"Arm" and "dog" are words. Each word has three letters said Tony.

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1-савол*According to the study the global warming may... жавоб-(lead to butterflies having to migrate longer distance.) 2-савол* One of the two dangers that butterflies may face after migration is ... жавоб-(an inability to reproduce.)

  • At last firemen have put out a big forest fire in California. Since then, they have been trying to find out how the lire began. Forest fires are often caused by broken glass or by cigarette ends, which people carelessly throw away. The firemen carefully examined the ground, but were not able to find any broken glass. They were also quite sure a cigarette end didn’t start the fire. However, a fireman accidentally discovered the cause. He noticed the remains of a snake which was wound round the electric wires of a 16.000 Volt power like. In this way, he was able to solve the mystery. The explanation was simple but very unusual A bird had snatched up a snake from the ground and then dropped it on to the wires. The snake then wound itself round the wires. When it did so, it sent sparks down to the ground and these immediately started a fire. 1-савол* Firemen examined the ground carefully because they... жавоб-(were looking for cigarette ends and broken glass), 2-савол* The fire had been caused by... жавоб-(a snake which had been dropped on to the wires by a bird. 3-савол*The word "these" in the last line refers to .. жавоб(sparks)

  • Palmistry is the practice of reading hands’, of gaining knowledge about personality, past individual history, and likely future events by examining the shape and size of the fingers and, most important, the lines and bumps on the palms themselves. There is some evidence that palmistry may have begun in the Stone Age. Hand outlines can be seen in black and red pigments on the walls of the ancient caves of Almira in Spain and in other European caves. Palmistry as it exists today probably had its origins in ancient India long before recorded history and found its way into western Europe through nomadic bands of Gypsies, who made contact with Europe in the 15th century. 1-савол* Of the following, the one not mentioned in the passage as part of palmistry is ... жавоб(changing the events of the future.) 2-савол* It is stated in the passage that the most essentia! thing for a palm reader to do is ... жавоб(to look closely at the surface of the palm.) 3-савол* The passage explains that it is most likely that palmistry as we know it began ... жавоб-(in India in ancient times.)

  • British scientists have begun studying a rare meteorite to reveal more about the history of Mars. The rock, named ‘Tissint’ after the Moroccan area where it crashed in July 2011, was recovered from the ground just five months later – not enough time to be too contaminated. “The Tissint sample is probably the most important meteorite to have landed on the Earth in the last 100 years,” says Dr. Caroline Smith, curator of meteorites at the Natural History Museum in London. An analysis of the rock revealed its Martian origin. It would have been removed from Mars when an asteroid struck the planet, staying in space as debris before being attracted by the Earth’s gravity. Of the 41,000 officially recognized meteorites, 61 come from Mars and the Tissint rock is only the fifth that was witnessed falling. Dr. Tony Irving of Washington University, who performed some initial analysis on the sample, does not think there is much chance of finding fossilized life within it. But the British team could reveal whether minerals have been affected by water or contain elements such as carbon. Smith says “We’re not looking for microbes, but we’re looking for the chemical and environmental signatures to indicate whether Mars, at some point in its past, may have provided a suitable environment for life to exist.” 1-савол* It is understood from the passage that the meteorite found in Morocco ... жавоб (is a very rare kind, which can be valuable to scientists.) 2-савол It is pointed out in the passage that... жавоб (Tissint was one of the meteorites that were actually seen while falling.) 3-савол* According to the passage, scientists ... жавоб (тўғри жавоб кўрсатилмаган)

  • To succeed in school, children must master three skills - reading, writing and arithmetic - but not all students readily grasp these basic skills. Among English-speaking children, an estimated 2 to 15% have trouble with reading or spelling, broadly classified as dyslexia. From 1 to 7% struggle to do math, a disability known as dyscalculia. Statistics vary but dyslexia appears to be more common among English speakers than among speakers of highly phonetic languages such as Turkish and Italian. It is believed that at least one child in most elementary school classes in the US suffers from dyslexia. Both dyslexia and dyscalculia defy easy explanation. Neither disorder is the result of faulty eyesight nor hearing, both of which can also delay language acquisition but are easily corrected. Instead, children with dyslexia and dyscalculia have working sensory organs, apparently norma! sensory and motor development and, sometimes, above-average intelligence. After more than 15 years of research, investigators now believe these conditions frequently involve so-called partial functional deficits of the senses: In affected children, the eyes and ears accurately register sights and sounds, letters, numbers and spoken syllables, but that information is misinterpreted as it is processed in the brain. 1-савол As it is clearly stated in the passage, the disorder dyslexia ... жавоб (could have something to do with the type of language children are acquiring) 2-савол* According to the passage, physical disabilities ...жавоб (seem to play no role in the emergence of dyslexia and dyscalculia.) 3-савол It is stated in the passage that... жавоб (reading, writing and arithmetic are areas crucial to academic success.)

