1. Topic : Respond a customer complain about one of your products/service

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1.Topic : Respond a customer complain about one of your products/service

Dear Customer,

I'm so sorry we mixed your order. I know mistakes like this can be really annoying, especially on this busy day. I have double-checked your original order, and the correct item will arrive tomorrow via the courier you want to track the package.

I'll call you tomorrow to make sure you receive the correct item. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


(Gali Putra K)


2.Topic : You’re going to an interesting party/exhibition.Write your friend an email to invite her

Hi Mala,

How are you? Sorry for not replying to you for a while I have been quite busy to be honest. Anyways, I am writing to you to invite you to my birthday next Thursday at 5:00pm. Yes, believe it or not a whole year has passed already.

I am having a small party at my home. I have invited our close friends only and I hope you would come to the party. It will be fun like last year. rahmad, lingga and firhan are coming. Delima might show up. It will be fun. We will play games like last year. I would be thankful if you could bring some juice.

You probably have forgotten the location of my home. My building number is 28, Garuda and it is opposite to Market.

I hope you can come to the party as we haven’t gathered for quite sometime. wish to see you soon .


Gali Putra k
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