Architecture in Uzbekistan

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Architecture in Uzbekistan


Samarkand State Architecture-Construction Institute named after Mirzo Ulugbek was established in 1966. Nowadays more than 1.3 thousand students study here. Nowadays there are 4 faculties, 29 departments in 11 fields. The training of specialists is conducted in "Architecture", "Construction", "Economy", "Construction technology" faculties.

Together with training of highly qualified specialists for the development of Construction industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a wide range scientific research works are conducted at the Institute. For instance, at Construction faculty itself tens of scientific research works are conducted in the fields connected to Construction such as: "Soil mechanics, basis and schemes", "Architecture of buildings", "Heating gas provision, conditioning and protection of air pools", "Water supply, sewerage system, protection and fruitful utilization", "Reinforced concrete, and stone-brick construction", "Metal, wood and plastic construction", "Construction and theoretical mechanics", "Resistance of materials", "Construction producing technologies". In general, similar works at other departments under other faculties are at the same level. The post graduate department was opened at the Institute on "Deformation solid substances mechanics", "Gas and liquid mechanics", "Buildings and their construction", "Architecture theory and history", "Restoring of architectural monuments", "Water provision and ecology", "Soil mechanics, basis and schemes", "Geodesy & land cadastre". Doctoral in "Water providing & environment protection Theory History of Architecture of architectural monuments", "Liquid & plasma mechanics" & postgraduate study as well in Economics Fine arts" are on the eve to open.

On the basis of agreement of UNO & Republic of Uzbekistan "Business incubator" was established in order to develop small business. Therefore International Business school "Intellect invest" works in English efficiently on an international level, concerning economics, business managing, finance and bank.

The Institute is in good relations with respective institutions of foreign countries. Besides CIS there are following institutions: Politechnico de Milano University of Italy, Veimar Architectural-construction Institute of Germany, Technics University of Barcelona, La Kambre Architectural Institute of Belgium and others.

Under the international relations and works, carried out through UNESCO, "Repair of architectural monuments & reconstruction of historical cities" local department under the architectural faculty is expected to open.

There is a lyceum boarding school. Business school, International Business school. Students' constructional Bureau, workshops of practical projecting, of artistic design, 4 research laboratories within 4 fields, faculty of raising the level of qualification. Students have an opportunity to use hostels. Health complex Mironkul, located in the foot of the mountain. Library is located in the Head building & it is provided with audio, video appliances that answer high standards. There are 314240 study materials, textbooks, study appliances & literature for researches. There is a Doctoral study within 3 fields & a postgraduate study within 19 fields.
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