Addendum No. 1 to Contract No. Cmrh/02/lcs/01

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Country: Republic of Uzbekistan

Project Name: Construction of Modern Rural Housing Project (Phase-2)

Financing No: UZB-1001,1003 and 1004

Addendum No.1 to Contract No. CMRH/02/LCS/01
Financial Audit Services

Lump Sum Contract


Tashkent 20182020

THIS ADDENDUM No.12 to the Contract No. CMRH/02/LCS/01 dated 21 July 2017 (hereinafter referred as the "Addendum") is entered into this by and between EC «Qishloq Qurilish Invest» LLC (“the Client”) having its principal place at 36 Shakhrisabz, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, acting for and on behalf of Islamic Development Bank, an international financial institution established by articles of agreement signed/ratified by its member countries, having its headquarters at 8111 King Khalid Street Al Nuzlah Al Yamanyah District Jeddah 22332-2444 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“the Client”) and PKF MAK Alyans LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of (insert the country of incorporation), having its principal place of business at 1, Aviasozlar str, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (“the Consultant”).
TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the letter of the IsDB LEtter, No.42/196 dated 06 December 2020. Subject: Construction of Modern Rural Housing Project (Phase-2) – Utilization of Savings under Third Istisna’a Project No. UZB-1004 the parties have agreed to include the following amendments to the Contract CMRH/02/LCS/01 dated 21/07/2017 (hereinafter referred as the "Contract"):

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