Angelina Jolie Spotted With New Aussie Toy Boy, Former Spin Bowler Shane Warne

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Angelina Jolie Spotted With New Aussie Toy 

Boy, Former Spin Bowler Shane Warne 

"He has... quite a lot of (sic) stamina" 


22 September, 2016. 15:00 




Recently single Hollywood s

uperstar, Angelina Jolie, didn’t appear too heartbroken by her imminent divorce 

to third husband Brad Pitt overnight. 

The 41-year-old was seen leaving a high end LA restuarant last night with a man who is rumoured to be 

her newest sexual conquest, Australian spin bowler Shane Keith Warne. 

Warne, who has in the past dated Liz Hurley and Simone Warne, looked fighting fit and ready for the task 

on hand. 

“It’s been quite an, umm, journey for me” Jolie told the predatory papparazzi. 

“He has… quite alot of (sic) stamina” 

Yesterday it was revealed the Angelina Jolie had filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt and had requested full 

physical custody of their six children. It is not yet known what caused this seperation, but Warnie says he 

couldn’t give a shit. 

“Not sure what’s going on” Warnie told the media outside the restaurant. 

“Met her on Tinder after a charity match in Beverley Hills. She’s the chick from Tomb Raider aye” 

During their twelve-

year relationship, Pitt and Jolie were known as “Brangelina”—a portmanteau coined by 

TMZ entertainment media. 

This morning, the New York Times coined a new name “ShaneGelina”. 

It is not known how long Shanegelina will last 

– with many close to Jolie terrified that she might experience 

heart break in the near future as the King Of Spin gets to know Hollywood. 

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