. The main objectives of LAAW are:

-Raise awareness of and promote sensibilization toward stray animals and animals in captivity throughout Uzbekistan

-Raise funds for vaccination, spay/neuter and other medical treatments necessary for stray animals.

-finding temporary/foster homes for the animals we rescue until they are found permanent housing.

-Find reliable adopters for the animals we rescue.

-LAAW is in the process of negotiating with the bordering countries for a land grant on which to construct a shelter.

-Build a shelter for the homeless and stray animals (dogs and cats) in Uzbekistan.

-Encourage the government to adopt a law for animal welfare in the country. So far, we are collecting the signatures necessary for a petition in order to present a draft-law to the parliament.

6. In the long run the organization aims to:

• Reduce and further stop wild animal captivity and dog fighting and the using of animals for entertainment;

• Stop experimentation with animals in Uzbekistan.

• Improve the conditions of farm animals in accordance with standards and requirements

• Supervise and monitor the implementation of animal protections law once they are approved.

9. You can donate by : using own checkbook; giving online; give through a Donor-Advised Fund; set up a private or family foundation; Donate your car, food , clothing; Give your time-Now you can serve in person or digitally by becoming a virtual volunteer
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