A will be b would c would be d might

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7K-19 MT Bozorov Sardor, Abdulla Qodiriy. Mehrobdan chayon (roman) [uzsmart.uz], efir moyi, 1-Maruza, 1-Amaliy mashgulot, 1-Amaliy mashgulot, 2 ssenariy qariyalar kuni, Axborot texnologiya maruzalar, Axborot texnologiya maruzalar, Физика тест 2, Azizova N Globalisation and Problems of Development of the Uzbek Lanquaqe (1), fransuz tilida fel soz turkumi , Laboratoriya ishi №. 7 Rl va rc zanjirlardagi o’tkinchi jarayonl (1), Ilmiy maqolaga taqriz. Xudoynazarova Dilshoda

Test 1

1.Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentences.The prisoners were warned that if they stepped out of line they …. severely punished.

A)will be B)would C)would be D)might

2. Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentences. We shall dismiss you unless your work …. by the end of the month.

A)would improve B)will improve C)improves D)improved

3. choose the best answer. The man consented …. their question though he didn’t want.

A)to answer B)answering C) answer D)to answering

4. Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentences. This year two Spanish novelists … the Nobel Prize for literature.

A)were awarded B)have been awarded C)have awarded D) are awarding

5. Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentences. The creative writing teacher had

her students … a short story and write a parody of it.

A)to choose B)chose C)chosen D) choose

6.Liz encouraged me … away my old running shoes with holes and got me to buy a new pair.

A) to throw B)throw C)threw D)thrown

7. “When can I see you again?” he wanted to know when … me again.

A)can he see B)he could see C)he can see D) could he see

8.His friend … for questioning by the police in six countries.

A)is said being wanted B)is said to be wanting C)is said to be wanted

D)is said having been wanted

9. … near the fire, he felt very warm.

A) to sit B) sits C)sat D) sitting

10. Mr. Vincent recommends … away if we wish to succeed in the exam.

A) to grinding B)to grind C)grind D) grinding

11. I participated in the deliberation … by the government.

A)had been organized B)was organized C)organized D) being organized

12. The government policy is aimed at … the countryside.

A) to urbanize B)having urbanized C) urbanizing D) urbanized

13.Paraphrase the given sentences. Mike is said to be working on a new project.

A)It is said that Mike is working on a new project

B)Mike is said being worked on a new project

C)Mike told that he was working on a new project

D)It was said that Mike had been working on a new project

14.If I … lazy, I … all my tasks in the last session. Yes, I’m an idle person by nature.

A)weren’t/would do B)hadn’t been/would have done

C)had not been/would not do

D)weren’t/would have done

15.My boss wanted … late because there was so much work to do.

A)that l work B)me to work C)I worked D)that I worked

16. John had his car … last night.

A)stolen B)stole C)to steal D)stealing

17.why don’t you get a doctor … at your arm?

A)look B)looking C)looked D)to look

18.Mum and Dad didn’t fancy cooking, so we got a pizza …

A)be delivered B)to be delivered C)delivered D)deliver

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for each question below (19-22)

In India alone over fifty thousand books come to light every year, but two thirds of them are financially failures. The books are read of course. The prosperity of the circulating libraries is proof enough that. But the cultured public while ready enough to borrow books, refuse to buy them. A library buys a couple of copies of a book and five hundred people borrow them. Consequently book seller are in an unpleasant situation. If the book selling trade should flourish, all the libraries in the country should be closed for a year. A confused public would be forced to visit the middlemen book seller and might discover with the year that the possess of the books is an investment as well as a pleasure.

19.We understand from the passage that India…

A)Soon the prosperity of the book selling will be profitable for libraries.

B)one library buys five hundred books to force people to read

C)all the libraries in the country ought to be out of work

D)one can have books for a while without outlaying money.

20.According to the passage, what is the main reason of financial failures?

A)The frequent delay of the book trade

B)Most readers are accustomed to reading books of libraries

C)Fifty thousands books come to existence

D)The careless success of the circulating libraries

21. what is the main idea of the text?

A)The reason of failures of selling books

B)Outlaying money on selling books

C)Projections on investing books

D)Financial problems of buying books

22.The word “flourish” in the passage is closed in meaning to …

A)borrow B)lend C) prosper D) give

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for each question below( 23-26)

Having spent two days trapped on an ice field explorer Ben Miller was finally rescued last night. Wanting to become the first man to walk solo from Canada to the North Pole, he set out in April, alone unaided. Having no way of transporting possessions, he took very little with him apart from camping equipment, a mobile phone, and a spade. He made good progress at first but then experienced a number of setbacks. The longest day of the year was approaching, which meant that the temperature was starting to rise. The ice gradually started to melt around him preventing him from going forward or back. Feeling desperate, Ben searched around him. He didn’t have any advanced technical equipment, so he had to rely on common sense. He took out his shovel and dug a runway in the ice. He then took a photo of the runway and sent it to a rescue team via his mobile phone. The pilot succeeded in landing on the narrow strip of ice saving Ben from almost certain death.

23. All of the following statements are True, Except …

A)Ben saved the from almost certain death

B)Ben Miller had camping equipment with him

C)Ben had some problems on his way to the North Pole

D)Ben spent a couple of days on an ice field in spring

24. According to the passage Ben Miller …

A)travelled to the North Pole alone

B)reached the North Pole alone

C)had a lot of equipment with him

D)used his transport to go the North Pole

25. What does the word “desperate” in the passage mean?

A)clever B)hopeless C) happy D)deliberate

26. One can infer from the passage that …

A) a shovel and a knife helped Ben in digging a runway

B)Ben succeeded in his adventure

C)modern technologies helped Ben to survive

D)Ben reached the destination in April

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for each question below( 27-30)

Stonehenge is an ancient monument situated about ten miles north of Salisbury in England. It was built 4500 years ago, but by whom and for what purpose remains a mystery. The builders must have known of geometry. They may have been influenced by the Mycenaeans, whose architecture was similar. Some of the stones must have been brought from West Wales, over 135 miles away. These stones weigh more than fifty tons. They may have been brought on rafts and rollers. Experts say that it must have taken 1500 men more than five years to transport them. Stonehenge was probably built in three stages. First, settlers from continental Europe built a temple for sun worship. Later the Beaker People added the stone circles. Finally people of the Wessex culture transformed Stonehenge into an observatory. They could calculate the exact time of Midsummer and Midwinter and of equinoxes.

27.According to the passage there are serious doubts about …

A)where Stonehenge was built

B)who Stonehenge was built by and what for

C)what kind of stones were used in the construction of Stonehenge

D)is Stonehenge still used to calculate the changes of the seasons?

28.we understand from the passage that …

A)the settlers from Europe could calculate the exact time

B)Stonehenge was probably built in more than one stage

C)the Beaker people built the temple for the sun worship

D)Stonehenge wasn’t probably built in three stages

29. We understand from the passage that Stonehenge …

A)was built 4500 B.C. by some mysterious creatures

B)spread about ten miles north of Salisbury in England

C)was built of the stones of 135 tones

D)was constructed by the builders having some idea of geometry

30. The author states that …

A)these stones weigh more than one thousand fifty tons

B)it must have taken one and a half thousand men to transport stones

C)Mycenaeans deeply influenced the architecture of Stonehenge

D)they may have been brought on rafts and trailers.

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