"Arm" and "dog" are words. Each word has three letters said Tony.

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  1. "Arm" and "dog" are ... words. Each word has three letters said Tony. (three letter)

  2. "Did it rain last week? "Do you know ... last week. (whether it rained)

  3. "Did you find my suitcase?” The woman asked the tour guide ... suitcase. (if he had found her)

  4. "Don’t let anyone into the house." Mrs Jackson told her son ... anyone into the house. (not to let)

  5. "I am the fastest of all." Simon ... of being the fastest of all. )boasted)

  6. "She said she had met my friend two weeks before”. ”... she?" (Did) 100%

  7. “What time are we leaving tomorrow?” The woman asked the tour guide what time ... the next day. (they were leaving)

  8. A camel is an ideal animal for desert areas ... it can go without water for eight days. (because)

  9. A forest is a thickly wooded area. Forests have a wide (1)... of plants and animals living among the trees. Forests that like cooler climates (2)... largely in the northern hemisphere, far north of the equator. Forest floors are shady places and it can be hard (3)... plants to grow. 1 (variety), 2 (are found), 3 (for)

  10. A telephone recorder tells callers what time ..., so you needn’t go specially to find out the time. (the movie starts)

  11. A young woman walked into the office. She ... a baby. (was carrying)

  12. Actually, I am not content ... the progress I am making in my English. (with)

  13. Alf ... as a waiter for ten years, then he opened his own company. (worked)

  14. Although the recording was made over 60 years ago, the quality of sound on the disk is ... good. (surprisingly)

  15. Although they were described as the (1)... designs in many years, there isn’t anything very new about the lattest line of shoes from Santorelli. As one of the most famous designers in Italy, Salvatore Santorelli is expected to do more than simply repeat the previous year’s (2)... formula of “smart, but casual” sandals in a range of pastels. 1) (first new Italian) 2) (successful)

  16. An earthquake of magnitude eight on the Richter scale occurs once ... five or ten years. (each)

  17. Andrew Murphy former (1)... director of DelcO' Electronics, has pleaded “Not Guilty” to charges that he stole £ 5 million from the company. He claims not to know where the money went. He has suggested (2)... an accountant took the money. Investigators consider it unlikely that anyone else in the company could have committed the crime. 1-(managing)? 2-(that)

  18. Applicants for this vacancy need ... under 30, hardworking and energetic. I think I’m fit for this job. (to be)

  19. As a rule, the smaller the town, ... it is to park your car. (the cheaper)

  20. As soon as I walked into the room, she ... me the letter. (handed)

  21. At the party I really enjoyed ... your friends. (meeting)

  22. Babies whose mothers smoke during pregnancy could be at higher risk of growing up to be criminals, new research suggests. This is the first study to examine the relationship between mothers who smoke and their children’s adult behaviour. The findings wrere based on data for 4,169 males born in Copenhagen between September 1959 and December 1961. Their arrest records at age 34 were studied. It was discovered that the number of cigarettes their mothers had smoked during the last third of their pregnancy affected the men’s arrests for both violent and non-violent crimes. This was true even wrhen other possible causes, such as use of alcohol, divorce, income, and home environment had been taken into consideration. 1-савол The main idea of the passage is that ... жавоб (smoking during pregnancy increases the possibility of the child committing crimes in adult life.) 2-савол The research mentioned in the passage ... жавоб (mainly dealt with the adult behaviour of the children of smoking mothers.) 3-савол From the passage, we can say that the researchers were careful because ... жавоб (other possible causes of crime were also considered)

  23. Be careful! You ... hit that car! (are going to)

  24. Because nobody admitted breaking the window the ... class was kept in after school. (whole)

  25. Benjamin Franklin said that ... turkey should be the national bird of the Americans. (the)

  26. Can you help me look ... my glasses. I can’t find them. (for)

  27. Consumers are creatures of habit: they buy the same products time and time again, and such is their (1)... with big brands, and the colours and logos that represent them, that they can register a brand they like with barely any conscious thought process. The packaging of consumer products (30)... therefore crucial vehicle for delivering the brand and the product (2)... our shopping baskets. 1-(familiarity), 2-(is), 3-(into)

  28. Contrary to common knowledge, the water, milk and meat of coconuts only begin the list of uses of this versatile tree. The outer husk of the ripe nuts contains fibres that, when separated, can be twisted into twine rope of amazing toughness. It is quite resistant to rot from dampness or seawater. Despite the advent of nails and screws, this rope continues to be widely used for binding together the timbers of houses and the parts of canoes, tools and the like. Expert craftsmen can make sizeable ropes, which, after use, become quite flexible. The inner shell of the ripe nut can be cut and carved into ladles, scrapers, combs and cups and will take a high polish. Furthermore, the sap of the coconut can be fermented to make a pleasant tasting wine, while the fresh sap can be used as food for babies. 1-савол* According to the passage, twine rope ...жавоб (can be used for some of the same functions as nails.) 2-савол* We learn from the passage that, despite the many uses of the coconut, it is ...жавоб (better known among people as a source of food.) 3-савол* (the same part of the coconut palm is used to make wine and baby food.)

  29. Dad, I have nothing to wear. The jeans you bought me ... fit me.(don’t)

  30. Did you tell him the news? He hadn’t heard the news, ... ? (had he)

  31. Don’t worry about your birthday. We’ll have everything ... by then. (arranged)

  32. Eric’s courageous rescue of the drowning child was a ... deed. (creditable)

  33. Fertility rates in the West had been falling for more than a century, and so following World War II, demographers expected only a modest increase. What happened instead was “the baby boom”. Since then, scientists have been arguing about the causes. The best-known explanation comes from economist Richard A. Easterlin of the University of Southern California. He argues that the baby boom resulted from the unprecedented mix of three developments: an expansion of the economy, restricted immigration since the mid- 1920s, and a relatively small group of new job seekers because of low fertility in the late 1920s and 1930s. This combination created unusually good job prospects for young people after World War II, and so feeling more prosperous than their parents, they married earlier and had more children. 1-савол* It can be inferred from the passage that ...жавоб (fertility rates tend to increase after great disasters such as war), 2-савол As it is stated in the passage that… жавоб (resulted from a mixture of developments that happened during the war.) 3-савол The reason why young people married early and had more children is that they ... жавоб (felt much better off economically than their parents.)

  34. For decades anthropologists (1)... strange and unusual peoples all over the world. One of the strangest peoples (2)... all is a group called the Asu, a prominent tribe living in North America. The territory of the Asu (3)... roughly between that of the Tarahumara of Mexico and that of the Ojibwa of Canada. 1 (have been studying), 2-(of), 3-(had abandoned)

  35. Geese are not the same ... ducks. Geese are usually larger and have longer necks. (as)

  36. George’s father gives him enough money to go to school, so he ... work. (doesn't have to)

  37. Has she found the book about which she was speaking ... day? (the other)

  38. He is so rude to all my friends that ... of them want to see him. (none)

  39. He is trying to make them ... that they must be thankful to him. (feel)

  40. He needs to get his suit ... as he spilled some tomato sauce on it. (cleaned)

  41. He never found his key ... he looked in every pocket and every drawer. (though)

  42. He says he is feeling tired all the time, but physically the doctors can’t find ... wrong with him. (anything)

  43. He tried to phone his friend four days ago with no success. Since then he ... him five times. (has phoned)

  44. He wanted to write to her but she ... give him her address. (wouldn’t)

  45. He was a student ... to do well in his examinations. (determined)

  46. He was advised ... a computer. (to buy)

  47. He was very tired. Otherwise, he ... to the party with us last night. (would have gone)

  48. He’ll arrive with plenty of local currency ... the airport bank is closed. (in case)

  49. He’s depending ... me to help him organize the wedding reception. (on)

  50. He’s talked about it many times. Any ... discussion is useless. (further)

  51. Her son is five years old. She has a ... son. (five-year-old)

  52. His colleagues started to respect Tim. (Tim started to be respected by his colleagues.)

  53. His document needs ... from the school principal. (signing)

  54. Horror films are popular ... there is a lot of criticism of them. (though)

  55. How about ... out for a meal tonight? (going)

  56. I advise you to buy a Volkswagen .... Volkswagen cars are cheap, they last a long time. (even though)

  57. I always stay at this hotel because it is the only one with facilities for ... disabled. (the)

  58. I am afraid there are ... vacancies in the company at present. (no)

  59. I apologize for telling a lie, but I was trying to protect you ... the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. (from)

