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Инглиз тили метод бирлашмаси, 17-maadanbekova-baigubatova, 3-lab ishi 2, 3-lab ishi 2, 5 мактаб тезкор топширик ҳамма мактабларга талуқли Замонавий мактаб

Some of America's finest novelists began to write in the 1920s, or the "Jazz Age", as this decade is sometimes termed. Older authors such as Theodore Dreiser and Ellen Glasgow were still writing, but new authors wrote with new attitudes and styles. Most of the serious novelists critically analyzed American society and ways of life and tried to depict Americans as they really were. F. Scott Fitzgerald caught the restless spirit of the 1920s in his The Great Gatsby. Ernest Hemingway depicted war and disillusionment in his The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms. With his direct, unadorned style and forceful dialogue, Hemingway set a pattern for much future American literature. Sinclair Lewis, the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, satirized the American businessman and small town in his Main Street and Babbitt. His style was mediocre, but his work vividly dissected a large section of American life.

1. Ernest Hemingway's style

A) was extremely satirical

B) influenced a great many American writers

C) made him the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature

D) was criticized by most of the serious novelists

E) was analytical and critical

2. Until Sinclair Lewis,

A) no other writer had used satire

B) American writing was considered mediocre

C) the only successful writer was Ernest Hemingway

D) American life did not feature in novels

E) no American author had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

3. According to the passage, many authors of the "Jazz Age"

A) were disillusioned because of the war

B) received awards such as the Nobel Prize for Literature

C) had a mediocre style

D) wrote about the realities of American life

E) were criticized by American society
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