Alissa's Miracle (That's My Baby)

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Alissa's Miracle (That's My Baby)

Ginna Gray

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Alissa's Miracle (That's My Baby)

Ginna Gray

Alissa's Miracle (That's My Baby) Ginna Gray

That's My Baby!


And widow Alissa Kirkpatrick was so in love with enigmatic Dirk Matheson that she agreed to a childless

marriage. She put away that dream of babies, moving on to her life with her handsome bridegroom.

Until the pregnancy test proved positive…

Alissa's joy turned to sadness after she told Dirk. This announcement was one he'd never expected, and he

had past pain that he couldn't share. Suddenly Alissa was in for the fight of her life—her man or her child.

And with her little miracle budding within her, Alissa vowed she'd win both—and love for a lifetime!

THAT'S MY BABY! Bringing up baby can bring surprises…and showers of love!

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