  60. I daren’t ... my boss for a rise just now. (ask)

  61. I dislike using credit cards, so I always pay ... cash. (in)

  62. I don’t like cooking, and...(he doesn't either)

  63. I haven’t got enough cash. Can I pay ... cheque? (by)

  64. I haven’t heard or read about the accident ... it was on the front page of every newspaper. (although)

  65. I know the man ... bicycle was stolen when he left it near a shop. (whose)

  66. I met Caty ... chance when I was shopping in town. (by)

  67. I need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains, ... the ground is rough and hard. (as)

  68. I parked my car ... the end of a short lane. (at)

  69. I put salt in my tea ... mistake, thinking it was sugar. (by)

  70. I saw you in the park yesterday. You ... with your friend Tom. (were sitting)

  71. I selected a DVD ... random and put it in the DVD player. (at)

  72. I still prefer to travel by plane ... the increase in air fares. (despite)

  73. I taught him how ... chess. (to play)

  74. I told the doctor that I had hurt my leg ... I was playing football yesterday. (while)

  75. I was in a hurry to catch a ... bus to Bukhara. (last)

  76. I wish I ... everything to you yesterday. (could have explained)

  77. I wish I ... there to see Dan’s face when they told him the news. (had been)

  78. I’d advise you ... more exercise. (to take)

  79. I’m finally used ... on an electric stove after I having a gas one for a long time. (to cooking)

  80. I’m starting a new job next week. I’m quite ... about it. (excited)

  81. If anyone should call, ... a message, please. (take)

  82. If I bought him a computer he would ... games all day long. (be playing)

  83. If I had eaten breakfast several hours ago, I ... hungry now. (wouldn’t be)

  84. If I were you I ... a contract with this firm. (would not sign)

  85. If these stockings are neither ... nor my sister’s, they must be mine. (hers)

  86. If we lived in the country, we ... a lot of animals. (would have)

  87. If we want to get there by 7.00, that means ... before 5.00. (getting up)

  88. If you don’t get better I’ll take you to ... hospital. (- no article)

  89. In 1971 the Great Persian Empire celebrated the 1500 th anniversary of its founding. Its founder was Cyrus the Great, who proclaimed himself the King of the Kings. His son Cambyses succeeded his throne, conquering Egypt and expanding the empire. Darius I followed Cambyses and was probably the most famous of this long line of kings. Under his rule, the empire stretched as far as India. Governors were placed in charge of the provinces. Extensive systems of roads and waterways improved communication throughout the kingdom. He was one of a few ancient rulers who permitted his subjects to worship as they wished. The magnificent city of Persepolis, founded under his direction in 518 B.C. was a ceremonial center. 1-савол* Who is considered the creator of the Persian Empire? (Cyrus) 2-савол* Who was the predecessor of Cambyses? (Cyrus) 3-савол* Who were responsible for the provinces? (the governors)

  90. In 900AD the cities of the Mayan civilization were still prosperous, but a hundred years later they (1) .... A number of theories have been put (2)... to explain this. One theory is that the Mayan ruling class died out because rulers did not work and so became (3)…and there was nobody to tell the formers what to do. 1-(had been abandoned) 2-( forward) 3-(unhealthy)

  91. In a couple of seconds she was back again, ... her son by the hand. (leading)

  92. In Britain you ... drive a car when you’re 17. (can)

  93. In the past, before technology was used to monitor the weather accurately, people looked at the skies, watched how animals and plants behaved, and relied on signs and superstitions to forecast the weather. Indeed, some people still believe that, when cows lie down or a cat sneezes, it is going to rain. Nowadays, scientists who study the weather, called meteorologists, use many different methods to make their forecasts. Satellites monitor our weather and send information to computers at special processing stations. On the ground, weather stations all over the world record wind speeds and directions, temperature, clouds and air pressure. 1-савол It is clear from the passage that reasonably accurate weather forecasting ... жавоб (is now available worldwide.) 2-савол As is pointed out in the passage, before the coming of technology, ... (several methods were used in an effort to forecast the weather.) 3-савол According to the passage, it is now possible, with the aid of technology, to forecast the weather, but ... жавоб (it is still a very complex process.)

  94. It has been snowing since morning and I’m afraid it ... by Friday. (won’t have stopped)

  95. It was lovely and ... in the swimming pool so he dived straight in. (warm)

  96. It was strange at first, but I ... playing the bagpipes now. (used to)

  97. It’s a very simple ..., so you shouldn’t have any problems with it. (calculation)

  98. Johannes Brahms is a German composer, pianist, and conductor. His works (1) ... four symphonies, songs and concertos for piano and for violin. He (2) ... and conducted his own works. 1 (include), 2 (performed)

  99. Just a minute! Do you hear someone ... for help? Shall we call the police? (calling)

  100. Kate reads "The Washington Post" every day. She doesn’t read any ... newspapers. (other)

  101. Last week I was held up ... 3 hours because of the traffic. (for)

  102. Launched on October 4, 1957, Sputnik 1 was the first craft in orbit around the earth. Named from the Russian phrase for "traveling companion oi the world" (Sputnik Zemli), it was a small satellite measuring only 58 sm across. It circled the earth once 96,2 minutes and transmitted information about the earth’s atmosphere. After 57 days in space, it re-entered the atmosphere and was destroyed. This historic launch began an era of intensive space programmers by both the Soviet Union and the United States. In the next three decades, hundreds of probes, satellites, and other missions were to follow Sputnik on the quest to explore both the wonders and the practical potential oi space. 1-савол What is the main idea of the text? Жавоб (The success of Sputnik 1 exploration.) 2-савол How long did Sputnik I stay in space? (57 days)

  103. Let’s go to Mirabella’s tonight ... you haven’t been there before. (If)

  104. Lieutenant Zachary Mayo, a 20-year old sailor in the US navy woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep because of hot and stuffy air. He got off his bunk quietly so as not to wake up his shipmates. He put his blue overalls on and left the cabin and went onto the deck of a huge aircraft carrier. It was two o’clock on a Friday morning. He breathed in fresh air and looked up at the stars in the sky. And then without thinking he leaned out too far and lost his footing. Before he knew it, he was in the water, watching the huge ship disappearing into the night. Nobody had seen him fall, and for nearly 2 days not one of the crew realized he was missing. Mayo survived because at training camp two years before he had been taught how to make clothes into lifejackets, so he took off his overalls and tied the arms and legs. Then he waved his "lifejacket" over his head and filled it with air so that he could stay afloat. 1-савол Zachary Mayo left his cabin because ... жавоб (he wanted to get some fresh air) 2-савол How did Z. Mayo appear in the water? Жавоб- (lost his balance when he leaned out)

  105. Lizzie’s sister got engaged ... a fashion dezigner last month. (to)

  106. Many famous people did not enjoy (1)... success in their early lives. Walt Disney, who was the creator of Mickey Mouse and the founder of his own movie production company, once was fired by a newspaper editor because he had (2)... good ideas. 1.(immediate) 2.(no)

  107. Mark and Susan met during their holiday in Sweden. It was love at ... first sight. (- no article)

  108. Mary said she was worried that her son ... studying very well that year. (wasn’t)

  109. Meeting begins at 6 p.m. You won’t be late,…? (will you)

  110. Most of the forest ... cut down and the trees remaining are now under threat. (has been)

  111. Most rocks contain several minerals, but limestone contains only one and... .(so does marble)

  112. Most whales are huge (1)…The largest whales are called blue whales. They can grow to 30 meter in length and can weigh 135,000 kilogram. Blue whales are (2)... larger than elephant and larger than any of the now extinct dinosaur. The heart of an adult blue whale is about the size of a compact car. 1-(creatures), 2-( much)

  113. Mountains have always evoked awe and inspired artists and adventurers throughout human existence. More recent research has led to important new insights into how mountains, the most magnificent of the Earth’s formations, came to be the way they are. Mountains are created and shaped, it now appears, not only by the movements of the vast tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s exterior but also by factors such as climate and erosion. In particular, the interactions between tectonic, climatic and erosional processes exert strong control over the shape and maximum height of the mountains as well as the amount of time necessary to build - or destroy - a mountain range. Paradoxically, the shaping of mountains seems to depend as much on the destructive forces of erosion as on the constructive power of tectonics. 1-савол*As it is stated in the passage, recent research has ... (enabled us to have better ideas about how mountains are shaped.) 2-савол* The movements of tectonic plates, the climate and erosion are factors ...(that are effective in the shaping and creation of mountains.) 3-савол* We can understand from the passage that the destructive forces of erosion*and the constructive power of tectonics ... (take an equal amount of time to build a mountain.)

