Activities 1 Put the words below in the relevant line so they make a synonym group

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1  Put the words below in the relevant line so they make a synonym group,

Speculation- thougt-contemplation- throry

to have craving for – want- desire- demand

pile- heap- mass- stack

implement- tool- instruiment- utensil

immense- vast- huge- enormous

foster- nurture- encourage

breakthrough- outbreak- achievement

ultimately- eventually - finally

thought;  contemplation;  encourage; outbreak;  achievement;  eventually;

finally; theory;  want; desire;  demand; heap;  mass;  stack;  tool; instrument; utensil; vast; huge; enormous; nurture

2  (T15) Read the sentences below.  Listen and put the sentences in the correct order.

2. □   First computers were huge in size.

3. □   Several decades ago, calculation was accomplished without calculators.

5. □   There would be less female employees.

6. □   Typewriters were prototypes of modern PC.

7. □   Nowadays people do not appreciate the capabilities of recent inventions.

1. □   The thing we would like to do is speculation but not philosophical issue of the topic.

4. □   Registration processes would be much longer.
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