1. Which newspapers do you read? Why?

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Exercise 1a

1. Which newspapers do you read? Why?

-Traditionally, I prefer to read "The Guardian" since it covers large area of news across the globe.

2. What's the biggest news story in your country at the moment?

-The biggest news story of the recent times in my country has been rumours about a monster in one of our regions and weird things happening around this topic

3. Why are headlines are important?

-Headlines are regarded as the main source of arousing interest. Readers first look at them and their level of interest will evince the attitude of people to them.

4. Do you find it difficult to read headlines in English? Explain why/why not.

-Frankly, it is not comprehensible but a little bit difficult to catch the meaning of newspaper headlines in English. Possibly because they are published according particular rules and contraction and omissions are mostly used.

Exercise 1c









Exercise 1d

After reading headlines, the question "what happened?" can easily be answered

Exercise 1f

1. Which of the following kinds of word are omitted from the headlines?

articles, auxiliary verbs, main verbs, nouns, pronouns

-Seemingly, in headlines articles, auxiliary verbs and pronouns are usually omitted

2. Which of the following verb forms are used?

to+infinitive, present simple, past simple, past participle

-Traditionally, in newspaper headlines present simple and to+infinitive form are used

3. Which of the following are used?

abbreviations, commas, full stops, exclamation marks

-Mainly, we can see abbreviations in headlines

Exercise 2a

1. Three people have been killed in a terrible shop fire

Terrible shop fire kills 3

Articles, preposition and one noun have been omitted; passive to active; present perfect to present simple and word to numeral (three-3)

2. The Boston Red Sox have humiliated The Toronto Blue Jays, who lost 8-0

Boston Red Sox humiliate Toronto Blue Jays 8-0

Articles and one pronoun have been omitted, present perfect to present simple

3. Police mistakes have led to 183 crimes not being detected

Police mistakes:

183 crimes not detected

Present perfect to present simple, passive to active

4. A judge has sentenced a lottery winner to jail for a bank robbery

Lottery winner jailed for bank robbery

Articles have been omitted, present perfect not in use

Exercise 2b

1. A very rare breed of bird has returned to the United Kingdom after more than 400 years.

Rare breed of bird returns to UK after 400 years

2. A drunk driver caused an accident on route 95, which resulted in two people being killed.

Drunk driver caused accident:

2 people killed

3. The Australian Prime Minister is going to open a new hospital in Melbourne.

Australian Prime Minister to open new hospital in Melbourne

Exercise 3c





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