2012 yilning testlar. 101 varianti. Variant №101 Liz encouraged me away my old running shoes with holes and got me to buy a new pair

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2012 yilning testlar. 101 varianti. VARIANT № 101

1. Liz encouraged me ... away my old running shoes with holes and got me to buy a new pair.

A) threw B) throw C) to throw D) thrown

2. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting ... in 1968 as a nonprofit agency to finance the growth of noncommercial radio and television in the United States.

A) had established B) was established

C) was establishing D) established

3. The cobra is a snake which can grow from 1 meter to over 4 meters. Its poison is... enough to kill humans.

A) powerfully B) power C) powered D) powerful

4. Have you any idea who invented ... fridge?

А)- В) a C) an D)the

5. It’s expensive to heat the house at the moment and that’s partly because the ceilings are so high. If the ceilings ... lower, it would be much cheaper to heat.

A) would be B) was C) are D) were

6. She washed her hands ... the smell of the garlic had gone.

A) after B) until C) before D) when

7. My friend never forgets ... on my birthday.

A) to call B) being called

C) calling D) to calling

8. Since Indians in the high Andes Mountains live in thin air, their hearts grow to be... than an average size.

A) the largest B) larger C) large D) largely

9. The farm could no longer operate ... and was closed down.

A) profitable B) profit C) profitably D) profiteer

10. The Volga, the longest river in Europe, rises in the Valdai plateau and flows ... the Caspian Sea.

A) onto B) into C) on D) in

11. I find it difficult to talk to Alan because we have so ... in common.

A) less B) small C) little D) few

12. Bats ... see in order to avoid obstacles. They can find their way in complete darkness.

A) must not B) can C) must D) don’t have to

13. A foreign diplomat saw Lincoln shining his own shoes. "Well, Mr. President, do you shine your own shoes?" -"Yes", replied Lincoln."... do you shine?"

A) whose B) why C) when D) how

14. -1 like to sit near the window on the plane.

-1 like to see the clouds.

A) And I B) Neither do I C) So I do D) So do I

15. - How much did we make yesterday? £200?

- No,... than that.

A) any less B) any more C) a few less D) much less

16. All the window frames in this house have ... Otherwise, they will rot over the winter.

A) to be repainted B) repainted

C) be repainted D) been repainting

17. She has gone back to live in the town ... she was born and brought up.

A) that B) which C) when D) where

18. We always have the car... by the children who live next door.

A) to clean B) cleaned C) cleaning D) clean

19. His pale appearance made a bad ... on everybody.

A) impression B) impressive

C) to impress D) impressed

20. I’ve noticed that... Spanish eat a lot of vegetables.

A) the B) an C) a D) -

21. I am tired. I... all day and I still have much

A) dig B) have been digging C) have dug D) am digging

22. I asked the kids. "Did you set the table for six people?” I asked the kids... the table for six people.

A) did they set B) did you set

C) whether had you set D) if they had set

23. The island is rich ... minerals and other natural resources.

A) to B) in C) for D) on

24. When I need to remember... something important, I tie a knot in my handkerchief.

A) to do B) does C) did D) doing

25. There is nothing I like better than a good book, but I... much reading for pleasure lately. Most of the reading I do is related to my work.

A) am not doing B) didn’t do

C) haven’t done D) wasn’t doing

26. If Columbus hadn’t read about Marco Polo’s trip to China he ... to sail there by crossing the Atlantic.

A) wouldn’t have tried B) didn’t try

C) hadn’t tried D) wouldn’t try

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 27-28 in the text.

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which are the seeds of the cocoa tree. The cocoa tree was originally (27)... by the Mayas and Aztecs over 3,000 years ago. It (28)... to Europe by Cortez, who had been introduced to the drink in Mexico.

27. A) cut B) grown C) brought D) planted

28. A) had been bringing B) has been brought

C) was brought D) is brought

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 29-31

Most people generally advise against hitchhiking as it can be extremely (29)... Walking or cycling are both very healthy too. But perhaps you want to travel long distances, or take a lot of luggage with you? In that case, it is usually more convenient to use your own car or to hire one, (30)... it can be very expensive. An environmentally - friendly (31)... is to use public transport.

29. A) dangerously B)danger

C) dangerous D) endanger

30. A) despite B) so

C) in spite of D) though

31. A) solver B) to solve

C) solution D) solvable

Read the passage. Then choose the correct answer to questions 32-33.

Carnegie Hall, the famous concert hall in New York City, has again undergone a restoration. While this is not the first, it is certainly the most extensive in the building’s history. As a result of this new restoration. Carnegie Hall once again has the quality of sound that it had when it was first built.

