1. The main … of Tashkent is Independence square. A place b attraction c ancient d beautiful

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1.The main … of Tashkent is Independence square.

A) place B)attraction C) ancient D) beautiful

2. A person who first starts some activities.

A) descendant B) generation C) ancestor D) founder

3. A genealogical diagram of the people who live together.

A) ancestor B) family tree C) descendant D) founder

4. jobs that you do for a few hours a week.

A) babysitting B) wage C) earn D) salary

5. Who is the symbol of faithfulness in Uzbek literature?

A) Fitrat B) Said Ahmad C) Tohir Malik D) Muhammad Yusuf

6. Choose the correct preposition for these words: apologise, wait, apply, look

A) to B) on C) for D) from

7. If you____any problems, let me know and I____and help you straight away

A) had / would come B) have / will come

C) had had / would come D) have / would go

8. Find antonym of deadline

A) disadvantage B) limitless C) advancement D) chance

9. They _____ pay for the tickets.

A) haven’t to B) don’t have C) don’t have to D) mustn’t

10. a summary of education and employment experience

A) employer B) knowledge C) CV D) interviewee

11.choose the correct definition for the underlined word. ; We live in the suburbs’.

A) in the centre of the town B) an area outside the centre of the town

C) an area with no factories D) an area where are a lot of shops and offices

12. knowledge and skill that is gained through time spent doing a job or activity

A) experience B) application C) knowledge D) salary

13. Which expression means ‘ be careful’?

A) out of order B) do not disturb C) mind the step D) do not speak

14.Who is the author of the poem ‘Confession’?

A) A.Navoi B) M.Yusuf C) M.Babur D) A.Aripov

15. written document that gives information about a definite

topic, situation or event

A) influence B) research C) report D) plan

16. I_____by the phone until_____.

A) wait / you ring B) will wait / you will ring

C) wait / you will ring D) will wait / you ring

17. Auditory type people prefer …to the speech and they can memorize

it best.

A) speaking B) reading C) writing D) listening

18. 1. to use too much of something; use something badly when there is a limited amount of it

A) earn B) rest C) waste D) unset

19. …. Is a log or a diary of the sequence and duration of activities engaged in by an individual over a specified period, most typically the 24 hour day.

20.Effective time management has many positive _________________.

21.If it is a virus, your computer might get _________________.

22.What is YLDP?___ __________________________.

23.Avicenna was born in ______.

24.Verona is the city in Italy _______________Romeo and Juliet lived

25. Tashkent was devastetated by _________ .
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