A housing Trust Fund for Milwaukee Homelessness in Milwaukee

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A Housing Trust Fund for Milwaukee

Homelessness in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Homeless

  • Over 2,000 persons are homeless in Milwaukee each night

  • Many are children

  • 500-800 are “chronically homeless”

  • Length of stay in shelters has increased dramatically

“Housing First” – a Dramatic Shift in Homeless Strategy

  • Shelter System shifts to providing Housing as the Top Priority

  • Shift will require 100s of new units of affordable housing

  • New Policy requires a community commitment to provide additional housing & services

  • The Belmont Hotel

  • Demolished in the 1980s

The Randolph Hotel

  • The Randolph Hotel

  • The Antlers Hotel

  • The Plankinton Hotel

  • All were demolished in the Grand Ave. Mall Project

Poverty in Milwaukee Increases

Milwaukee Poverty is on the Rise

  • Milw has the 12th Highest Poverty Rate in the US

  • 125,000 Milwaukee residents live in poverty

Income Needed for Self Sufficiency

  • A single working parent with two young children living in Milwaukee County would need to earn:

  • $36,852 per Year or

  • $17.72 per hour or

  • 235% of Poverty

Low Renter Incomes

  • There are nearly 179,000 renter households in Milwaukee County

  • 39,000 renters have incomes at or below $11,364 (30% MFI)

  • Average renter Income in Milwaukee is $28,864.

Housing Insecurity

  • 35,800 renter households spend MORE THAN 50% of their income on housing

  • That’s 20% of all Milw Renter households

Housing Insecurity

Housing Insecurity Increases

  • 14,000 Households live in Over Crowded conditions

  • Up 40% since 1990

  • Up 76% since 1980

Affordable Housing Needs

  • Documenting Public Support

HUD Identifies Housing Needs

  • HUD cites the need of 28,000 housing units for Extremely Low Income Milwaukee families

  • (Comprehensive Housing Affordability Survey – 2004)

Common Council Supports a National Housing Trust Fund

  • In 2001, the Common Council unanimously supported a National Housing Trust Fund, stating…

  • “Expanding the number of units…would have a positive impact on the affordability of rental housing for low-income renters.”

City Plan Calls for More Affordable Housing

  • The 2000 Consolidated Plan Submitted to HUD by the City states:

  • “Large numbers of… families…cannot afford decent and reasonably priced rental housing”

Mayor Barrett Predicts More Homelessness

  • Barrett warns of looming housing crisis

  • By GEORGIA PABST Posted: Sept. 29, 2004

  • Cuts in federal assistance are creating a looming crisis for low-income housing in Milwaukee, Mayor Tom Barrett and city Housing Authority officials said Wednesday.

  • The cuts in federal housing assistance combined with an increasing poverty rate mean "the federal government is turning its back on low-income people," Barrett said.

  • He predicted that will mean more people will double up with other family members, go to shelters or become homeless.

Housing Trust Funds in America

Housing Trust Funds in USA

  • More than 275 Housing Trust Funds in the US

  • Each raises between $1 Million to $15 Million each year

  • More than $500 Million spent Annually by US Housing Trust Funds

City Housing Trust Funds

Benefits of a Housing Trust Fund

  • Every 100 Units of New Housing Will Provide Ongoing Benefits including…

YEARLY Housing Multiplier Effect

The Milwaukee Housing Trust Fund

  • A Proposal

Milwaukee’s Trust Fund Proposal

Income Eligibility for Renters & Homeowners

HTF Revenue Sources

  • $1.00 Entertainment Event Surcharge

  • $1.00 Real Estate Transfer Fee Increase

Where There’s a Will…There’s a Way

  • Other Tax Funded Building Projects

Miller Park

  • Cost: $400 million.

  • Public financing: $310 million

  • Source: five-county, one-tenth-of-a-cent sales tax.

  • Private financing: $90 million from the Brewers owners

The Bradley Center

  • Cost: $90 Million

  • Public Financing:

    • City Revenue Bonds
    • City General Obligation Bonds
  • Private Financing : Pettit Family Equity

The Milwaukee Theatre

  • Cost: $41.9 Million

  • Public Financing :

    • $5 million in existing Wisconsin Center District funds
    • (derived from the hotel tax & rental car tax)
    • A bond issue, to be repaid with operating revenues

$530 Million in Tax Dollars

We Endorse the Milwaukee HTF

  • BroomTree Enterprise

  • Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Milw

  • Center for Veteran’s Issues

  • Community Advocates, Inc

  • Counseling Center of Milwaukee, Inc (The)

  • Daystar, Inc

  • Fairness in Rural Lending

  • Faith United Church of Christ

  • Friedens Community Ministries, Inc

  • Guest House of Milwaukee, Inc

  • The Gathering of Southeast WI, Inc.

  • Harambee Ombudsman Project, Inc

  • Hope House, Inc

  • IndependenceFirst

  • Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee

  • Layton Boulevard West Neighbors

  • Martin Luther King Economic Development Corp.

  • Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council

  • Midtown Neighborhood Association

  • Milwaukee Christian Center

  • Milw Women & Poverty Public Education Initiative

  • Milwaukee Women's Center, Inc.

  • My Home Your Home, Inc

  • National Assoc. for Black Veterans

  • Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

  • Northwest Side CDC

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