Aspects of the use of modern pedagogical technologies in physical education and sports

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Annotation: The article discusses the importance of the use of modern pedagogical technologies in physical education and sports lessons, some recommendations on the formation of worldview and thinking, the formation of physical, spiritual and moral qualities.
Keywords: sports, pedagogical technologies, methods, criteria, practical
The positive result of these goals is, first of all, the effective organization of educational and educational work to teach the younger generation the basics of scientific knowledge, the formation of a broad outlook and outlook, the formation of physical, spiritual and moral qualities. depends on doing. After all, creating a bright perspective of the country, spreading its name in the world, showing society the national and cultural heritage created by great ancestors,
Their enrichment, ensuring that the independent Republic of Uzbekistan takes its place among the developed countries, depends on educating the younger generation as a comprehensively developed personality and qualified specialist.
Teachers must be prepared to deliver teaching, make effective use of various teaching aids, and disclose the methodology of curricula and programs, including teaching methods. However, it should not be forgotten that the management of teaching and learning processes, the effective use of existing learning tools and ensuring that educational activities are as useful as possible for students, and many other such tasks are entirely entrusted to the teacher. The use of new pedagogical technologies in teaching subjects; The teacher is responsible for teaching and learning, as well as for the effective use of available opportunities and conditions. To accomplish this task, the teacher must have a complete understanding of the learning process and the scientific and technical aspects of the subjects taught.
One way to determine your teaching style is to make a list of questions related to each of the six factors listed above. It is worth noting that ensuring that the requirements of each component are fully met and following it increases the effectiveness of the chosen training method. Planning; The teaching method includes the following, namely:
- analysis of qualifications and main goals;
- Group members;
- required qualifications;
- subjects for study;
- motivating factors for learning;
- types and possibilities of training;
- educational material and its relevance in time;
Methods and means of increasing the effectiveness of the use of modern pedagogical technologies, the introduction of teaching methods in physical education and sports. Today, physical education teachers, like all teachers, are required to use advanced pedagogical technologies, such as organizing lessons taking into account modern pedagogical requirements, an innovative approach to conducting a lesson, and teaching students to think independently during a lesson. The interactive method - by increasing the activity between students and the teacher in the educational process, serves to enhance the students' assimilation of knowledge and personal qualities in physical culture and sports activities. Interactive (interactive) - an English word, "interact" means "between", "mutual", "act" - to act. In general, "interactive" means to interact. differences between non-traditional and interactive lessons. When teaching subjects in the curriculum, it is necessary to consider in which subjects it is appropriate to organize interactive lessons. This involves the use of interactive or traditional types of learning that ensure the full achievement of the goal of teaching in one subject. In order for interactive learning to be effective, it is necessary to ensure that students know the basic concepts and preliminary information on its topic before new learning. It should be borne in mind that more time is allocated for independent work of students in interactive learning than in traditional learning.
The interactive teaching method is implemented by each teacher at the level of his means and capabilities. A physical education teacher can improve his knowledge and learning activity only if he knows the level of specific states of students.
One of the priorities of the policy of our country is the upbringing of a generation that is healthy both physically and mentally. Because today, in the context of globalization processes intensifying in the countries of the world, the upbringing of a highly moral and physically healthy generation is one of the most important factors determining the future of our country and realizing the noble goals of our people. During the implementation of this good deed, its legal foundations have been created, and a lot of work is being done. In particular, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev dated June 3, 2017 “On measures to develop physical culture and mass sports” No. Resolution No. PF-5368 “On measures to radically improve the management system” is of particular importance in the further development of this area. of the main goals of these decrees and resolutions is the deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge in this area, the correct formulation of concepts and terms about skills and qualifications related to physical culture. In fact, in conditions when the processes of globalization are becoming more intense, the attention paid to physical education teachers, who are directly involved in the general and special physical training of young people, is becoming increasingly important in this regard. After all, one of their important services is to direct students to educational, cultural-medical, industrial-construction, production professions, and secondly, they serve to a certain extent to equip them with special physical training. Today, teachers who teach the younger generation have fully mastered modern innovative technologies, have the skills to correctly use information and communication tools, and generally know all the secrets of education.
When studying issues related to the scientific and pedagogical activities of future teachers of physical culture, it is advisable to analyze the content and essence of the concepts associated with this phenomenon. In particular, we can see that the very concept of "physical education" has been given several definitions. “Physical education is a pedagogical process aimed at the morphological and functional improvement of the human body, the formation and improvement of basic motor skills, abilities and related knowledge important for his life” [3]. Such definitions as "Physical education aimed at comprehensive training of the body, education aimed at strengthening health, physical exercises" are given.

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