  • The term 'castle’ is most commonly applied to the fortresses belonging to European kings or important nobles during the Middle Ages. The first of this type were built by the Normans in France, during the eleventh century They were constructed of wood and consisted simply of a tower built on a mound and stood in a courtyard, which was surrounded by a fence and a ditch. By the twelfth century, the wooden tower had given way to a stone one, containing living accommodation for the whole household, centered on the Great hall, and surrounded by a strong wall. As new methods of attack developed, the outer fortifications became more elaborate in order to withstand them. 1-савол* We can conclude from the passage that... жавоб (a castle was a certain type of early defensive structure.) 1-савол* The author makes it clear that in the 12th century,... жавоб (the towers were built of stone) 3-савол* We learn that castles became stronger and more жавоб (in reaction to the development of new military strategies)

  • Teacup dogs are the latest Hollywood fashion accessory. They get their name because these tiny dogs fit into a teacup. If you flip through the pages of celebrity magazines, you will see these adorable dogs peeking out of expensive handbags on the streets of New York and Hollywood. A trend originally started by Paris Hilton's Chihuahua; now other celebrities proudly demonstrate tiny dogs as fashion accessories. Animal cruelty activists, however, state that this fashion statement has gone too far. They point out that breeders are trying to downsize these dogs still further. Because of these breeding practices these dogs are often unhealthy creatures prone to diseases like heart problems, knee problems, and dental disease. Even more sadly, this wide range of medical problems causes them to have a shorter life span than normal dogs. 1-савол* Dogs that are in fashion in Hollywood are called teacup because ... A) celebrities like this name. B) they like drinking tea. C) magazines advertise them. D) they are as small as a cup. 2-савол* Most teacup dogs tend to ... жавоб A) suffer from a lot of different illnesses. B) cost more than handbags. C) spend tirpe in the streets of New York. D) look like Paris Hilton’s dog.

  • China’s economy is so huge that it is easy to forget the country’s property market is still in its adolescence. Two decades ago, most city- dweilers had to live in basic, old accommodation, provided by their state- owned employer. Since then, house building has developed greatly as has the notion of home ownership. However, the market has been experiencing sudden changes and prices are falling in many cities. This is having an impact on local governments which carry out four-fifths of the country’s spending but only receive half of the taxes in income. To help make up the difference, they rely on buying land from farmers and selling it to property developers. But as developers struggle, land sales are decreasing and local governments are receiving less money. In other countries, local governments raise money by taxing homes, but in China, this is a sensitive subject. People feel that they already pay too much to a state that provides too little. 1-савол As clearly stated in the passage, until recently, the majority of city-dwellers in China жавоб-(were provided housing by the government.)2-савол According to the passage, one of the challenges for local governments is that they are ... жавоб-(experiencing problems related to income and spending.) 3-савол* According to the passage, it would be difficult to introduce a property tax in China because people feel that... жавоб-(the government does not do enough for them.)

  • The earliest intelligence test was designed to place children in appropriate school classes. At the beginning of the 20th centary school authorities in Paris asked the psychologist Alfred Binet to devise a method for picking out children who were unable to learn at a normal rate. Binet went on to develop a method that could measure the intelligence of every child- dull, bright, or normal.' Binet realized that a person’s ability to solve problems was an indication of intelligence. He found that complex problems, especially those involving abstract thinking, were best for sorting out bright and dull students. Problem-solving ability grows rapidly during childhood. Because of this, Binet decided to make an age scale of intelligence and chose specific tasks for each age level. 1-савол* Why did Alfred Binet start to develop an intelligence test? A) Educational authorities requested him to do so. B) He thought that this would make him famous. C) He wanted to conduct special research in this area. D) Schools wanted to administer entrance exams. 28. Binet developed different tests for different age groups because ... A) he was afraid that schools may not approve them. B) schools had different programs for each age level. C) the ability to solve problems changes as children grow. D) most of the schoolchildren could answer them easily.