Carnegie Hall owes its existence to Andrew Carnegie, the wealthy owner of a steel company in the late 1800s. The hall was finished in 1891 and quickly gained a reputation as an excellent performing arts hall where accomplished musicians gained fame. Despite its reputation, however, the concert hall suffered from several renovations over the years. During the Great Depression, when fewer people could afford to attend performances, the directors sold part of the building to commercial businesses. The renovations seriously damaged the acoustical quality of the hall.

But now the builders restored the hall to its original appearance and it has never sounded better, and its prospects for the future have never looked more promising.

32. The passage is mainly about...

A) the Great Depression year.

B) changes to Carnegie Hall.

C) the appearance of Carnegie Hall.

D) more and more people attending the concert hall

33. Who was Andrew Carnegie?

A) a steel mill owner B) a musician

C) mayor of New York City D) an architect

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer to questions 34-36.

MOTHER’S DAY A special day for the celebration of mothers can be traced to the times of ancient Greece when tribute was paid to Rhea, the mother of many of the Greek gods.

Early Christians also paid tribute to Mary, the mother of God, during Lent. This tribute evolved into “Mothering Sunday" in England. "Mothering Sunday" is a celebration of all mothers, and is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In 1872 the idea of Mother’s Day was suggested in America by Julia Ward Howe. In 1910, West Virginia became the first state to adopt a formal holiday to recognize mothers.

A year later, nearly every state officially marked the day of celebration. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day as a national holiday, to be held on the second Sunday of May.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world, although the celebrations do not fall on the same day in every country.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in various ways, depending on the country, the family, and the mother. Many families honor mothers by dining out, giving flowers, sending cards, giving gifts, and visits. Additionally, Mother’s Day is reported to be one of the busiest days of the year for telephone calls.

34. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the text?

A) Formal holiday to honor mothers was first adopted in West Virginia.

B) England celebrates Mothering Sunday

C) Mothers play a special part in our lives.

D) Mother’s Day is celebrated on the same day all over the world.

35. Who was the mother of the many gods in ancient Greece?

A) Rhea B) Virginia

C) Julia D) Mary

36. The word HOLIDAY in the text means ....

A) a day of rest when people celebrate a special event

B) a period after wedding

C) a time when somebody is ill

D) a period of rest from work or school
1. “England won’t win the tournament." He doesn’t think England ... the tournament.

A) will win B) won C) would win D) wins

2. If what you say is true, there is ... we can do about it.

A) a few B) little C) few D) less

3. Ted Turner is an American business executive and sports enthusiast... the late 20th century.

A) at B) till C) of . D) by

4. This chess game is going to last ages. They ... it until midnight.

A) won’t have finished B) didn’t finish

C) haven’t finished D) don’t finish

5. Evans boasted that he ... run all the way to the top of the hill without stopping.

A) can B) had to C) could D) may

6. I’m afraid I didn’t hear the doorbell when you rang. I... in the garden at the time.

A) worked B) was working

C) have been working D) have worked

7. I’m sure I’m not the only person ... is dissatisfied with the new computers.

A) which B) that C) who’s D) whom

8. She doesn’t like walking ... the town centre at night because it is full of crowds of teenagers who are looking for trouble.

A) through B) above C) between D) among

9. When he saw the crowd, he regretted that he ...his ticket earlier.

A) hadn't bought B) hasn’t bought

C) have bought D) had bought

10. Because folk ballads stem from the everyday life of common people,... themes are love, revenge, disaster and adventure.

A) the most popular B) more popular C) popularly D) populate

11. A foreign diplomat saw Lincoln shining his own shoes. “Well, Mr. President, do you shine your own shoes?"

- "Yes", replied Lincoln."... do you shine?"

A) why B) when C) how D) whose

12. The doctor told me that I... eat for 24 hours before the operation.

A) mustn’t B) wasn’t able to

C) can’t D) didn’t have to

13. I wasn't invited to Helen’s birthday party. -... A) So was Jane. B). So Jane was.

C) Neither was Jane D) Neither Jane was.

