All Passes are Free to Residents and Non-Residents, and do not expire. If you are in the skate park without a pass, then you may be charged with trespassing. Why Do We Need Passes?

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Skate Park Pass Registration

Please Note: 

All Skaters Must Have a J.C.S.P. Pass to Enter Park, and Must Keep Pass with Them at All Times

If You Have No Pass You May be Required to Leave the Park

All Passes are Free to Residents and Non-Residents, and do not expire.

If you are in the skate park without a pass, then you may be charged with trespassing.

Why Do We Need Passes?

The Town of Griswold’s number one concern is the safety of our local skaters and all others using the skate 

park. The most effective way to make sure all skaters understand the rules are to have each skater or par-

ent/guardian review and sign the Jewett City Skate Park (J.C.S.P.) Pass registration. 

Skaters 18 years old or over are to fill out the registration form to receive pass


¬  Read and understand the rules, and respect the park.  Any questions, please call 860.376.7026


¬  Helmets and protective/safety equipment are strongly recommended for all ages. and


    are required for all skaters less than 18 years old.


¬  Helmets and protective/safety equipment saves broken arms, legs and lives. 


¬  All skaters must have a J.C.S.P pass to be involved in any skateboarding tournament.

A Skater less than 18 years old must have a parent/guardian fill out registration to receive pass


¬  Parents/Guardians must fill out this registration for their child.


¬  Parents/Guardians are implored to explain to their child the importance of helmets/safety gear


¬  Parents/Guardians should explain how helmets/safety gear prevent broken arms, legs and save  


     lives.  Children will not wear their helmets, if they don’t understand why they are wearing them.


¬  Please review each rule with child and explain why it is important. Questions? Call 860.376.7026.


¬  All skaters less then 18 years old must have a helmet on at all times. 


¬  All skaters less then 18 years old are strongly recommended to wear all safety gear at all times.


¬  All skaters must have a J.C.S.P pass to be involved in any skateboarding tournament.

How do I turn in this Registration form?

Method A: 

Drop off at the Griswold Youth Center, Monday Thru Friday from 3 until 6 pm.




Behind the Slater Mill Mall (look at the YC sign for arrow pointing at building)





39 Wedgewood Drive, Jewett City, CT 06351

Method B: 

Mail registration into the Town Hall. 




Griswold Recreation Department (Skate Pass Reg.)





28 Main Street, Jewett City, CT 06351

Method C: 

Drop off at Dukes Old Skool Skate Shop in Jewett City, call for hours 860.376.8556

Skate Park Pass Registration

(Please note: If skater is under 18 years old, then this form must be filled out by an adult parent or guardian. 

Also, the Recreation Dept. will call and confirm all information with the parent or guardian)

Skater’s Information





Birth Date: 




Home Town:   


If the Skater under 18 years old?:    

           Name of Parent or Guardian:  


           Relationship to Skater: 



           Your Cell/Home Phone #: (We must call you for Confirmation)


Mailing Address:

Jewett City Skate Park’s rules

Please Review Skate Park Rules & 

Sign Below if  You have Read, Understand, and Agree to Each Rule

¬  All skaters must be registered with the Town of Griswold.

¬  All skaters must have a J.C.S.P. Pass on them at all times, No Exceptions. No Pass then you will be removed.

¬  All skaters under 18 years old must have a helmet and pads at all times while skating. No Exceptions.

¬ All Skaters are Strongly Recommended to wear a Helmet and All Proper Safety Gear in skate park.

¬  No Bikes or Scooters are allowed in park.  Those found will be removed at owners expense.

¬  Spectators are not allowed on skating surface. No obstructing skaters.

¬  No Drugs, Alcohol, or illegal activities. State Troopers will be monitoring cameras from barracks.

¬  Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions.

¬  No Vulgar language, Smoking, Gum, Glass or Food allowed in Skate Park.

¬  NO Soliciting of any kind, including graffiti and/or promoting of name brand in or around skate park. 

¬  Events must be permitted by the Town of Griswold, through recreation department. Call 860.376.7026

¬  Activities other than Skateboarding strictly forbidden.

¬  All those in violation will have their passes removed and charged a fee to reapply.



¬  No supervision is provided at any time.

¬ Respect your fellow skaters and be alert of others while skating.

¬  Any problems or graffiti will be reported to police, and recorded by camera system.

¬  The town will press vandalism charges against all involved in any type of graffiti or spray painting inside 

or around our skate park, no matter how big or small the vandalism are.

¬  We built this park for you, please keep it clean and respect it.

¬  Cameras activate with motion, and will be recording all activities in and around skate park.

¬  The cameras move, swivel and can zoom in or out on anywhere inside the skate park.

¬  All camera footage will be used in any criminal/juvenile case involving our skate park directly or indirectly.



Signature of Skater (If Skater is 18 or Over 18 years old) or

Signature of an Adult Parent/Guardian (If Skater is Not 18 or Over)

Please review front page for registration drop off instructions.

day      month      year

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