Anna Maria Eftimiadis

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Anna Maria Eftimiadis







Anna Maria Eftimiadis is a Program Manager within the World Bank's Talent Search Unit. 

She has been involved in a number of activities related to talent acquisition at the Bank, including 

looking for innovative ways to enhance recruitment methods and outreach efforts. Anna Maria 

also oversees two programs that are charged with bringing in cutting edge external expertise to the 

World Bank - the Chief Technical Specialist and the World Bank Fellows programs. Each of these 

programs are designed to provide new perspectives on policy, promote knowledge sharing, and to 

support clients with cutting edge solutions.  


Before joining the World Bank, Anna Maria held key positions with several professional services 

firms. Formerly a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as having held several managerial 

positions at Deloitte, and Arthur Andersen, Anna Maria was a management consultant with 

extensive experience working with public sector organizations, government agencies, and 

mulinationals around the world. She has over 16 years of experience working with multilateral 

organizations including the World Bank, USAID, the UN and several other regional development 

banks. Some of her key strengths have involved projects where she has assisted public sector 

clients with institutional strengthening and capacity building; organizational restructuring and 

redesign; and, change management and change implementation.  




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