1. How do you like to travel by air or rail? What do you enjoy about traveling? What is your speciality?

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1.How do you like to travel by air or rail?
2.What do you enjoy about traveling?
3.What is your speciality?
4.How do you create an effective organization?
5.What is important in showing a person’s status in an organization
6.What famous business person do you know?
7.What kind of business is this person involved in?
8.What is Brand?
9.What brand companies do you know?
10.Why do you think some people dislike brands?
11.What kind of people are most famous in your country today?
12.Why are there so many stories about famous people in the news?
13.Do you agree or disagree that many young people today want to be famous?
14.What is advertising?
15.What types of advertising do you know?
16.Why do producers advertise their products?
17.What is meeting?
18.What kind of meetings have you participated in?
19.How to make a successful meeting?
20.What is shopping?
21.What types of shopping do you prefer?
22.Do you prefer E-shopping?
23.Why do you prefer supermarkets?
24. What advantages of markets do you know?
25.What disadvantages of markets do you know?
26.What do you mean by a product?
27.What sort of products have a “luxury” category?
28.What are the advantages of markets rather than supermarkets?
29.Do you think markets are more suitable places for selling certain products?
30.Give information about the importance of advertising
31.How does advertising influence what people choose to buy?
32.Should employers encourage their workers to have new ideas about improving the organization? Why?

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