  114. Mrs. Robson died in her sleep. Her doctor told me she ... from a weak heart for some time. (had been suffering)

  115. My brother is very stubborn. I tell him to stop acting ... a child. (like)

  116. My parents want me ... a musician. (to become)

  117. Nancy used ... a bike to work, but now she drives. (to ride)

  118. Nobody can always do whatever ... please in life. (you)

  119. Nora asked Bill: "Where did you hide my purse?" Nora asked Bill where ... her purse. (he had hidden)

  120. Now when he’s back to his home town it feels ... to be working in his old school. (strange)

  121. Of the six outer planets, Mars, commonly called the Red Planet, is the closest to Earth. Mars, 4,200 miles in diameter and 55% of the size of Earth, is 34,600,000 miles from Earth, and 141,000,000 miles from the Sun. It takes this planet, along with its two moons, Phobos and Deamos, 1,88 years to circle the Sun, compared to 365 days for the Earth. For many years, Mars had been thought of as the planet with the man-made canals, supposedly discovered by an Italian astronomer, Schiaparelli, in 1877. With the United States spacecraft Viking I’s landing on Mars in 1976, the man-made canal theory was proven to be only a myth. Viking I, after landing on the soil of Mars, performed many scientific experiments and took numerous pictures. The pictures showed that the red colour of the planet is due to the reddish, rocky Martian soil. No biological life was found, though it had been speculated by many scientists. The Viking also monitored many weather changes including violent dust storms. Some water vapour, polar ice and permafrost (frost below the surface) were found, indicating that at one time there were significant quantities of water on this distant planet. Evidence collected by the spacecraft shows some present volcanic action, though the volcanoes are believed to be dormant if not extinct. 1-савол* Which of the following is not true? Жавоб (Mars is larger than Earth), 2-савол* Man-made canals were supposedly discovered by ... Жавоб-(Schiaparelli), 3-савол Mars has been nicknamed as ... жавоб(The Red Planet)

  122. On the day of my first piano concert, I became more and more nervous. To help me calm down, my piano teacher told me to place several cabbages in the room where I practiced. I was so eager to get over my nerves that I was willing to, try anything. For the next few hours, I played to an audience of cabbages. When the time of the concert came, I was still terribly nervous. My hands felt like ice. When I finally walked across the stage, I looked out into the dark audience, but I couldn’t see anyone. I tried to imagine that all the people; sitting in the hall just as well might be cabbages. As I sat down to play, my hands relaxed and I played all my pieces without a mistake. The concert was a success. 1-савол* The pianist stopped feeling nervous (when he found he couldn’t see the audience), 2-савол On the day of the concert the teacher ... (advised him to put cabbages in the room where he practiced)

  123. Once a busy city, Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of ... Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. (-no article)

  124. One chilly autumn morning in 1945, five thousand shoppers crowded the pavements outside Gimbles Department Store in New York City. The day before, Gimbels had taken out a full-page newspaper advertisement in the New York Times, announcing the sale of the first ballpoint pens in the United States. Within six hours, Gimbels had sold its entire stock of ten thousand ballpoints at $12.50 each-approximately $130 at today’s prices. In fact this “new” pen was not new after all, and was just the latest development in a long search; for the best way to deliver ink to paper. Ii| 1884 Lewis Waterman had patented the fbuntairj pen, giving him the sole rights to manufacture it| This marked a significant leap forward in writj ing technology, but fountain pens soon becami notorious for leaking. In 1888, a leather tanne named John Loud devised and patented the firs! "rolling-pointed marker pen” for marking leather! Loud’s design contained a reservoir of ink in cartridge and a rotating ball point that was coiJ stantly bathed on one side with ink. Loud’s pen was never manufactured, howeveo and over the next five decades, 350 additions patents were issued for similar ball-type pens though none advanced beyond the design stag. Each had their own faults, but the major diffj culty was the ink: if the ink was thin, the pen, leaked, and if it was too thick, they clogged. De pending on the climate or air temperature, some times the pens would do both. Almost fifty year later, Ladislas and Georg Biro, two Hungarian brothers, came up with a solution to this prot lerri. In 1935 Ladislas Biro was working as a joui nalist, editing a small newspaper. He becarr* frustrated by the amount of time he wasted fil ing fountain pens with ink and cleaning up id smudges. Ladislas and Georg set about makii models of new pen designs and creating bett inks to use in them. Ladislas observed the iij in newspaper printing dried rapidly, leaving 11 paper dry and smudge-free. He was determine to construct a pen using the same type of ini However, the thicker ink would not flow from regular pen nib so he had to develop a new ty of point. Biro came up with the idea of fitting h pen with a tiny ball bearing in its tip. As the pen moved along the paper, the ball bearing rotated and picked up ink from the ink cartridge which it delivered to the paper. 1-савол* The problem with the ballpoint pens invented between 1888 and 1935 was that ... жавоб (they were affected by weather conditions) 2-савол* What does «came up with» in bold mean? Жавоб-(to suggest)

  125. One of the earliest methods of home heating, the fireplace continues (1) ... popular today. Ancient fireplaces were usually central pits in the house that also served as stoves, light sources, and (2) ... from wild animals. Modern fireplaces are sometimes valued more (3) ... their appearance than their actual heating capacities. 1-(to be)? 2-(protection)? 3-(for)

  126. One of the smallest of all mammals is the shrew, a mouse like creature with a head and body length of only 3.8 centimetres. All shrews are small, with dense, velvety fur, long tails, and tiny eyes and ears. Shrews have been called bloodthirsty, though the label is not entirely accurate because they must eat almost constantly to stay alive. The animal is believed to have a very high metabolic rate and cannot live more than a few hours without food. In the absence of normal prey, it will turn to cannibalism to survive. The shrew, or some closely related animal, can be found on every continent except Australia. Since this tiny animal has a reputation for having a very bad temper, the adjective "shrewish" is sometimes used to describe a certain type of women. 1-савол The passage tells us that the shrew ... жавоб (has a very short life span) 2-савол* The passage states that shrews ... жавоб (eat each other when they can’t find any food.) 3-савол* From what is stated in the passage, we can infer that a shrewish woman is someone who ... жавоб (easily gets annoyed.)

