Assignment 1, imdb rating study Statham-Seagal (#4001) Created: 05/07/2017 10: 14 am (PT) Public

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Assignment 7.1, IMDB rating study Statham-Seagal (#4001)

Created: 05/07/2017 10:14 AM (PT)

Public:    05/07/2017 10:19 AM (PT)


Jaime Caffarel (Technical University of Madrid) -

1) What's the main question being asked or hypothesis being tested in this study?

My theoretical hypothesis is that Jason Statham movies have similar IMDB ratings than Steven Seagal movies.

2) Describe the key dependent variable(s) specifying how they will be measured.

The data to be used are the last 34 movies Steven Seagal and Jason Statham starred in, started from today.

3) How many and which conditions will participants be assigned to?

2 conditions. Steven Seagal vs Jason Statham

4) Specify exactly which analyses you will conduct to examine the main question/hypothesis.

A 90% CI around the effect size will be calculated. When the 90% CI falls below, and excludes a Cohen’s d of 0.8, the movie ratings of Jason Statham and

Steven Seagal will be considered equivalent. Otherwise, the movie ratings will not be considered equivalent.

5) Any secondary analyses?


6) How many observations will be collected or what will determine sample size? No need to justify decision, but be precise about exactly how the

number will be determined.

According to a power analysis, at least 34 movie ratings from Steven Seagal, and 34 movie ratings from Jason Statham are needed to be collected.

7) Anything else you would like to pre-register? (e.g., data exclusions, variables collected for exploratory purposes, unusual analyses planned?)


8) Have any data been collected for this study already?

No, no data have been collected for this study yet

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