Answers: What is the difference between social protection and social guarantee? Difference between poor and poverty? To what equals Gini coefficient in Uzbekistan? What other coefficients do you know which shows poverty? How you understand Lorenz

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1.What is the difference between social protection and social guarantee?

2.Difference between poor and poverty?

3.To what equals Gini coefficient in Uzbekistan?

4.What other coefficients do you know which shows poverty?

5.How you understand Lorenz Curve?

6.What kind of reforms are going in the field of social protection in Uzbekistan?

1.Social guarantees are defined as sets of policy mechanisms that determine citizens' entitlements related to basic services and ensure their fulfillment on the part of the state. a promise or assurance, especially one in writing, that something is of specified quality, content, benefit, etc., or that it will perform satisfactorily for a given length of time: a money-back guarantee. ... something that assures a particular outcome or condition.

Social protection consists of policies and programs designed to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting efficient labour markets, diminishing people's exposure to risks, and enhancing their capacity to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, exclusion, sickness, disability and old age.

2.Poor is related term of poverty.The difference between poor and poverty is that poor is those who little or no possessions or money,taken as a group while poverty is the quality or state of being poor or indigent,want or scarcity of means of subsistence,indigience,need.

3.Gini coeffitcient in Uzbekistan 35.3(in 2003)

4.Poverty can be and is measured in different ways by governments,international organizations,policy makers and practitioners.Increasingly,poverty is understood as multidimensioanal,comprising social,natural and economic factors situated within wider socio-political processes.The capabilities approach also argues that capturing the perceptions of poor people is fundamental in understanding and measuring poverty.

5.As we know there are some ways o how to calculate Gini coefficient and we will also understand the Lorenz curve which is a way to determine Gini coefficient graphically.The Gini coeffitcient is usually defined mathematically based on the Lorenz curve,which plots the proportion of the total income of the population(y-axis) that is cumulatively earned by the bottom x% of the population.

6. As we know social protection is a one of the important field of market economy and not only in Economy in our social life it is also more essential.And so that in order to develop this field our country reforming and using different ways and one thing vital to know is that Social protection plays an important role in our life and it is global thing to solve.And so that as we know there is a one wide organization which is UNICEF.UNICEF recognizes that a child-sensitive social protection system is one that takes into account that the well-being of children is directly linked to income and material resources, as well as to the accessibility of essential services. Well-designed social protection systems therefore contribute to the prevention and elimination of the social and economic vulnerabilities of children and their families. During the last three years, UNICEF has established a strong partnership with the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and the Ministry of Finance, in addressing social protection issues. Achievements in this regard have included the undertaking of a study regarding the efficiency of the national social assistance scheme, and the establishment of a Social Protection Interagency Group.

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