  127. Our new office building will be located downtown ... the corner of Euclid Avenue and East Ninth Street. (on)

  128. Parents have a big ... to give their children the right start in life. (responsibility)

  129. People use the ski slopes at their own risk, and we cannot be held responsible for any ... injuries. (resulting)

  130. Please give him this book. He lives near you, ...? (doesn’t he)

  131. Recently there has been an outbreak of the flu, and doctors don’t know... (what the cause is)

  132. Scientists say that the satellite ... to Earth some time this afternoon. (is going to fall)

  133. She brought me some medicine in case I ... any. A) didn’t have

  134. She has travelled all over ... British Isles, France and the Netherlands. (the)

  135. She hurt her feet because she ... high-heeled shoes. (had been wearing)

  136. She never allowed herself to get depressed ... all her problems. (despite)

  137. She noticed him ... away from the house. (run)

  138. She put the sour cream in the refrigerator ... it doesn’t spoil. (so that)

  139. She took the bus to work because her car ... at the time. (was being serviced)

  140. She was lucky enough to get tickets for the first ... of the hit musical "Cats”. (performance)

  141. She went to the bank ... to get some money. (in order)

  142. She would have recognised him if she ... him before. (had seen)

  143. She’ll cook something delicious ... someone calls on her this evening. (in case)

  144. She’ll have the film ... in the city. (developed)

  145. Sleep researchers have found that people can make themselves wake up at a given time simply by deciding to do so before they go to sleep. Scientists took two groups of volunteers and, at nightfall, told one group that they would be woken at 6 a.m. and the other that they would be woken at 9 a.m. The sleepers’ levels of the hormone adrenocorticotropin, which is known to cause spontaneous awakening, were then measured. In each group, there was a rise in the levels of the hormone one hour before the volunteers expected to get up. The three -hour difference between the rise in hormones in the two groups suggests that the body can be programmed to wake up on command. 1-савол* The people studied by the researchers ... ( participated in the experiment at their own will.) 1-савол* It seems that adrenocorticotropin ... (is produced by the body some time before a person wakes up) 3-савол* The experiment related in the passage has indicated that ...(our bodies are capable of being conditioned to wake up at a suggested hour)

  146. Some people would only be convinced that the world’s climate is changing if it ... in the Sahara Desert. (snows)

  147. Stop telling us what to do. Let us ... up own mind. (make)

  148. Superstitions are (1)... that some things can’t be explained by reason and that there are certain objects or actions that bring good or bad luck. (2)... superstitions are old and people usually have no idea where they came from. 1-(beliefs) 2-(Most)

  149. Technically, glass is a mineral and .... (so is water)

  150. Television should not become a replacement for good teachers, and ... computers. (neither should)

  151. That film was released only two days ago, so you ... the film last week. (couldn’t have seen)

  152. That theatre ... to close down soon. (is thought)

  153. That’s the man ... wife is a doctor. (whose)

  154. The artist’s death ... the value of his paintings and they are too expensive for me to buy. (heightens)

  155. The beekeeper has observed ... at the approach of a thunderstorm. (that bees become enraged)

  156. The best time to go shopping is in the morning ... shops are not busy then. (when)

  157. The biggest bird in the world, ... osrtrich, can kill a person with one kick. (the)

  158. The boy is dirty from head to foot because he ... in the mud. (has been playing)

  159. The Buckets, of course, ... starve, but they felt hungry from morning till night. (didn’t)

  160. The capital of the Netherlands is ... Hague. (the)

  161. The children shouldn’t play outside in cold weather, and ... (neither should she)

  162. The Chinese were the first ... on the construction of the transcontinental railroad system. (to work)

  163. The class got ... when the professor entered.(quiet)

  164. The course is very popular, but we are only able to accept twenty of the ... people. (applying)

  165. The crowd was full of... as the fireworks started. (excitement)

  166. The director will review his work after he ... from vacation next month. (returns)

  167. The early pioneers in the US ... mainly on hunting and fishing for their food. (used to rely)

  168. The extent of Christina’s knowledge on various complex subjects ... us. (surprises)

  169. The faster you drive, ... dangerous it is. (the more)

  170. The five-cent coin looks very Canadian, ... it has a picture of a beaver on it. (since)

  171. The football game was very ... because both teams played well. (exciting)

  172. The Great Pyramid of Giza, a monument of wisdom and prophecy, was built as a tomb for Pharaoh Cheops in 2720 B.C. Despite its antiquity, certain aspects of its construction make it one of the truly great wonders of the world. The four sides of the pyramid are aligned almost exactly on true north, south, east, and west - an incredible engineering flat. The ancient Egyptians were sun worshippers and great astronomers, so computations for the Great Pyramid were based on astronomical observations. Explorations and detailed examinations of the base of the structure reveal many intersecting lines. Further scientific study indicates that these represent a type of time line of events past, present, and future. Many of the events have been interpreted and found to coincide with known facts of the past. Others are prophesied for future generations and presently are under investigation. Was this superstructure made by ordinary beings, or one built by a race superior to any known today? 1-савол Why was the Great Pyramid constructed? Жавоб (as a tomb for the pharaoh) 2-савол Why is the Great Pyramid of Giza considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Жавоб (it is perfectly aligned to the four cardinal points of the compass and contains many prophesies)

  173. The Great Wall of China is ... structure that has ever been built. (the longest)

  174. The ground was ... last year.(dug)

  175. The historical places ... last year. (were visited)

  176. The hotel owner informed us that he ... the police already. (had called)

  177. The job of a teacher requires ... education than a taxi driver. (more)

  178. The man ... was fishing next to us was talking to himself. (who)

  179. The older his granny gets, ... tolerant she becomes. (the less)

  180. The Park Hotel is ... expensive than the Plaza. (less)

  181. The play was a great success. I wish you ... it together with us. (had seen)

  182. The police found the money which ... from the bank. (had been stolen)

  183. The report should be ready ... two weeks.(in)

  184. The sky grew ... as the storm approached. (dark)

  185. The Star Tree hotel chain is in financial trouble and some of their smaller hotels are going to have to be sold. Rising costs are being blamed (1)... recent losses and many smaller hotels (2)... to have been losing money for many years. No buyer has yet been found for the properties. 1-(for), 2-( are reported)

  186. The teacher said: “Paris is the capital of Prance”. The teacher said that ... the capital of France. (Paris is)

  187. The works of Picasso were quite ... during various periods of his artistic life. (different)

  188. The Yangtze river dolphin has been declared "functionally extinct". This means that although there may be some of them left, there aren’t enough to repopulate the species. The reason behind this tragedy is a combination of water pollution and hydro-electric dam projects. Hydroelectric dams are harmful because they isolate groups of dolphins, creating smaller populations. This means that numbers are lower, and breeding is less likely. Now there are fears for the future of another breed of dolphin, the Amazonian pink river dolphin. The Brazilian government are planning a hydro-electric plant in the middle of their habitat. Hunting also threatens the animals. They’re still widespread compared to other species, but there is a sharp decline in numbers - roughly 10% per year. "The number is worrying", said Vera da Silva, a biologist at the National Institute of Amazonian Research. 1-савол* What is the text about? (The danger of two breeds of dolphins disappearing.) 2-савол* What does the number 10 in the text refer to? (The percentage of Amazonian dolphins which die out every year.)

  189. There is the student ... book you found. (whose)

  190. There was a conference in the Institute. A number of teachers ... there. (were sent)

  191. There’s no point in ... this brand on TV, it would cost too much. (advertising)

  192. These scissors, owing to Mother’s warning ... kept out of the children’s reach. (are)

  193. They are not such ... children as we’d expected. (terrible)

  194. They asked me, ’’Where has she gone?” I wonder where .... (she has gone)

  195. This book is so exciting. We can hardly wait to get to the ... chapter. (last)

  196. This is the shop ... sells the best fruit. (that)

  197. This mathematics problem looks ..., I am sure I can do it quickly. (easy)

  198. This newspaper has a long ... of attacking corruption and mismanagement. (tradition)

  199. Until last week I never ... motorbike before. (had ridden)

  200. We had invited a hundred guests, none of ... he knew. (whom)

  201. We invited Peter for dinner yesterday, and he came round ... we were eating. (while)

  202. We knew why Frank ... to Berlin several times. (had been)

  203. We saw beautiful mountains, fields and lakes on our trip. In ... words, we saw beautiful scenery. (other)

  204. We saw the boys ... into the lake before anybody could stop them. (jump)

  205. We were very tired when we got to the top of the mountain. We ... a long distance. (had walked)

  206. We woke up just ... time to see the sunrise this morning. (in)

  207. We would rather ... out late tonight. (not stay)

  208. We’d like to get our photo ... by a professional photographer. (taken)

  209. When Alice was small, she ... of darkness and always slept with the light on. (used to be afraid)

  210. When did you ... the books back? (have to give)

  211. When he fell awkwardly it felt like he had broken his ankle, but fortunately the injury wasn’t ... he first thought. (as serious as)

  212. When he lost his job, he stopped ... expensive clothes. (buying)

  213. When Lyndon Johnson became president in 1963, he already ... in politics for 32 years. (had served)

  214. When she ran ... of tea, her neighbour gave her some. (out)

  215. When the first cars hit British roads in the late 19th century, they had an unusual safety feature. Every "horseless carriage" was guided by a man walking in front waving a red flag to warn other road users of the vehicle’s approach. These early precautions, known as the "red flag laws", seem laughable now. However, future generations may look at current safety measures in much the same way. In the US state of Nevada, the government has begun to draft a set of regulations that will allow self-driving vehicles on its roads. These cars will have technological advantages such as cameras that determine exactly where other cars are and how fast they are moving. Promoters of the self-driving cars believe they will save time and fuel, and reduce traffic jams. If these cars become a reality, there may be a dramatic decrease in human drivers on the roads. People who still want the pleasure of driving themselves will someday have to warn other road users that they are engaging in such a dangerous activity. People then might consider reintroducing the red flags. 1-савол* The author of the passage thinks that ... жавоб (many cars will not be driven by humans when unmanned cars come into existence.) 2-савол* It can be understood from the passage that ... жавоб (promoters of the self-driving cars believe these cars will have several benefits.)3-савол* It is inferred in the passage that ... жавоб (driving a car yourself may be considered dangerous in the future.)

