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Writing task 2 synonyms @cambridgeIELTSbooks
20210625, 20210625, 8-sinf-ingliz-tili-ish-reja-YANGI, Baxtiyorov kurs ishi
1. burning- blazing, flaming, aflame 
2. transport-conveyance,transmission,transportation 
3. private-personal, individual,particular, privately owned 
4. wasteful- profligate, uneconomical,extravagant,lavish,reckless 
5. irresponsible- careless, thoughtless, incautious, unwise,imprudent 
6. taxation-tariff, tax, levy 
7. petrol and diesel- fossil fuel, crude oil 
8. discourage- dishearten, disapprove, prevent, dissuade, deter 
9. young-teenage,youthful, juvenile 
10. careless- inattentive, incautious, negligent, heedless, irresposible 
11. overcofident-haughty, pompous, egotistical, unbashed 
12. accidents-mishap,misfortune,mischance,casualty 
13. eliminate-remove,get rid of,abolish,eradicate,banish 
14. teach-educate,instruct,coach,train 
15. skill- dexterity,ability,mastery,efficiency 
16. congestion-crowding,obstruction,overcrowding,clogging,traffic jam,blockage 
17. attribute- ascribe, assign, accredit, credit, allot 
18. rapidly- quickly, fastly, swiftly, speedily, briskly 

19. reverse- move back, countermand, retract, overturn 
20. decline- decrease, reduce, lessen, deminish, wane 
21. attempt- strive, endeavour, effort, venture 
22. encourage- cheer, uplift, inspire, motivate, stir, stimulate, urge 
23. government- administration, regime, authority, council 
24. sole- only, single, solitary, lone, individual 
25. responsibility- authority, control, power, liability, culpability 
26. serious- grave, sincere, committed, firm, resolute, determined 
27. heavily- excessively, immoderately, copiously, too much, very much 
28. provide- supply, give, issue, bestow, deliver, offer, yield 
29. cheap- inexpensive, low-priced, economical, affordable, reasonable 
30. rail- train, railway, railway line, railroad 
31. travel- journey, tour, trip, commute 
32. excessive- immoderate, imprudent, unrestricted, uncontrolled, extreme, uncurbed 
33. ensure- makesure, make certain, confirm, see to it, guarantee, certify 
34. tackle- handle, manage, address, take care of, approach 
35. injury- wound, trauma 
36. difficult- hard, tough, arduous, burdensome,painful 
37. dangerous- hazardous, risky, unsafe, insecure,uncertain 
38. improve- make better, ameliorate, upgrade, enhance, boost, raise 
39. safety- welfare, well-being, protection, security 
40. stricter- stern, severe, harsh, firm, inflexible, unbending 
41. punishment- penalty, penance, sentence 
42. offence- an illigal act, crime, illigal or unlawful act, misdeed, delinquency 
43. freedom- liberty, liberation, right to 
44. automobile- car, auto, motor vehicle 
45. symbol- sign, emblem, token, representation 
46. status- position, level, reputation 
47. contribute- cause, give rise to, advance, be responsible for, lead to 
48. cyclist- bicyclist, bicycler, pedaller 
49. pedestrian- walker, hiker, stroller, person on foot 
50. garden- lawn, park, yard 
51. Satisfied- Happy, Content, Contented, Complacent, Fulfilleds 

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