2020 International Essay Contest for Young People cover page (template)

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2020 International Essay Contest for Young People

COVER PAGE (template)

1. Name*

Nematullayeva Sabrina

2. Category (Children or Youth)

14 youth child

3. Age as of June 15, 2020


4. Gender


5. Nationality


6. Address

Bukhara region Karaulbazar district

7. E-mail


8. Phone number


9. School name (if applicable)

School N1

10. Essay title*

“A letter from myself in 2030”

11. Language


12. Word count

(excluding this cover page)


My essay

Now we are living in the 21th century which is called “The epoch of technologies”. A bunch of different computers gadgets and other devices are invented every year. And a lot of people interest what our future life will look like. Many new inventions, devices and discoveries are making our life much easier and more comfortable. One of the best inventions of the world is the Internet or computer.

I think the Internet is the base of technological development. And computer technology is the fastest-growing industry in the world. And in my opinion all work will be connected with this tech in the near year. So epoch will demand strong, smart and intellectual people.

On the other way they help us to keep time too. To look back to the early times we realize that technology has unbelievably evolved in the past, people used a variety of ways which were extremely discomfort. They included sending messages using doves. That method took them a long time to get to the reservation was not reliable. People could not contact each other when they lived in different countries and cities. It was considered something crazy. However, the latter days we have different aids and devices to communicate with our friends and relatives. We can not imagine our lifestyle without computer for ages. Because they have already become the main body of our life.

Sometimes I believe we have so many facilities from now and after 10 years how our world will change. A lot of scientists, researchers or computer programmers are inventing many inventions and programmes day by day. Such as they are creating complicated robots, flying cars and others.

To sum up, I want to say that our future depends on smart brains.

Strong and clever people will make it.

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