  216. Whose spectacles are these? - ... are on the table, and these are my spectacles. (Yours)

  217. Why did you say that Paul ... a careful driver? hadn’t been

  218. You broke my knife. You used it ... a tin opener. (as)

  219. You can’t go on holiday without ... money. (any)

  220. You can’t have good crops unless you ... the soil. It is usually poor without care and cultivation. (cultivate)

  221. You should contact ... Mr.Abdullayev and clear up all the details. (with)

  222. You should have got ... the bus. That was your, stop! (off)

  223. You will see nothing ... you use a microscope. It is the most interesting insect. (unless)

  224. Your friend can borrow my ... camera for the weekend. (father-in-law’s)

  225. He’s busy at the moment. Come ... fifteen minutes’ time, please. (in)

  226. "The Canterbury Tales" by J. Chaucer, written about 1386, is as alive and ... today as it was nearly 600 years ago. (appealing)

  227. They always offer their ... when they see someone in trouble. (assistance)

  228. Sometimes students fail to do well on examinations because they are ... nervous to concentrate. (too)

  229. Ben was badly injured in a car accident. Now he... in hospital. (is being treated)

  230. Tom isn’t going to … help you tomorrow. (to be able)

  231. We played football and I hurt my leg ... the 2nd half of the match. (during)

  232. This year two Spanish novelists ... the Nobel Prize for literature. (have been awarded)

  233. When I was leaving my aunt wanted me ... longer. (to stay)

  234. First libraries began to appear regularly in the 1800s. Since then their contents ... greatly through the years. (have changed)

  235. The tiny pictures on microfilm are … small to be read with the naked eye. (too)

  236. I left home without keys. You’ve got your keys. (haven’t you)

  237. He loves the countryside because he was brought up ... a farm. (on)

  238. Will they go ... this summer? (swimming)

  239. I asked: "What’s your girlfriend’s name?" I asked him what... (his girlfriend’s name was)

  240. Her eyes were hurting her as she ... at the screen all day. (had been looking)

  241. Maryland is the kind of... place I’d like to go on vacation. (the)

  242. Mr. Allsop is getting old. He needs ... after, don’t you think? (to be looked)

  243. Isn’t she the woman ... plays the violin in the orchestra? (who)

  244. She earns at least as ... as Mark, and probably more. (much)

  245. On New Year’s eve, the food stores are usually crowded ... last-minute shoppers. (with)

  246. It’s Boxing Day. The presents have been opened and many already broken. Everyone has (1)... too much turkey and is getting bored. Now what you need is to get out for a walk. The (2)... is how to persuade the kids to join you. 1-(eaten)? 2-(problem)

  247. Employers often require that candidates have not only a degree ... two years of job experience. (but also)

  248. His parents have always dreamed of... in their own country cottage. (living)

  249. Davis is quite an athlete. He wants to be strong and healthy that’s why he ... every morning.(jogs)

  250. He is the ... - looking man I have ever met. (best)

  251. I know him ... an honest man. (to be)

  252. Excuse me for... your beautiful vase. (breaking)

  253. Most of the news on the front page of both daily papers ... about the hurricane. (are)

  254. The weather had turned ... stormy. (unexpectedly)

  255. His friends shouted ... him from across the road. (to)

  256. Dinosaurs were the largest animals ever to live on earth, and they ... the Earth for a very long period of time. (had been ruling)

  257. Can I ask you a question, Barbara? Did you go to classes to learn French, or did you teach ... ? yourself

  258. This wine doesn’t taste as ... as my usual one. (good)

  259. They had lived in Rome for some years and fell in love when they ... in Rome. (were working)

  260. Many roads and railroads in the USA were built in the 1880s ... industrial cities needed a network to link them with sources of supply. (because)

  261. Do you remember the hotel... your friends stayed last week? (where)

  262. His sons want some new toys. They are bored ... their old ones. (with)

  263. He’s going home at 5. If he ... work by then They’ll give him a lift. (has finished)

  264. We are ail born with a number of instinctive physical reactions, things we do automatically, which are called primitive reflexes. One of the most interesting is called "grasp reflex". If you touch the palm of a baby’s hand, the fingers will close around, whatever object is doing the touching. The baby’s grip is so strong that if a baby grasps a rod with both hands, it Can be lifted right off the ground. Some psychologists think that this goes back to our evolutionary past when we had to be able to hang on to tree branches or to our mother's fur as she moved. The reflex disappears at about six months of age. 1-савол* We understand from the passage that primitive reflexes ... жавоб (are things which we do automatically from the time we are born.), 2-савол* It is clear from the passage that... жавоб-(very young babies are sometimes stronger than we might think. 3-савол* According to some psychologists,... жавоб-(grasp reflex can be explained by the evolutionary phases of the human species.)

  265. Many English words that existed in the Middle Ages died out for several centuries (1) ... revived by Sir Walter Scott. To add some local to his historical (2) ... he used a lot of archaic words. Everyone read Sir Walter Scott. Because he (3)... so many readers, many of the words that he revived stuck in the language. 1-(beyond), 2-(novels), 3-( had)

  266. Jake, aged 16, has a terrific relationship with his grandmother Rita, who is 70. They live close by, and they even take a Spanish class together twice a week at a local college. After class they sometimes stop at a cafe for a snack. On cne occasion Rita tells Jake, “I think it’s great hew fast you pick up new grammar. It takes me a lot longer". Jake replies, "Yeah, but you don't seem to make as many silly mistakes on the quizzes as I do. How do you do that?" In that moment, Rita and Jake stumbled across an interesting set of differences between older and younger minds. Popular psychology says that as people age their brains "slow down". The implication, of course., is that elderly men and women are not as mentally agile as middle-aged adults or even teenagers. However, although certain brain functions such as perception and reaction time do indeed take longer, that slowing down does not necessarily undermine mental sharpness. Indeed, evidence shows that older people are just as mentally fit as younger people because their brains compensate for some kinds of declines in creative ways that young minds do not exploit. Just as people’s bodies age at different rates, so do their minds. As adults advance in age, the perception of sights, sounds and smells takes a bit longer, and laying down new information into memory becomes more difficult. The ability to retrieve memories also quickly slides and it is sometimes harder to concentrate and maintain attention. 1-савол* The conversation between Jake and Rita is used to give an example of... жавоб-( the changes that occur in our brains over time), 2-савол*According to popular psychology ...(the speed of our brain decreases with age)

  267. We’re going to finish our English courses before we ... to our country next year. (return)

  268. I’m keen on Indian culture and I can speak ...Hindi. (a little)

  269. The sky is clear and the temperature is dropping fast; it must be going to ... tonight. (freeze)

  270. I’d drive to Spain rather than fly, If I ... a more reliable car. (had)

  271. "Where is the main tourist office?" The man asked the tour guide where ... (the main tourist office was)

