A web of Computer

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Read and translate the text and write your own opinion on the topic
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Read and translate the text and write your own opinion on the topic Web Design.
Read and translate the text and write your own opinion on the topic Web Design.
A Web of Computer
Like all computer networks, the Web connects two types of computers–clients and servers—using a standard set of rules for communication between the computers. The server computers store the information resources that make up the Web and Web users use client computers to access the resources. A computer-based network may be a public network—such as the worldwide Internet—or a private network, such as a company’s intranet. The Web is part of the Internet. The Internet also encompasses other methods of linking computers, such as Telnet, File Transfer Protocol, and Gopher, but the Web has quickly become the most widely used part of the Internet. It differs from the other parts of the Internet in the rules that computers use to talk to each other and in the accessibility of information other than text. It is much more difficult to view pictures or other multimedia files with methods other than the Web.Enabling client computers to display Web pages with pictures and other media was made possible by the introduction of a type of software called a browser. Each Web document contains coded information about what is on the page, how the page should look, and to which other sites the document links. The browser on the client’s computer reads this information and uses it to display the page on the client’s screen. Almost every Web page or Web document includes links, called hyperlinks, to other Web sites. Hyperlinks are a defining feature of the Web—they allow users to travel between Web documents without following a specific order or hierarchy.
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