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I enjoy the study on a topic that interests me -- you can learn so much from how people handle problems. And I really like the creative procedure for trying to

determine a way to say something which will hopefully generate fascination with that topic. I really loved Ginger. The colors are so nice, and the dragon itself is super

cute too! 

0where is the location? 

Does anyone have any idea where to find a copy of this book? Having no luck so far . . . Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Hi Setta! What is your advice for young authors who are inspired by your books!? 

Dear Janet, 

Is this a sequel to The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold fry? 

I love the 'Wicked Lovely' series. Have you ever thought of making a 'Wicked Lovely 101'? 

LOVE LOVE LOVE - these Characters! I hate it when I get hooked on a story then find out I have to wait for the ending (drives me crazy) - I hope you make another

series about Marcus and Carmen! ;) Mia- YOU are doing a wonderful job - you should be very proud of yourself, the characters and the story line.? 

is there going to be another Cat Royale book? 

Hello Pat, how did you get started writing erotica? 

Hola Marta, soy nueva aquí, y puede que no sea el sitio más apropiado para preguntar, pero en los giveaway, las siglas de españa son ES? en el caso de que no

aparezca no puedo participar? espero no molestar, gracias! 

Which sister was Avery's grandmother? It got a little confusing keeping the given names at birth and the changed names when abducted. 

Is there going to be a sequel to Mad Kestrel? I am so not ready to part with that world. You did a fantastic job with the story. 

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