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amachandra Pandurang Tope (1814 - 18 April 1859) was an Indian leader

in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and one of its notable generals. He is better

known by his nickname Tatya Tope, which is also transliterated as 

Tantya Tope or Tantia Topi.

A personal adherent of Nana Sahib of Bithur, he progressed with the Gwalior con

tingent after the British reoccupied Kanpur and forced General Windham to

retreat from the city. Later on, he came to the relief of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi 

and with her seized the city of Gwalior. However, he was defeated by General 

Napier's British Indian troops at Ranod and after a further defeat at Sikar aban

doned the campaign. He was executed by the British Government at Shivpuri on 

18th April 1859.

Early  life

Born in a Yeola of Nashik, Maharashtra, into a Marathi Deshastha Brahmin fam

ily, he was the only son of Pandurang Rao Tope and his wife Rukhmabai. In 1851, 

when James Andrew Broun-Ramsay, first Marquess of Dalhousie deprived Nana 

Sahib of his father's pension, Tatya Tope also became a sworn enemy of the British.

Role  in  the  1857  uprising

Nana Sahib decided to use the captives for bargaining with the British.  The

Company forces from Allahabad, under the command of General Henry Havelock, 

advanced relentlessly towards Cawnpore (Present day Kanpur).Two forces sent by 

Nana Sahib to check their advance were defeated. When it became clear that the 

bargaining attempts had failed, an order was given to Anuj murder the women and 

children imprisoned at Bibighar, on 15 July. The details of the incident, such as 

who ordered the massacre, are not clear, but it is widely believed Tatya Tope gave 

the order.  The sepoys refused to kill the captive women and children, but some of 

them agreed to remove the women and children from the courtyard, when Tope 

threatened to execute them for dereliction of duty.

After losing Gwalior to the British, Tope and Rao Sahib, nephew of Nana Sahib, 

fled into the Rajputana. He was able to induce the army of Tonk to join him. He

was unable to enter the town of Bundi and though announcing he would go south

in fact went west towards Nimach. A British flying column commanded by Colonel

Holmes was in pursuit of him and the British commander in Rajputana, General 

Abraham Robert was able to attack the rebel force when they had reached a posi

tion between Sanganer and Bhilwara. Tope again fled from the field towards 

Udaipur and, after visiting a Hindu shrine on 13th August, he drew up his forces

on the Banas River. They were defeated again by Roberts's forces and Tope fled. 

He crossed the Chambal River and reached the town of Jhalrapatan in the state

of Jhalawar. He induced the state forces to rebel against the Raja and was able to 

replace the artillery he had lost at the Banas River. Tope then took his forces 

towards Indore but was pursued by the British now commanded by General John

Michel as he fled towards Sironj. He was still accompanied by Rao Sahib and they

decided to divide their forces so that Tope could move to Chanderi, and Rao Sahib,

with a smaller force, to Jhansi. However they combined again in October and suf

fered another defeat at Chota Udaipur. By January 1859 they were in the state of

Jaipur and experienced two more defeats. Tope then escaped alone into the jungles

of Paron.  At this point he met Man Singh, Raja of Narwar, and his household and 

decided to stay with them. Man Singh was in dispute with the Maharaja of Gwalior

and the British were successful in negotiating with him to surrender to them in 

return for his life and protection of his family from any reprisals by the Maharaja. 

After this Tope was alone.

Tope admitted the charges brought before him saying that he was answerable to

his master the Peshwa only. He was executed at the gallows on 18th April 1859.




he word animation is derived from a Latin word

anima, meaning soul i.e. when life breathes into char-

acters. The art of animation started with the cave 

men who used to draw pictures on the rocks surfaces. Then

who can forget Walt Disney for the creation of his cartoons  

especially the Mickey Mouse!  In the present sense it means

linking the series of drawings and simulating their move

ments together. It is a rapid display of 2D or 3D images to

create an illusion of motion. It is an art form in which inan

imate objects are brought into life by sequencing the drawn 


Animation  is  emerging  a  special  form  of  media

Animation is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry

generating a great scope of employment for those who ready 

to try their skills into it. From a simple flick book to the com

puter 3D animation of stories, animation involves a lot of 

hard work and long hours of meticulous planning. This field 

being new to the Indian sector has a lot of hidden potential 

and talent, which needs to be properly groomed and exploit

ed according to the international standards. There are many 

companies like Walt Disney, I Max and Sony who are ready 

to outsource their cartoon characters and are ready to invest 

heavily in this sector in India.

Educational  Qualifications

For a diploma and for a bachelor degree in animation one 

needs to have passed 12th standard from any recognised 

board with minimum of 45 per cent marks. For postgradu

ate programme one should have a bachelor's degree in any 

discipline preferably arts. One should have a basic knowl

edge of handling computers.

