Advantage and disadvantage essay

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writing down advantage and disadvantage essays(1-u)
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Advantage and disadvantage essay.

Do prof-orientation tests really help students to decide on profession?

In many cases, our interests from early childhood and aptitudes can guide us to make a definite decision on profession. But it is not always so easy, and many young adults, even undergraduate students face a dilemma and difficulty in making a resolute decision. And, in these situations, students may choose the right path by doing some career-based tests, but can they always help?

The life and future of each person depends on his or her profession, and the proper choice is important. One of the most vital method for choosing a profession is testing. With this method, student will be able to come to a clear conclusion, through a series of, at least, 10-15 consecutively methodological test that related your interests, abilities and knowledge. Following this, testing also gives the students the opportunity to discover their undisclosed aspects and hidden aptitudes.

In contrast, test results may not always satisfy all students. In most cases, the main reason for this discontent is unsatisfactory salaries that come from a chosen profession. Under these circumstances prof-orientation tests can not help the student. The worst is that, his or her financial interest prevails and he or she may be misled by the choice of career.

Taking everything into account, all educational and orientational tests are actionable for making the right choice on university and career. Most importantly, remember that your chosen profession should not only be a daily routine but also a favorite and fun part of your life.

Group 210 ‘a’

Student: Omonova Shahloxon
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