Answers by Mushtariybegim Yo‘ldasheva

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Answers by Mushtariybegim Yo‘ldasheva

  1. Yes, of course, the governments should absolutely support inventors. Cause new inventions are mean of development. For example, just look at one of the recent inventions:

Smart trash bin

We all know how important it is to recycle, but sometimes waste and recycling aren’t always separated properly. This is a big problem with public bins where garbage and recycling often get thrown in together by people who aren’t paying close attention. An invention called the Bin-e hopes to help fix that. This waste bin automatically sorts items into the correct bin, by figuring out what’s garbage and what’s recycling. To do this, the Bin-e has special sensors and cameras. They help the bin examine items and then each item is placed in its proper container. This is one gadget that definitely puts the planet first!

  1. Fashion – smth (especially, design, dress, technology) that popular or thought to be good at a particular time. Yes, I always follow fashion, however, I usually prefer classic style. Typically, people follow fashion in order to look more modern and attractive. As for my country, following the fashion is popular among young teenagers and modern adults.

  2. Although learning process is not hard in our institution, obtaining bachelor’s degree is somehow difficult, as entering university is not easy in my country. But after entering to Uni, it takes 4 years of full-time study to have a bachelor diploma – encompassing 8 semesters

  3. Uzbekistan is the country of magnificent architecture and ancient traditions, and really quite a safe country to visit. Travelling in Uzbekistan solo is certainly possible and very rewarding. As more than 4 million of tourists visit Uzbekistan each year (inf. 2019) Uzbekistan is the best visited country in Central Asia. There are a lot of ancient cities, priceless values and traditions that are admitted by UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. If you have visited Uzbekistan once, be sure you will want to return back here again. As our country has a long and bloody history, the future of tourism is brightest than now, I believe.

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