  272. I wish I... to Ann's party last night. (had gone)

  273. What a mess! The room needs ... before the guests arrive. (cleaning)

  274. After he arrived at work he discovered that he ... his files at home. (had left)

  275. He stood up, walked across the room, and … the window. (closed)

  276. My office was broken into ... I was on a holiday. (when)

  277. She won’t make him change his mind ... she likes what he wants to do or not. (whether)

  278. The first fish appeared on the earth about 500 million years ago. Up to now, more than 20,0 kinds of fish (1)... and described by scientists. New (2) ... are discovered every year, so the total increases continually. 1(named), 2(species)

  279. John always arrives... for his chemistry class even though he leaves his dormitory in plenty of time. (late)

  280. She likes to spend a month ... the seaside every summnt. (at)

  281. Her grandmother remembers ... into this house whan she was quite a small girl. (moving)

  282. An explanation will be ... each section of the test. (preceded)

  283. He didn’t feel very confident... the beginning of his career, but he has changed a lot since then. (at)

  284. "What time do the shops close?" The woman wants to know what time ... (the shops close)

  285. They came to the party ... they hadn’t been invited. (even though)

  286. I know the streets of Paris very well. I lived in Paris ... several years. (for)

  287. Everybody knows Byron ... a great poet. (to be)

  288. When you have any problems just tell someone and ... will help you. (he)

  289. When she heard the phone ring she stopped ... to answer it. (writing)

  290. Internet news ... you more information than TV news. (gives)

  291. Everybody was laughing merrily while Harris ... them a funny story. (was telling)

  292. She always carry a bar of chocolate ... she gets hungry. (in case)

  293. A car with poor brakes and no brake lights ... dangerous. (is)

  294. Look! There is a man leaning against the wall. He looks like he ... faint! (is going to)

  295. Please, take a pen. You can’t sign contracts ... pencil. (with)

  296. It’s important to develop a good relationship ... your colleagues at work. (with)

  297. Tomorrow is a holiday. We ... go to class. (don’t have to)

  298. It was difficult to deliver the letter, ... the sender had written the wrong address on the envelope. (because)

  299. Sam is a very dull person. He’s never got... interesting to say. (anything)

  300. He’s afraid he can’t answer all my questions ... so little of the country. (having seen)

  301. Dear Monica, Thank you for letting me stay in your villa in Spain last month. It was ... holiday I've ever had. (the best)

  302. The yard is covered with snow. It... all night. (has been snowing)

  303. I called her Mary instead of Martha ... mistake. (by)

  304. I am surprised to see you. Your mother said you ... ill. (were)

  305. It was our teacher at school who encouraged us ... doctors. (to become)

  306. I didn’t answer the phone, because it rang ... I was having supper. (while)

  307. Although she asked him to stop, he went on ... his pen on the table. (tapping)

  308. Tom said: "I’m feeling ill". Tom said that he ... ill. (was feeling)

  309. Although I have lived here for 2 months, I... my neighbors. (haven’t seen)

  310. I didn’t want to think about... else but English. (anything)

  311. I know that something is annoying you. I wish you ... what it is. Maybe I can help you. (told)

  312. The older she gets,... sophisticated she becomes. (the more)

  313. They wanted to buy a new car... they bought a bike. (but)

  314. The harder he tried,... he danced before the audience.(the worse.)

  315. The waiter took ... the plates at the end of the meal. (away)

  316. -I feel like going to the cinema tonight. -Good idea! What’s ... at the moment? (on)

  317. Ostriches can’t fly ... they have wings. (even though)

  318. Because of the traffic in ancient Rome, Julius Caesar would not let anyone ... a wheeled vehicle on the streets during the day. (use)

  319. Christopher Columbus greatly promoted the ... of American lands. (exploration)

  320. I gave a speech ... behalf of the class. (on)

  321. Welcome to the party, everyone! Just help ... to sandwiches and snacks. (yourselves)

  322. My friends put me ... when I visited York so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel. (out)

  323. It was in the park that Ted had his money ... Be careful going there! (stolen)

  324. When I saw Adams, he ... to his next class and didn’t have time to talk to me. (was hurrying)

  325. I object to ... my plans at this late date. (changing)

  326. The teacher would rather Diana ... to music in the class. (didn’t listen)

  327. Might they be persuaded ... their mirids? (to change)

  328. First libraries began to appear regularly in the 1800s. Since then their contents ... greatly through the years. (have changed)

  329. I was very proud ... my daughter for winning the race. (of)

  330. I’ll never forget... by my first teacher. (being taught)

  331. I live in the house ... has a blue front door. (which)

  332. “Don’t play with matches,” her mother said. Her mother said ... with matches. (not to play)

  333. It is a well-known fact that William Shakespeare was both a playwright;.. an actor. (and)

  334. I don’t like Alice. She ... about difficulties of life all the time. (is complaining)

  335. In 1807 Noah Webster began his greatest work, An American Dictionary of the English Language. In preparing his manuscript, he devoted 10 years to the study of English and its relationship to other languages, and 7 more years to the writing itself. Published in 2 volumes in 1828, An American Dictionary of the English Language has become the recognized authority for usage in the United States. Webster’s purpose in writing it was to demonstrate that the American language was developing distinct meanings, pronunciations, and spelling from those of British English. He is responsible for advancing simplified forms, for example, "theater’, '’center", “color" "honor" instead of British form of 'theatre , "centre", "colour”, "honour" 1-савол* When was An American Dictionary of the English Language published? Жавоб-(1828), 2-савол According to the author, Webster’s purpose in writing An American Dictionary of the English Language was ... жавоб-(demonstrate the distinct development of the English language in America), 3-савол In how many volumes was An American Dictionary of the English Language published? Жавоб-(2)

  336. We should go for a picnic. It’s ... lovely day! (such a)

  337. After the accident I was in hospital... 3 weeks. (for)

  338. At the lunch time she stopped ... a cup of tea. (to make)

  339. Brian teaches English to students, most of... are hoping to study in England or America. (whom)

  340. A drugstore in the USA is a shop where one can get not only medicines ... drinks and snacks. (but also)

  341. I don't enjoy ... to do the washing up. (making)

  342. Although Paula hurt her leg, she ... to climb the top of the mountain. (was able)

  343. They made an arrangement... together. (to work)

  344. When we woke up, everywhere was covered ... snow. (with)

  345. Sarah passed all her exams with full marks. Her... parents hugged her as she came through the door. (delighting)

  346. Paula’s got blonde hair,... she? (hasn’t)

  347. She explained the task very carefully to the students ... they knew exactly what they had to do. (so that)

  348. "Can you tell me what the time is ?" asked a man. A man asked me what.... (the time was)

  349. Did Martin hear you ... would like to buy a car? (saying)

  350. I’m not happy with your work.... I’m going to give you one last chance. (Nevertheless)

  351. The river is quite shallow at the bank, but do you know the ... in the middle of it? (depth)

  352. The money I make ... enough to live on. (is)

  353. She didn’t realise she had got on the wrong train until it reached ... destination. (its)

  354. The hurricane hit the south coast yesterday, and many people lost their homes in the ... areas. (affected)

  355. We saw Sheila walking ... herself in the park. (by)

  356. Robin reached to the floor and picked up his glasses, but they were broken. He ... on them. (had stepped)

  357. Don’t worry. We can manage by ..., thank you very much. (ourselves)

  358. His parents enjoy their jobs. They would rather... than retire. (work)

  359. I've proved that he was guilty but he ... doesn't admit it. (still)

  360. It wasn’t raining when I left my office in the evening, but the ground was wet. It... all day. (had been raining)

  361. He turned the door handle and pulled sharply, but the door didn’t open. Somebody ... from inside. (had locked)

  362. “How shall I tell Simon the bad news?" he said. He asked how ... Simon the bad news. (he should tell)

  363. "Your essay is very ... and worthy of an "A" grade", - said Mrs. Jameson to her student. (imaginative)