14. Please, write down your homework,... you forget to do it.

A) in case B) unless C) if D) providing

15. You can get on the boat at Westminster Bridge near... Houses of Parliament.

A) - B) some C) a D) the

16. Most pollution comes from cars, so both domestic and imported automobiles must... with anti-pollution devices.

A) equip B) be equipped

C) be equipping D) equipped

17. We don’t know how, but the ancient Egyptians ... move huge pieces of stone to build the pyramids.

A) should B) could C) may D) must

18. He continued taking banknotes out of the safe ...it was empty.

A) while B) until C) as soon as D) before

19. Although Emily Dickinson is now a well-known American poet, only seven of her poems ... while she was alive.

A) to publish B) publishing

C) published D) were published

20. Wellington has been the capital of New Zealand since 1865, and is one of its ... parts.

A) more busy B) busiest C) busy D) busier

21. George was very unhappy at the ... of so much money when his firm went bankrupt.

A) loses B) lost C) lose D) loss

22. We’d better... to the country in such rainy weather.

A) not to go B) to not go C) don’t go D) not go

23. Barbara said the beach was twenty miles away, but I thought it was ... than that.

A) less B) little C) the fewest D) a little

24. The meeting was over. And all the parents left... school.

A) a B) the C) - D) an

25. She was... intelligent, she always came top of the class.

A) such an B) so an C) such D) so

26. "Where did you learn English?" she asked me She asked me where ... English.

A) you had learned В) I had learned

C) did I learn D) I learned

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 27-28 in the text.

The Futurola "Super Help" is a new robot capable of (27)... all kinds of housework, including cooking and gardening. In addition, it has an electronic super brain that will do the most complex (28)*... - in a few seconds, it is also very expensive.

27. A) doing B) do C) to do D) having done

28. A) service B) cooking

C) understanding D) calculations

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 29-31 in the text.

The first commercial television broadcast was made on April 20,1939 (29)... Radio corporation of America. Since 1939, it (30)... one of the most important facts of modern life. Television is very much a part of the modem world. Its (31)... are felt all over the world.

29. A) with B) to C) by D) for

30. A) has become B) is becoming

C) became D) had become

31. A) invention B) pictures

C) influence D) effects

Read the passage. Then choose the correct answer to questions 32-33.

When I was 21,1 came to live in London. I shared a damp basement flat with a beautiful ex-art student from Brighton. Her name was Sam. She had long brown hair and a slim figure that I was madly jealous of. She ate three chocolate bars for breakfast every morning.

I used to lie in-bed looking at her eating and getting dressed, wondering how she could possibly consume so much sugar without losing her teeth, her figure or her complexion. She'd put on her makeup in under a minute, throw on whatever clothes happened to be lying around the room, and rush off to work looking like a model on the cover of a fashion magazine. Like me, she was just an art teacher in a secondary school.

32. The writer of the passage wished ...

A) she had Sam’s job B) she looked like Sam

C) she was an art student D) she was called Sam

33. In the mornings Sam used to...

A) take a long time to put on her make up.

B) he around before going to work.

C) choose her clothes very carefully.

D) get ready for work very quickly

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer to questions 34-36.

Mr. Scotty from San Francisco flew from America to his native Italy to visit his relatives. Approaching New York the plane made a one hour fuel stop at Kennedy Airport. Thinking that he had arrived, Mr. Scotty got out and spent two days in New York believing he was in Rome.

When his nephews were not there to meet him, Mr. Scotty thought they had been delayed in the heavy Roman traffic mentioned in their letters. He also noticed that many people spoke English with American accent. After twelve hours traveling round on a bus, the driver handed him to a policeman who spoke only English. Mr. Scotty expressed surprise at the Roman police employing someone who didn’t speak his own language.

34. How long did Mr. Scotty’s visit to New York last?

A) one hour . B) twelve hours

C) forty eight D) hours three days

35. Why did the plane stop at Kennedy Airport?

A) It happened because of the accident.

B) It needed refueling.

C) Hi-jackers made the pilots land

D) It was because of non-flying weather.

36. How did Mr. Scotty happen to be in New York?

A) The stewardess told him the plane arrived in New York.

B) He decided to see the sights of New York first.

C) He took the fuel stop in New York for his destination.

D) He decided to visit relatives both in New York and Rome.

1. I have got your phone number. I’ll give you a call if I... some help tomorrow.

A) will need B) need C) needed D) would need

2. Drugs intended as painkillers can ... only through a prescription from a doctor.

A) obtained B) are obtained

C) obtain D) be obtained

3. Jim can fail his examination. He ... hard instead of playing computer games.

A) had to work B) should work

C) has work D) will work

4. Sit down and fasten your seat belt. We ... in a few minutes.

A) are taking off B) have taken off

C) took off D) takes off

5. Many parents disapprove of computer games. ... they allow their children to play them because this keeps them quiet.

A) Despite B) Also C) Yet D) As a result

6. Square dancing is a traditional folk dance in the United States. We all had a lot of fun ... to square dance at the party.

A) learnt B) to learn C) learning D) learn

7. - How much did we make yesterday? £200?

- No,... than that.

