1. Prestigious invention Initial price

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Immortal tracks

Exercise 1.

1. Prestigious invention

2. Initial price

3. Accidental shock

4. Solid block

5. Cathode rays

6. People's lifestyle

Exercise 2

1. Explode

2. Scrape

3. Sawdust

4. Altered

5. Mould

6. Fluorescent

Exercise 3

1. object

2. Object

3. Object

4. Subject

Exercise 4

1. Nodira's friend, Dilshoda who has just released a CD plays the guitar

2. Microsoft has a lot of power in the world of computers which annoyed many people

3. Shaytanat which is my favorite book was written by Tohir Malik

4. Raykhon whose mother is actress is Uzbek famous singer

Exercise 5

1.The reason why I stay in the job is the people who I work together

2. The time in the morning is my best time

3. The reason why I left him is his dishonesty

4. When he was mid-teens, he was interested in politics then

Exercise 6

1. Inexact-precise

2. Permanent- provisional

3. Simple- complex

4. Earthly- celestial

5. Neglect- monitoring

6. Extra - preliminary
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