  364. It’s time he ... promotion, in our view. (got)

  365. The water in the pool was ... warm but rather dirty. (quite)

  366. Her brothers seem to grow more ... as they get older. (alike)

  367. I ate one chocolate after... until I finished the whole box. (another)

  368. The boy exclaimed that their team ... the match at last. (had won)

  369. She had her appendix ... when she was 8 years old. (removed)

  370. By asking many questions, the instructor tried to ... information from the students. (elicit)

  371. He took the wrong suitcase from the airport... mistake. (by)

  372. Let me say good-buy to you now ... I don’t see you today. (in case)

  373. Even though the parties are seen as political opponents, ideologically, there is ... difference between their too leaders. (little)

  374. "Did she leave her last job?” Could you tell me ... her last job. (if she left)

  375. She would have recognized him if she ... him before. (had seen)

  376. The whole place was cleaned until there was not a speck of dust... anywhere. (to be seen)

  377. I felt myself... up by the wind and thrown to the ground. (lifted)

  378. Tom hates walking and he even drives down the road ... a newspaper in the morning. (to buy)

  379. When Dilbar was writing her report she used … much paper that the wastebasket was full of it. (so)

  380. Be sure to put... your camp-fire before you leave the campsite. (out)

  381. "The weather is getting ...” said uncle Thomas. (warmer and warmer)

  382. - You’re crying. What’s ...? - I’m just a bit sad. That’s all. (up)

  383. When we took a three day trip to Detroit last month, we took twice ... clothes as we needed. (as many)

  384. She could see her friends ... the restaurant window as she passed it. (through)

  385. I’ll get the porter... up you luggage. (brought)

  386. I had to stay in Paris an extra day ... heavy fog at the airport.(because of)

  387. I can help you with the cooking, because I... my hands. (have washed)

  388. Snakes can sense the presence of a moving object... they can’t hear. (though)

  389. Their eyes are hurting because they ... to put on their sunglasses. (have forgotten)

  390. Nodira says she didn’t come to the party because she didn’t know about it but I remember... her. (inviting)

  391. I wish you'd turn the radio ... it’s too loud! (down)

  392. Ann said me: "I don’t know the answer". Ann said to me she ... the answer. (didn’t know)

  393. Even though they are both grown in the United States and exported abroad, corn is not native to America and winter wheat... (isn’t either)\

  394. He’s afraid it’s rained ... times this summer, and the grass is turning brown and dying. (few)

  395. Why isn’t my computer working? - Because the screen’s ... That’s why.(off)

  396. I have seen two James Bond films and ... of them were good. (both)

  397. Let’s look at my college photo. Can you recognize me ... it? (in)

  398. After the interval, Pavarotti went on ... an aria from Tosca. (singing)

  399. Most part of this highway will remain closed ... this afternoon because of the repair work. (until)

  400. The eyes of an octopus are remarkably ... those of a human being. (similar to)

  401. “Did you play football yesterday?" “Yes we did ... the rain." (despite)

  402. Didn’t you meet your wife while you ... in Italy? (were living)

  403. I saw two films yesterday, but I didn’t like ... of them. (either)

  404. ... the dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish - it’s a mammal. (Although)

  405. Ann is extremely careless - she loses something ... every day. (nearly)

  406. The concert of the famous composer... at seven tonight. (is beginning )

  407. He noticed the woman ... her purse so he picked it up for her. (drop)

  408. I tried to persuade him. But... the end I gave up. It was useless. (in)

  409. He is speaking ... loudly and disturbing the other students. (too)

  410. The nurse told them that they ... wait in the waiting room. (could)

  411. We wonder how many more snowstorms we will have this winter. We ... four snowstorms so far. (have had)

  412. You usually wear skirts, but today you ... jeans. (are wearing)

  413. He shouldn’t spend so much. He will end up without... money one day. (any)

  414. After inventing dynamite, Swedish-bom Alfred Nobel became a very rich man. However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late. Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamite, so in 1895, just two weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for awarding prizes to people who had made worth-while contributions to mankind. Originally there were five awards: literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, and peace. Economics was added in 1968, just sixty-seven years after the first awards ceremony. Nobel’s original legacy of nine million dollars was invested, and the interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $40,000 to $125,000. Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death, the awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma, and money) are presented to the winners. Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judge’s decisions. Americans have won numerous science awards, but relatively few literature prizes. No awards were presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II. Some people have won two prizes, but this is rare; others shared their prizes. 1-савол* When did the first award ceremony take place? Жавоб-(1901), 2-савол* Why was the Nobel prize established? Жавоб-(to recognize worthwhile contributions to humanity) 3-савол*-In how many fields are prizes bestowed? (6)

  415. To see the big obstacle facing renewable energy, look at Denmark. It has some of the world’s largest wind farms. Yet because consumer demand for electricity is often lowest when the winds blow hardest, Denmark sometimes has to sell its extra electricity to neighboring countries at low prices - only to buy energy back when demand rises, at much higher prices. Companies in Texas face a similar mismatch between supply and demand; they sometimes have to pay customers to take energy from their windmills and solar farms. In theory, the wind and sun could supply the US with all the electricity it requires, in practice, however, both sources are too unreliable to supply more than 20% of a region’s total energy capacity. Beyond that point, balancing supply and demand becomes too very difficult What is needed are cheaper and more efficient ways of keeping power in reserve so that it can be accessed when the winds are not blowing and the sun is not shining. 1-савол* According to the passage, Denmark ... жавоб-(has been experiencing the drawbacks of using wind farms for energy.) 2-савол* What could be the best title for the passage? Жавоб-(Problems Involved in the Use of Renewable Energy), 3-савол*(It can be inferred from the passage that what power companies need to do is to ... жавоб-(find better ways to store power in order to make it available when needed.)

  416. Earth is largely made up of oceans. Animals and some plants flourish in this (1)... world. Most sea life (2)... in shallow water and around coral reefs. 1-(salty)? 2-(is found)

  417. German chess master and author Emanuel Lasker was known for his (1).. .to adapt his playing style to take advantage of his opponents' psychological state. A world champion of chess (2)... 189-1 to 1921, Lasker’s books on chess (31)... significantly to the development strategy in the game. 1-(ability), 2-(from), 3-(contributed)

  418. All contact lenses are now made of plastic, but hard and soft varieties are available. The newer and more expensive soft lenses can be bent and will return to their original shape. Made of water-absorbing plastic, they cause very little discomfort and can be worn for as short or as long a period as you like. Lenses of hard plastic do cause discomfort during the adjustment period and must be worn regularly so that another break-in period isn’t necessary. However, vision through soft contacts isn’t as good as through hard contacts. Another disadvantage of soft lenses is their tendency to absorb eye secretions and mists from hair spray, room deodorant and the like. 1-савол* One advantage soft contact lenses have over hard ones is that they ...жавоб (are completely flexible.), 2-савол* We learn from the passage that hard plastic lenses ...(are initially uncomfortable.) 3-савол* We can conclude from the passage that a person wearing soft plastic lenses ... жавоб (doesn’t need to have them checked frequently.)

  419. She said, "Did you have a nice time?" She asked ... a nice time. (if I had had)

  420. We read both of those books, but we didn’t enjoy ... of them. (either)

  421. Mary is leaving her dirty socks on the floor... me to pick up! (for)

  422. Stop telling him what to do. Let him ... up his own mind. (make)

  423. Keith’s company’s headquarters were ... located in Philadelphia. (formerly)

  424. You have such pretty eyes that... admires them. (everyone)

  425. Nothing will make him ... back to her. (come)

  426. This is my ... son. (elder)

  427. You may find yourself in trouble ... you act carefully. (unless)

  428. I haven’t heard the piece ... before. (play)

  429. Suddenly, a passer-by jumped into the river to rescue the drowning boy ... he wasn’t a good swimmer. (even though)

  430. Though I was busy writing a letter, I tried to follow the discussion ... so as not to miss a word. (closely)

  431. I wish I ... on holiday with you, but I am busy tomorrow. (went)

  432. “Don’t forget to tidy the room." Martha told her cleaner... to tidy the room. (not to forget)

  433. We'd better leave early tomorrow ... there's a lot of traffic. (unless)

  434. It has been decided to build a ring road ... the village. (around)

  435. "Please tell Mrs. Bailey to come in." "But I don’t know ..." (him)

  436. She will soon get used ... contact lenses. (to wearing)

  437. "I had a brilliant time in Japan." Mr. Watson said that he ... a brilliant time in Japan. (had had)

