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YPIP Application Sample
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Program Overview


American Councils for International Education (American Councils)

offers a Young Professional

Internships Program to provide 30 Uzbek undergraduate business and STEM (science,

technology, engineering and mathematics) majors with transformative internships at businesses

in Uzbekistan. Through a robust program of professional development, participants will gain

practical work experience and a greater understanding of international business practices as

they prepare to enter the competitive 21st century workforce.

The Young Professional Internships Program provides business mentors and dedicated staff as a

built-in support system intended to maximize the internship experience and provide a

meaningful, positive experience for interns.

The Young Professional Internships Program provides the opportunity for interns to work within

a cohort, participate in professional development events, engage with industry leaders, and

enter into a valuable network of peers. The Young Professional Internships Program is designed

to: expand the professional capacity and network of young Uzbeks in the areas of business and

STEM; and empower participants with the tools needed to become self-reliant learners.

Participants will be selected through a merit-based, open competition aimed at identifying

future business and STEM leaders prepared to gain real-world experience in their field and in a

cross-cultural environment prior to begin their careers. English language fluency is a program


A selection committee determines the finalists, and American Councils matches the finalists with

suitable host companies in Uzbekistan. Each finalist interviews with two potential host

companies before a final placement is determined.

American Councils provides dedicated internship placement to fit the interests and goals of

interns. Interns will receive a stipend of US$250 to support their travel and living costs. A U.S.

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Young Professional Internships Program

mentor guides career development goals during an orientation session and through online

sessions during the program.

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