Activity 4 Match the beginnings of the sentences 1-6 and their endings a-f

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1, Календар режа 2 семестр18.02., 1, 1, 1918-1945 yillarda Xitoy, boshqaruv pedagogikasi va etikasi, курс ишини бажариш бўйича услубий кўрсатма, axborot xafsizligi test uzb(1), jamoani shakllantirish uslubiyoti, jamoani shakllantirish uslubiyoti, KT mus ish v-21, 9-mavzu boyicha topshiriq, Olimlar, Гули 207-18, волейбол


Match the beginnings of the sentences 1-6 and their

endings a-f.

(Gaplarning boshiga mos oxirini topib, to’liq gaplar hosil qiling.)

E.g. Beruni spoke and understood more than ten languages.
1. Beruni spoke

2. Farobi was fluent in seventy languages

3. The pursuit of knowledge is a duty of eveey man and woman

4. Ulughbek became a governor in 1409 at the age of 15 he started to develop sciense and education

5. Even being the leader of the country in different spheres

6. Scientists of ancient times were very skillful and knowledgeable is a duty

Of every maan and woman

a. is a duty of every man and woman

b. he didn't miss a chance to deliver lectures

c. seventy languages

d. in different spheres

e. and understood more than ten languages

f. in 1409 at the age of 15, he started to develop science and educa


Read the text and decide what the following numbers stand for.

(Matnni o’qib, quyidagi sonlar bilan bog’liq ma’lumotlarni yozing.)

1.1876. 1876 ​​is a leap year that begins on a Saturday (see calendar here). During this period, Gregorian, Muslim, Iranian, Baha'i and other calendars were used in various nations.

2. 1847 Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 - October 18, 1931) was a world-renowned American inventor. Edison has 1,093 patents in the United States and nearly 3,000 in other parts of the world. He improved the telegraph, telephone, and film equipment, created a safe electric incandescent lamp, founded the first electric locomotives, and invented the phonograph. It was he who suggested Allo.

3. 1,093 . 1093.. During this period, Julian, Muslim, Iranian and other calendars were used in different nations

4.9000It took 9.000 experinients to pertéct the light bulb. He believed that peoplc-s grcatcst weakness lies in giving up and the n.ost certain way to succeed is a Iways to try• just one more time.

5. 1882 Scptcrnbcr 4. 1882. •working on the iden oc um he there ix way do work tried to 6. 1928Edison continued to w•ork Oil several projects and experiments till the end of his In he was awarded with the Congressional Gold Medal
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