Some of the institutes like Industrial Design Center (IDC),  

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of 

Design (NID) have a strict eligibility criterion-only gradu-

ate of architecture, technology and engineering, fine arts  

can apply for this course.

Professional  Courses

There are various diploma and degree programmes in ani

mation and multimedia. These courses focus on teaching 

and  equipping a person in various styles and techniques of 

animation, which may include:

* Traditional animation

* Stop-motion animation

* Rotoscoping

* Computer generated 3D and 2Danimation

* Clay-mation

* Photoshop

* Human anatomy

* Drawing

Colleges,  Institutions  and  Universities

* National Institute of Design (NID (www.nid.edu.com)

* J.J School of Arts.

* Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) (www.zica.org)

* Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT Mumbai and 


* Arena Multimedia (www.arena-multimedia.com)

* Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics 


* TOONZ Animation India Pvt. Ltd. 


* Academy of Digital Arts and Communication 


* RAI University (www.raiuniversity.edu)

* ANIMASTER (www.animaster.com)

Career  Prospects

NASSCOM says that India's gaming industry (computer  

games and mobile games) is expected to generate $424 mil

lion by. There has been a US$14 million deal between Italy's 

Mondo TV, Europe's No 2 cartoon producer  and distribu

tor, and India's Padmalaya Telefilms. This is  expected to 

boost India's creative reputation. NASSCOM  has projected 

a creation of an additional 3,00,000 jobs in  this sector in 

next few years. Indian animation industry  though a late

starter is on the threshold of a boom period and so has a 

great career potential. India has great mythological stories 

and characters, good artists and technicians.

Animation  application  areas  include  myriad  avenues  in  the    

following  areas:

* Entertainment (movies and television)

* Business (product promotions and marketing demos)

* Sales (presentations)

* Education (Computer Based Tutorials/Web Based 


* Publishing (graphics and printing)

* Virtual reality in Defense

* Web designing

* Engineering

* Advertising (commercials and print ads)

* Fashion designing and interior designing

* Development of computer games/mobile games

* Medical, legal and insurance industry 

(presentations and models)

* Leading studios and training institutes


Animation is a sparkling career option even though it is at  

its nascent stage in India. It is rightly said that animation  

is a career where one can literally 'draw' ones salary. The  

training institutes help the candidates in their placements. 

After finishing the in-house training in some leading anima

tion production studio, you can be a junior animator and  

can start earning between Rs.12,000 to Rs.14,000 per 

month. A senior animator can take home a sum of Rs. 

25,000 to  Rs. 35,000.









“If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would

ever get done.”  

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

If you have any ideas, poems, stories, paintings that you would like to

share with us, please send it to the Address:-  


JAMMU, 180001

or send via email to 


What  You  Need:

Egg carton


Paint and paintbrush


Pom poms

Felt or craft foam

Googly eyes

Embellishments such as: Buttons, sequins, 

jewel gems, stickers, etc. (optional)

Fuffy paint or Permanent marker (for the 



Cut turtle shells from an egg carton and paint 

them in green or a color of choice.

Cut four legs and a triangle tail from either felt 

or craft foam.

Glue the legs and tail to the underside of the 

turtle shell. (You can use glue dots instead of 

glue if you wish.)

Add a pom pom for the head.

Decorate the shells using items such as buttons, 

sequins, jewel gems, stickers, or similar.

Alternatively, you could draw on designs.

Glue on googly eyes. If you'd like, draw on a

mouth using black puffy paint or a permanent 


Tatya Tope   ( 1814 – 18 April 1859)

DIY ––  Egg Carton Turtles

Creative Writing –– Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

‘O’ Mother do not cut me in pieces,

Out of ache please hear my bebeeches.

‘O’ my dear “Mom” why thou have become a lifeless stone,

Please take pity on me and don’t be moan.

I will never tease thee in whatever condition I might be,

And will eat whatever is left from thee,

Both in winter and summer I will remain half nude,

‘O’ Mom, if thou protect me from slaying crude.

I was sucking my thumb when inserting of medicine crippled me,

How unfortunate I am to be cut even before thee I could see.

How ‘Mom’ thou will remember me 

When to my face thou don’t see.

I thought with my siblings I will play,

Even prior to birth, I never imagined my slay.

Moreso, in a country where girls are worshipped as goddess,

And prayers are held to seek their blessing.

But I thank government as its succour to my sisters will go a long way,

Instead of pitiless killing like me these may dance and play.

Now, the parents will not be worried about their daughters dowry,

So, ‘O’ Mom, when I again come outrightly refute abortion lamenting 


Remember, to their parents in ripe age only girls pay heed,

Boys often bypass them but girls come to their rescue in times of need.

So, ‘O’ Mom, listen to Modi’s advice of Beti Bachao Beti padhao

and educate me in agood school,

So that to serve ‘Mother India’ I may become an effective tool.

Tarseem Sharma,

Sr Lect.  GHSS RS Pura.

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