  • "At Antoine’s. At seven", the woman’s voice said at the other end of the phone.. “At Antoine’s, at.seven", I repeated. I always repeat such information on the phone in case I haven’t heard correctly. Not that I’m hard at hearing, but it’s better that way. "Very well, then. I’ll be expecting you", she replied. "Just a moment. How will I recognize you?", I asked. I was trying to imagine what she looked like. Her voice suggested someone in her early 30s. There was something smooth, but at the same time hard about that voice, something that goes with diamonds and an expensive education. "You won’t have to. Just don’t be late". Antoine’s was one of those new style French places that specializes in very high prices and very small portions. "Yes, sir? Have you got a reservation?" the headwaiter asked as soon as I came through the door. I could see the inside of the place was as empty as the car- park. "No, but I don’t think I’ll need one”, I answered. The waiter smiled. He looked at my old sports jacket and not very new shoes. "I’m afraid we are fully booked this evening'1, he said. "It’s all right. I think the gentleman is looking for me", the woman’s voice said. 1-савол* The writer repeated "At Antoine’s, at seven", because he ... жавоб-(wanted to be sure he had understood) 2-савол*. It seems that at the time of the phone conversation ... A) they knew each other well B) she knew what he looked like C) he didn’t know what she looked like D) there was something wrong with her voice 3-савол* When the writer got to Antoine’s, at first the waiter... жавоб-(wasn’t going to let him stay)

  • Folk dance is a term referring to any kind of dance which has been developed within a traditional community, rather than being created by a choreographer or teacher. Steps and patterns are passed on from one generation to another, gradually undergoing a process of change. Many folk dances have their origins in ritual and express the character of the community who dance them. The term was coined in the 18th century to distinguish “peasant" dance forms from those of the upper classes, but the distinction itself dates back to the 15th century when ballroom dances first began to emerge as separate forms. With urbanization and demographic change, many original forms of folk dance have been lost, even though many Western countries, during the 20th century, attempted to rediscover and preserve them, often through specialist groups of folk dancers. 1-савол* According to the passage, folk dance ... жавоб-(originated in traditional communities.) 2-савол* As the passage states, folk dance ... жавоб-(was recognized as a distinct form as early as the 15th century.) 3-савол* It is understood from the passage that... жавоб-(a number of folk dances have been lost due to urbanization.)

  • While playing computer games is sometimes seen as a solitary pursuit, a study at Brigham Young University shows that it actually enhances social connections. Studying the effect of multiplayer online games on marriages, researchers found that in the 76% of the cases where the couple played together, games actually aided the relationship. In other words, couples that gamed together stayed together. Games may have other effects on us too. The famous psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, recently spoke out on the subject. In his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, in which volunteers were randomly assigned the roles of prisoner or guard, he showed that human behaviour is heavily influenced by environmental and social pressures. More recently, Zimbardo even suggested that exposing children to morally ambiguous situations in games could be useful in helping them develop their own moral compass. One possibility is to explore virtual worlds through computer games that could enable people to experience and understand concepts that they would otherwise find difficult to imagine. Games about society, populated by real people and open to all, could help test how different cultural backgrounds could be brought together in peace. 1-савол* It is stated in the passage that computer games... жавоб-(provide opportunities for people to meet unaccustomed ideas and worlds.) 2-савол* According to the passage, Zimbardo believes that...(computer games may actually help young people make more conscious decisions on moral issues.) 3-савол* One can infer from the passage that... жавоб-(computer games are capable of bringing in several unexpected benefits.)

  • Lacrosse is the national game of Canada and was developed there around 1850, and later in the US in 1877, from the centuries old Indian bag-gataway, played by rival tribes with teams numbering thousands. The name, French for "the crook,” is from the stick used. The modern game is played on a field 100 by 60 metres, with caged goals about two metres square. A team consists of ten players: defence men, midfield players, attack players and a goalkeeper. The object is to score goals by carrying, throwing or batting a sponge rubber ball with the stick, which has a 25- centimetre net at the end. Only the goalkeeper may touch the ball with his hands, and the game is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each. 1-савол* According to the passage, a lacrosse game ... жавоб-(is played for sixty minutes in four sections.) 2-савол We learn from the passage that today, lacrosse is played ...жавоб-(by teams of ten players in four distinct positions.)3-савол* The passage tells us that lacrosse ... жавоб-(In its present form dates from the mid - nineteenth century.)