  438. There were too many people on the bus. Next time I'll go ... a taxi. (by)

  439. We got to business without... delay. (further)

  440. Melanie said that she would arrive ... than the rest of us. (later)

  441. He put on his sunglasses ... it was a dark, cloudy day. (although)

  442. The letters are here. I didn’t remember... them. (to posting)

  443. What do you remember... when you were a child? (doing)

  444. She is very punctual, her lectures always begin ... time. (on)

  445. She always cries when someone shouts ... her. (at)

  446. It is ... heavy luggage that I can’t carry it. (so)

  447. - Have you seen Ali recently? -Yes, I saw him just... day. (the other)

  448. She received an urgent message ... her to phone Mr. Smith.(asking)

  449. We’ll finish our work in the morning. We're ... tired to work tonight. (too)

  450. People often think that there is a connection between hair colour and eye colour but in fact there is no ... between them. (relationship)

  451. - You have 50 minutes for your tests. - But 50 minutes ... enough time to finish these tests. (isn’t)

  452. I would like the doctor... him. (to examine)

  453. They lent us some money ... was very kind of them. (which)

  454. While the room ..., I was washing up the dishes. (was being cleaned)

  455. The restaurant is open every day ... Monday it is our day off. (except)

  456. Leaving all the lights on is a waste … electricity. (of)

  457. The secretary has ... finished typing the report so I can have it in a few minutes. (nearly)

  458. You should give the iron time to heat up ... you iron your clothes. (before)

  459. We made a lot of friends … we were in Beijing. (while)

  460. Several cyclists are thought... drugs during the race. (to take)

  461. My father is saving money ... buy a new car. (in order to)

  462. The trouble with living in the city centre is that you can never find a place ... your car. (to park)

  463. He doesn’t want to harm anybody, unless ... harm him. (they)

  464. He couldn’t find the way to my house because his map was very .... (confusing)

  465. He's in trouble with his history teacher. He gave us a project to finish ... a week, and he hasn't even started it yet. (within)

  466. The Tale of Gluskap and the Baby Gluskap the warrior was very pleased with himself because he had fought and won so many battles. He boasted to a womarv friend: "Nobody can beat me!" "Really?" said the woman. “1 know someone who can beat you. His name is Wasis." He immediately wanted to meet him and fight him. So he was taken to the woman's village. The woman pointed to a baby who was sitting and sucking a piece of sugar on the floor of a teepee. “There," she said. "That is Wasis. He is little but he is very strong." Gluskap laughed and went up to the baby. "I am Gluskap. Fight me!" he shouted. Little Wasis looked at him for a moment, then he opened his mouth. "Waaah! Waaahl" he screamed. Gluskap had never heard such a terrible noise. He danced a war dance and sang some war songs. Wasis screamed louder. Gluskap covered his ears and ran out of the teepee. After he had run a few miles; he stopped and listened. The baby was still screaming. Gluskap’s fearless was terrified. He ran on and was never seen again in the woman’s village. 1-савол* What is the moral of this tale? Жавоб-(Little stroke tell great oak) 2-савол Who is stronger? (Wasis) 3-савол What do you think, how should Gluskap act in this situation?(to play with him)

  467. All jumping spiders have large eyes that (1) ... binocular lenses, and they function pretty much the same way Most jumping spiders locate their prey (2)... and then jump and capture from, one centimeter to over ten centimeters away. Only a few species of jumping spiders invade the webs of other spiders, and the Portia spider is (3) ... them. 1-(look like), 2-(visually), 3-(among)

  468. Developed by American scientists, the first atomic bomb (1) ... at the Trinity fest site near Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945. The test (2)... the United States government that such weapons were practical in warfare. 1-(was detonated) 2-(convinced)

  469. As a young man, Pasteur studied at the Ecole Normale in Paris. Then at the age of just 32, he became a professor at the University of Lille. In-1856, Pasteur (1)... a visit from a man called Bigo who (2)... a factory that made alcohol from sugar beet. He had a question for Pasteur: "Why did the alcohol turn to acid? When this happened, they couldn’t use it and threw it away", Bigo'asked Pasteur to find out the reason (3):.. this. 1-(received), 2-(owed), 2-(for)

  470. Louis Daniel Armstrong was a legendary American jazz musician and singer. His hometown, New Orleans, was also the birthplace (1) ... jazz music. As a young boy, Armstrong loved (2)... the brass bands that marched down the streets of New Orleans. First he learned to (3)... the cornet and then the trumpet. 1-(of), 2-(to follow), 3-(play)

  471. The term "organic" can only be used to describe food grown in situations (27)... no artificial chemicals have been used. Anyone using fertilizer (28) ... chemicals to make tomatoes grow bigger, for example, is certainly not growing them organically. 1-(where), 2-( containing)

  472. This is the factory ... my father used to work. (where)

  473. There are three colors in the U.S. flag. One of the colors is red,... are white and blue. (the others)

  474. Most children enjoy eating fast food, but (1) ... tests have shown us that burgers and pizzas can lack essential vitamins and minerals, which are essential for health and growth, while simultaneously (2)... large amounts of fat and carbon hydrates which can result in obesity and heart problems. Many children end up suffering (3) ... malnutrition, since they eat too much of the wrong sort of food. 1-(scientific), 2-(containing), 3-(from)

  475. He said that he ... in America for two years. (had been living)

  476. DNA is the chemical in the cells of plants and animals which carries (1)... characteristics, or genetic information. DNA testing can be used to identify each person as a unique individual on the basis of “genetic (2)...”. The results of DNA testing are now being accepted as evidence in cases where in may have been convicted that the wrong person have been shown of a crime. 1-(inherited), 2-(fingerprinting)

  477. Desert Regions. Deserts are Earth’s driest places, with hardly any ()... . That might sound like a nice climate, but it is very difficult (2)... in regions where water is scarce. A quarter of our world is made up of deserts, the biggest one being the Sahara Desert in (3)... northern Africa. During the day, deserts can be scorchingiy hot. At night, they can get incredibly cold. 1-(rainfall), 2-(to live), 3-(-)

  478. The residents of Montclair valley are not only upset about some recent changes, but they’re also very angry because they weren’t consulted. Some families have lived and (1)... crops in the valley for many years, (2)... now their way of life is being threatened by developers who plan to build hundreds of new houses in the area. 1-(grown), 2-(but)

  479. The ancient Inca city is on the plateau on a high (1)... It is quite a good state of preservation because the Spanish conquistadores never (2) ... it in the 16th century! It was deserted, and stayed hidden in the jungle (3)... centuries. In 1911, an American archeologist found it by chance. 1-(mountain) 2-( found), 3-(for)

  480. The hot lamp loses energy to the surrounding air - this is carried (1) ... by a convection current. The light and infra-red radiation are absorbed by the walls and other (2)..., causing them to warm up. All the energy from the lamp (3)... into the room, causing a very small temperature rise. Almost all the energy that we take from sources such as electricity , gas, coal and petroi ends up as heat in our surroundings. 1-(away), 2-(surfaces), 3-(spreads out)

  481. Scientists have discovered the bones of what may be the largest meat-eating dinosaur ever to walk the earth. The discovery (1)... by a team of researches from Argentina and North America in Patagonia, a desert (1)... the eastern slopes of the Andes in South America. It is even more (3)... that the bones of a number of dinosaurs were found together. 1-(was made), 2-(in), 3-(astounding)

  482. Why didn’t you remind me ... the party last night? I really wanted to go. (about)

  483. European butterflies could face dramatic extinction if global temperatures continue to rise, a new study says, if the colorful insects try to migrate north to cooler climates, habitat destruction, such as deforestation, and large bodies of water might stop them. "The problem for the butterflies is that the steps they have to take could be rather big ones”, explained Josef Settele, the study’s lead author and an ecologist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Germany. "They might have to travel for 30 to 40 kilometers in one generation, and that distance becomes big", he added. If small numbers of a butterfly species do survive a northern migration, they still may not thrive. The insects may not be able to reproduce in sufficient numbers or their new habitat could degrade.

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