3-practical training. Research methods of economic and social geography

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3-practical training. Research methods of economic and social geography. 
Assignments to be completed 

Express research methods of economic and social geography in the form of 
a scheme interpret techniques. 
Draw a 

Interpret the research methods used in economic and social geography. 

Fill in the table below table 
research methods 



As economic and social geography studies phenomena and realities within its research 
framework, it uses certain methods (techniques). They are cartographic, geographical 
comparison, statistical, historical, observational, modeling, etc. 
As you know, geographical thinking cannot be imagined without a territory and its 
representation on a map. Consequently, the map is also called the “language” of geography. In 
addition, the border of geographical knowledge is expressed precisely in the fact that this 
phenomenon under study is territorial and can be mapped. 
Geographical comparison is also of great importance, since without comparison it is impossible 
to determine the nature, uniqueness of the place under study. And this is the main subject
purpose of economic geography. For example, the uniqueness of Uzbekistan can only be 
determined by comparison with other countries in the world community. 
Comparison is carried out on the basis of similar and non-similar objects according to two 
general states. In the process of analysis, both comparable objects "move away" from each other, 
their mutual difference continues to increase, and as a result, the specific, individual privateness 
of these two realities is clearly manifested. However, the most important requirement for using 
this method is that the comparison is carried out simultaneously ( synchronously) in parallel (not 
one after the other). Secondly, it is desirable that the objects being compared are as equal to each 
other as possible in scale. Therefore, it will not be so correct to compare Uzbekistan with the 
USA or the city of Boka with Tashkent. 
As long as economic and social geography consists of numbers and indicators, a strategic 
method is also important for him. In this method, a table and a graph, a diagram, various 
indicators (index, coefficient, procedure, promille, etc.) are used.) and grouping methods are 
Economic and social geography, the most fundamental characteristic of geography in general, is 
that each reality or process necessarily takes place somewhere and at some point, that is, in a 
certain space and time. Consequently, geography with history, a chorological (territorial) 
approach with a chronological approach is an integral, perfect unity of the dialectical worldview. 
From where history ends, geography begins, today's geography is history for tomorrow, and 
history is the geography of the past; history cannot be considered directly, but its geography-by 
Also of great importance in the formation of economic geographical knowledge and thinking are 
observation, questionnaire-survey, various forecasting methods. Such knowledge is only “where 
is what?“not to the questions, but to the question " Why is it located in this particular place?"the 
question should also include being able to answer. 

In addition, like any knowledge, economic geographical knowledge is made up of three main 
parts. If it is also Analysis (Analysis), diagnosis (diagnosis) and prediction (prognosis) is. 
Unfortunately, the current economic geography provides information about more facts and 
numbers memorization, quantitative indicators or nomenclature issues, except for the cause-and-
effect relationship between events and realities, while legal links are often overlooked. 
At this point, it should also be said about the cartographic method that knowledge of the map is 
not the main goal of geography, but it is a tool, a weapon, a method to achieve the main goal. 
Moreover, knowledge of the map is not only for geographers; it is also necessary for all those 
who are considered literate. 
The main tasks of economic and social geography, in accordance with the demand of the period, 
arise from the transition of the economy to market relations and changes in the world 
geopolitical system. Taking this into account, it is necessary for students to learn the laws of 
placement and development of the economy and social networks, the tables related to the 
strengthening of the national economy of our country, its territorial characteristics, the socio-
economic development of Regions, the population, its living and working conditions. 

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