2. Ecosystems and its Types

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Our environment
1.Importance of Environment

2.Ecosystems and its Types

1.Importance of Environment
As we all know, the environment is the key to the existence of all and any life forms on Earth. However, factors like global warming, pollution, and the increasing number of industries have brought in environmental changes. There is a need to conserve the environment but for doing it first we need to understand why it is important.
Water- Which covers the largest portions of the Earth, is the essential medium for all the reactions and physiological processes of the body. If water gets contaminated with waste and toxins or microorganisms which cause diseases, then it will be a great risk drinking the same.
Soil- Another important component is soil which supports the growth of all the vegetation. It is also considered a vital source for metals, several chemicals, etc. Thus, it becomes important to conserve the soil for better living.
Plants- Plants and trees providers of oxygen without which neither animals nor humans can survive. They are the ones that can help in reducing the global warming component, CO2, from the environment and provide a clean environment. With the destruction of the environment around us, the plants are being destroyed too and immediate steps are necessary for their conservation.
Food, Shelter, and Clothing- The daily needs of food and shelter, which are very basic for all animals and humans, are derived from the environment around us. With the destruction of the environment, we are also destroying the source of all our basic needs.
The natural environment is inclusive of all the living and the non–living things that occur naturally. The term environment covers the interaction of all the living species, climate, weather, and natural resources. The environment has a vital role to play in the existence of all life forms on this planet. The word environment finds its origin in the French word environment, which means “surrounding”. The concept of the natural environment can be classified into two significant components 

  • The ecological units as a whole function as a natural system and is not intervened by human civilization. It is inclusive of all the vegetation, microorganisms, rocks, soil, atmosphere, etc. which occurs within their boundaries.

  • All the available natural resources and physical phenomena that do not have a clear and limited boundary. For instance air, water, radiation, climate, etc, and everything that does not find its origin in the actions of human civilization.

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