A) much less B) a few less C) any less D) any more

8. We knew that Maria would get upset if we ... her paintings, so we had to be very tactful about them.

A) would criticize B) had criticized

C) criticize D) criticized

9. Sherlock Holmes was one of the world’s famous ... whose intelligence we always admire.

A) detector B) detect C) detectives D) detecting

10. Third time lucky! After two ... attempts Mark has finally passed his driving test.

A) successful B) success C) succeed D) unsuccessful

11. When I need to remember... something important, I tie a knot in my handkerchief.

A) doing B) to do C) did D) does

12. - Have you been working here long?

- Yes, by next June I... here for ten years.

A) have worked B) will work

C) will have worked D) had worked

13. - Would you and your wife like to play bridge tonight?

-1 don’t know now to play bridge and ....

A) my wife neither B) my wife either

C) neither is my wife D) neither does my wife

14. Joen Roebling is... name of the engineer who designed the Brooklyn Bridge.

A) an B) the C) a D) -

15. Magazines like Times", "News week", "U.S. News" and "World Report" provide the reader ...a pictorial report of the week's events.

A) with B) on C) for D) by

16. "Colour” is spelled with a "u" in the British English, but there is ... "u" in the American English spelling "color”.

A) no B) some C) any D) -

17. With no income but my husband's student grant, we ... live from hand to mouth for several years.

A) must B) had to C) can D) were to

18. The cars which use gas go ... than ones which use petrol, but a slow car is better than nothing.

A) quickly B) faster C) more slowly D) slow

19. Young people are fond of rock music which was ... a mixture of country music, rhythm and blues.

A) originating B) originally C) original D) originate

20. Mother asked "Has John locked the gates?" Mother asked ... locked the gates.

A) if John has B) had John

C) has John D) whether John had

21. I like to listen to birds’ singing ... dawn. So I often get up very early and go to the park near our house.

A) on B) for C) at D) in

22. The show was poor. There was ... applause.

A) little B) a little C) few 0) much

23. I don't feel good. I... home from work tomorrow.

A) am staying B) stayed C) will have stayed D) stay

24. - Have you moved to the new house yet?

- Yes. The last boxes —

A) have just been moved B) were just moving

C) were just moved D) have just moved

25. Mountain ranges vary in age. The Alps are only fifteen million years old but... Highlands of Scotland are 400 million years old.

А) а В) - C) some D) the

26. I didn’t start to have grey hair until I was 50,

... my brother went completely grey by the time he was 25

A) despite B) because C) whereas D) in spite of

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 27-28 in the text.

In 1938 the Swiss firm Nestle (27)... instant coffee - this is now the most popular kind of coffee with millions of cups (28)... every day. However, a true coffee fanatic will avoid instant at almost all costs.

27. A) found B) invented C) did 0) cooked

28. A) being drunk B) having drunk

C) drinking D) to drink

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 29-31 in the text. Hunters wear orange and other bright (29)... in order to be as noticeable as possible, and thereby avoid (30)... by other hunters (31)... mistake.

29. A) colors B)shoes C) boots D) guns

30. A) to be shot B) being shot

C) be shot D) shooting

31. A) for B) with C) on D) by

Read the passage. Then choose the correct answer to questions 32-33.

Many stolen paintings have a strange history But one of the strangest was that of a paining by the famous sixteenth-century painter Bruegel, stolen from an art gallery in London in the eighties.

The four thieves who had stolen the painting, didn’t know how much it cost. The first art expert who came .to see the painting said it was priceless. Another art expert said it was worth £2-3 million. Then the thieves tried to sell the painting back to the art gallery from which it had been stolen.

The gallery contacted the police and a meeting was arranged. However, the meeting didn't take place.

A short time later the thieves were arrested. When they were told that they were arrested in connection with a Bruegel painting, one of them said: "What's a Bruegel? I thought it was rubbish".

32. Why didn't the first expert name the exact price?

A) He thought it was too valuable to be priced.

B) He wanted to have the painting for himself.

C) He didn’t want to deal with the gang.

D) The gallery didn’t allow him to do it.

33. What’s a Bruegel?

A) a portrait of Bruegel

B) the famous sixteenth-century painter

C) a painting by Bruegel

D) rubbish

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer to questions 34-36.

People’s eating habits are formed by a variety of factors. Even within the same family, different children can form different habits as a result of their interactions with parents and brothers and sisters. Parents’ attitudes toward food have a strong influence on the development of children’s attitudes and create habits that will last a lifetime. If food is used as a reward, the daily behaviors lead to a dependence on food as a source of comfort. If parents tell children to clean their plates, children may eat more than they actually need-and become overweight. People who are overweight often see themselves as unattractive.

Eating too much is a common reaction to frustration and anxiety. Some people eat too much when they are tired, worried or scared. Psychologists believe that the reasons for obesity (being very fat) are frequently related to emotional problems and should be looked at in that light.

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