1. Organization part

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I . Group: 1m-21
Date: 23.12.2021
The Theme : Clothes
Pedagogical objectives:
1.Organization part : 1.1 The teacher greets ( 5 min )
1.2 Explaning the procedure
1.3 The aim and objectives of the lesson.
1.4 Warm up activity
2. Introduction part ( motivation)
2.1. Explaning the procedure of the lesson:
1.Use the new vocabulary;
2.Use phrasal expressions independently;
3. Make up sentences using new grammar rules;
4.Make role play by acting different ways using the unit.
Methods: Brainstorm,debate.
Methods of marking: practical work.
Explaning the new theme : Speak about seasons and clothes
There are four seasons in the year . Each of them brings different weather and different dresses.
When it is hot people wear T-shirts and shorts , light blouses and skirts , sport shoes , socks and sandals .
In summer people dress like this this in Africa , Russia , Canada , Ireland , Great Britain and America.
In cold weather people usually put on warm clothes : jeans and trousers , sweaters and jackets , overcoats and caps. In winter they wear fur caps, high boots and mittens or gloves.
The proverb says: there is no bad weather , there are bad clothes . Another proverb says: everything is good in its season.
When you think what to wear, choose the right dress . Think what is good at the sports ground and what is good at the party and why a long dress looks beautiful on a woman but is funny on a little girl. When you buy clothes , try them on , make sure that they are your size , that they suit you well and that you like their colour.
Means: handouts, pictures, computer, manitor and different caind of clothes
Type of the lesson: Practical
Homework: learning by heart new word,doing exercises
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