  • She washed her hands ... the smell of the garlic had gone. (until)

  • - Do you think we’ll catch ... fish? - Yes, I do. It looks like a good spot, (place) жавоби (many)

  • If orange blossoms are exposed to very cold temperature, they... and die. (wither)

  • They promised to send ... information on this matter in a week. (further)

  • You can get on the boat at Westminster Bridge near... Houses of Parliament. (the)

  • - Did you post the letters? - No, they ... by the time I came in. (had been posted)

  • The city council agreed ... the architect's new design of the park. (to accept)

  • He drove with one hand and used ... to draw diagrams in the air. (the other)

  • I believe ... being honest at all times. (in)

  • That night he was walking home in California. He ... to the cinema and then to a cafe where he spent some time with friends. (had been)

  • The colder the weather gets,... I feel. (the sicker)

  • While I was in Paris, some of the best food I found ... not at the well- known eating places, but in small out of - the - way cafes. (was)

  • He has a very wide ... of modern English literature. (knowledge)

  • The Muslims Holy Book, the Koran,... on a large pedestal of polished Gazgan marble. It is a copy of the Koran of the 7th century. (is displayed)

  • Generally speaking, people should have ... education as they need.(as much)

  • Young people are fond of rock music which was ... a mixture of country music, rhythm and blues. (originally)

  • It is now easy to order goods on the Internet, but the means of delivering these goods ... to be improved. (have)

  • She said they ... go to the cinema if they liked. (could)

  • Bad news travels around the world before good news ... its shoes on.(get)

  • I’ll be very glad if you get Nick... the room I can never have him do that. (cleaned)

  • I’m writing to ask you what... for the last weekend in May. (are you planning)

  • The story begins on ... quiet afternoon at the end of July. (a)

  • Mike liked all his studies ... the exception of Latin. (with)

  • Where have the tourists gone? I wonder.... (where the tourists have gone)

  • I didn’t start to have grey hair until I was 50,... my brother went completely grey by the time he was 25. (whereas)

  • Many people think that Alaska is always cold, but it isn’t. Ocean winds (1)... warm air to the outer parts, so they are (2).... The inside part of the state has cold winters but summers can be hot. 1-(bring), 2-(mild)

  • Cyrus McCormic was the first man (1)... a machine to cut wheat. The machine was called a reaper. McCormic wanted to build a reaper factory. It had to be near (2).... He decided to put his factory (3)... a small town near Lake Michigan. The name of the town was Chicago. 1-(to build), 2-(farms), 3-(in)

  • It’s cold. That's why there are very ... children in the park today. (few)

  • Make sure you carry the eggs .... Don’t break them. (carefully)

  • The story of the magnificent five ... old castle the guide told us about was exciting. (centuries)

  • This month Vicky has made .... progress in his studies and so is feeling quite pleased. (a lot)

  • Sally spent six month out of... work. (-) no article

  • If the Troyans hadn’t taken the wooden horse into Troy, the Greeks... the city. (wouldn’t have captured)

  • I’m not going to help you with your homework and neither... John. (is)

  • When I was a student I used to sit... the back of group. (at)

  • There was a large spider in the bathroom so she wouldn’t go in ... her father got rid of it. (until)

  • I’ll have to convince him that I’m telling ... truth. (the)

  • A scientific observer of wildlife must note every detail of how ... in their environment. (animals live)

  • By May, I... this car for five years. (will have had)

  • We planned to cross the river below the waterfall,... it was not safe to do so. (however)

  • They were close friends ... the difference in their age. (despite)

  • This chess game is going to last ages. They ... it until midnight. (won’t have finished)

  • "Where did you learn English?" she asked me. She asked me where English. (I had learned)

  • The harder you work at your English,... chances you have to pass your tests. (the more

  • "You are a man" said the father angrily, as he heard his son ... to sob. (beginning)

  • I was concerned when Ed fell off his bike. He ... be badly injured. (must)

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