1 The babysitter has often cooked

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1) The babysitter has often cooked dinner for the children lately because their parents have been working late.

2) Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have never travelled overseas. They like staying closer to home.

3) Professor Alvarez has usually tested his biology class twice each semester. Occasionally, though, he gives three tests.

4) Tim and Todd have sometimes played banjos at the festival. We hope they will be able to play there this year.

5) In the aftermath of last week’s hurricane, the volunteers have willingly worked long hours. Many are exhausted, but refuse to quit.

6) The teacher has already planned a party for her students because she feels that they have worked very hard and deserve to celebrate.

7) The florist has quickly arranged the flowers for the wedding. Now that he is finished, the caterers are bringing in food for the reception.

8) Mr. and Mrs. Yang have frequently traveled home to Shanghai since they moved to New York City. They like living near their daughter’s family in New York, but miss their old friends back home.


  1. I have not done it yet.

  2. We have already bought the tickets.

  3. She has not arrived.

  4. They have just lost.

  5. I have not found my keys..

  6. Has the postman delivered the parcel yet?

  7. I have cut my finger.

  8. They have worked in Wales since last week.

  9. She has been on her holiday for a month. She has just come back.


  1. I have never seen a ghost.

  2. Has Peter finished his studies yet?

  3. Have you ever met anyone famous?

  4. What has Greg done since the morning up to now?

  5. I have just got back from my holiday.

  6. But I have already written to him.

  7. My grandma has lived in the same place since she was born.

  8. She has been my best friend for a long time.

  9. I have recently broken it.

  10. How many jobs have you had so far?


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