Alexander Graham Bell By: Eli

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Alexander Graham Bell

  • By: Eli

Early Life

  • He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on march 3,1847. He had 2 brothers and no sisters, and he was the middle child. His father, his grand father, and Alack were both interested communication. His father helped people who were deaf. He called it visible speech. His mother was deaf. He was smart, but not a very good student. When he was 14, and his brother saw and made a speaking machine. In 1862 he was studying speech with his grandpa. When he got back from Scotland he and his brother were trying to figure out symbols called visible speech.

Adult life

          • He helped kid who were deaf. He studied electricity on his own. He married Mabel Hubbard. He had 4 children, but 2 of them died. He became a u.s. citizen. He died on August 2,1922 at age 75 in Canada.

Major Accomplishments

  • He invented the telephone. People could talk to each other though a long distance. He made a photo phone that is used fiber optics. The telephone probe found bullets and people who had bean use with it. He made at and t company.

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