1. He felt nothing but hatred

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Task 1.
Task 2.
1. He felt nothing but hatred for the person who attacked him.
2. There are many advantages of speaking foreign languages.
3. I have a lot of respect for the teachers I had at school.
4. I’d like to do a course in computer programming.
5. He was on trial for having murdered his wife
6. We went to see an exhibition on Egyptian history.
7. I had an argument with my boss yesterday.
8. He took away my bag by force.
9. Her fear of flying made travelling very difficult for her.
10.My dad had difficulty in making himself understood.
11.I’ve got a meeting with John this afternoon.
12.By the time I arrived, the train had already left.
Task 3.
Task 4.
From my experience of interwiev there are many broad questions, and there is no one right answer. However, there is a way to answer it correctly.When an interviewer asks what keeps you motivated?, they are really asking: What drives you to succeed? What makes you tick? What energizes you? What inspires you?This question is deeper than how it appears at face value, and your response answers more than just the base question.Your reply to the motivation question tells them how you would fit in with the company culture.On top of that, the interviewer gains insight into how you would be as an employee, which is crucial. After all, these interviews are designed to find the company the best possible candidate.All candidates being equal, answering this question correctly will put you on the top of the call-back list. Make sure you’ve got a great answer planned out!This is an important question, for sure, but there are many others you need to get right, as well.
So how to answer ‘What motivates you ?’ow to Answer the “What M
First, it is important to understand that when an interviewer asks what motivates you?, they are asking in the broadest, most general sense possible. Don’t assume it means what motivates you at work?, or anything more specific like that.

Think about your stenges, as these are a good place to start. What are you great at? What do you have to offer the team? Also, decide on what your interests and passions are. Do any of these overlap with your strengths? If so, this could make for a perfect answer!

Get your hands on the company values. Use them as a guide for answering the question correctly. Does this organization take pride in its staff’s problem-solving abilities and teamwork? If so, and if that matches you, then that would make for an excellent response to the what motivates you? question.

Importantly, it is important that you be honest. You can’t make it far if you tell them you enjoy working on a team when a previous work reference would say that you shy away from teamwork.

Task 5.
How to do well on a job interview
Some people think that interviewing is easy because they fit the employer's job description. Employers look at more them your resume. If people follow these few ideas, they could do well on an interview.
An employer looks at your appearance to see if you are professional. The clothing people should wear is business casual. What I mean by business casual is pants and button down shirt for men, and for women skirt and blouse. Never go wrinkle to a job interview. Never go to an interview looking like you just came from the club, I call it club wear. They also look at the way people wear their hair. For the men clean-cut hair, and for women neat ponytail or if wearing it down makes sure it looks neat. Nothing to exotic looking like braids or corn rolls on men. Some employers do not like men in braids or corn rolls because they fell that it is unprofessional. This goes for men and women never wear a durag or hat to an interview.
People conduct matters also while in the interviewing process. Your speech is an important factor. Always be polite to your interviewer. For example you should address them by their last name unless they tell you other wise. Never use slang in front of your interviewer. It does not look right and it shows them you cannot hold a professional conversation. For example, never use word "ya" always say yes. Another big factor is your arrival to the interview. Always be on time, try to be there fifteen minutes early. Never be late to job interview. In their minds they're thinking if you cannot make it to an interview on time how could you make your shift on time.
When interviewing, people should give the employer complements. They should say something nice. For example, when I was interviewing for my current job I told my interviewer I liked her wedding ring. Try and stay on the interviewers good side, do not say anything that might feel them weird or bad.
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