At Angelina Jolie six children: sons of Meddoks Shivan (English Maddox Chivan), Paks Ten (English Pax Thien) and Noks Leon

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  • Children
  • At Angelina Jolie six children: sons of Meddoks Shivan (English Maddox Chivan), Paks Ten (English Pax Thien) and Noks Leon (English Knox Leon); daughters Zahara of the Gauze (English Zahara Marley), Shajlo Nuvel (English Shiloh Nouvel) and Vivien Marshelin (English Vivienne Marcheline). All carry a surname Jolie-Pitt (Jolie-Pitt) though only three — Shajlo, Noks and Viviens — are Angelina and Brad Pitt's biological children. In December, 2005 in spite of the fact that neither from Angelina, nor from Brad there was no official statement that they are pair, Brad Pitt has submitted documents on adoption of Meddoksa and Zahary, and on January, 19th, 2006 the Californian court has satisfied its petition.
  • 2000th years were marked for the actress by participation in two with different degree successful film adaptations of game Tomb Raider. In 2001 Jolie has acted in film in the first series about Lare Kroft — «Lara Kroft — the peculator of tombs»: the film has collected in world hire more than 270 million dollars, but, despite general admiration of Jolie's fine physical form in a role of superheroine Lary Kroft (the actress herself has executed tricks). Followed it in 2003 a sequel «Lara Kroft — the peculator of tombs: a life Cradle», except the negative criticism it has appeared also financially unsuccessful: gathering haven't exceeded 160 million dollars. The franchize about the Chest of Kroft has been frozen"by producers though Jolie repeatedly declared the readiness to return to an image of the superheroine in the third time. It is remarkable that the actress has received the fee for the second series in 12 million dollars, becoming that one of the most highly paid actresses in the world. During shootings of "Lary Kroft" to Angelina have found special pistols for the lefthander that it could easily and recharge quickly them in a film.
  • Film «Mr. and Mrs. Smith», left on screens in the summer of 2005 and collected in world hire by nobody predicted 480 million dollars. In Jolie's this comedy played Jane Smith, the professional killer which in every possible way covers the employment by boring marriage with John Smith who was played by Brad Pitt. During film shootings on both actors, repeatedly admitting the most beautiful and sexual people of the floor, media exposure and public squall has fallen. Hearings about the secret novel Jolie and Pitt who have proved to be true later with divorce of Pitt with actress Jennifer Aniston and adoption by Pitt of children of Angelina then have started to circulate.
  • The first years
  • Jolie has started to work as model on clothes displays already in 14 years, mainly in New York, Los Angeles and London. Besides, it has appeared in several musical videoclips, including at Lenni Kravitsa (video Stand By My Woman), Rolling Stones (Anybody Seen My Baby) and Meat Loaf (video Rock’n’Roll Dreams Come Through) then at the age of 16 years has returned to theater.
  • Nominations
  • The award "Oscar" 2009 — the Best woman's role (for a film Substitution) the Award of channel MTV 2002 — the Best fight (for a film of Lara Kroft — the peculator of tombs) 2002 — the Best woman's role (for a film of Lara Kroft — the peculator of tombs) 2006 — the Best kiss (for a film Mr. and Mrs. Smith) the Award «Gold raspberry» 2000 — the Worst woman's role (for a film of Lara Kroft — the peculator of tombs) 2003 — the Worst woman's role (for a film Life or something like that) 2004 — the Worst woman's role (for a film Behind a side) 2005 — the Worst woman's role (for a film Alexander) 2005 — the Worst loser of "the Gold Raspberry» for the first 25 years of existence of an award.
  • Approximately at the same time her brother, James Hejven, began to visit film school (USC School of Cinematic Arts), and Angelina has played in its five experimental films. Anyhow, these tapes haven't entered into its filmography; officially Angelina Jolie first role considers played by it in 1993 a role of the humanoid robot by name of Kazella "Cache" of Copes in the cheap fantastic insurgent «the Cyborg 2: the Glass shade». This film to Angelina hasn't brought special glory. But its already following role in a film "Hackers" has been noted by critics, and, despite financial failure, the picture became cult after an exit on video. The newspaper has written «New York Times» about Jolie that, «despite gloom of a role, Ms. Jolie is lovely, as if the cherub». On shootings of a picture of Jolie has met the British actor Johnny Li Miller, the future first husband.
  • Break and recognition
  • For the participation in a television film "George Wallace" (1997) Angelina Jolie is nominated for the television award "Emmi", and also receives the award «Gold globe». The film has been very warmly accepted by television critics and, besides other, has received the award «Gold globe» in a category «the Best serial/film made for television». Jolie played it the second wife of the governor of the State of Alabama George Wallace — Korneliju.
  • Angelina Jolie is one of the most tattooed celebrities: on its body at various times flaunted about thirteen tattoos. The big black cross over the left hip. Below a navel the Latin statement «Quod me nutrit me destruit» is located, there are different versions of transfer, 1) literally — «That feeds me, me and kills» (in English «That which nourishes me also destroys me»), 2) «that gives me forces as well destroys me». A letter «Н» on the left wrist. According to the actress, it in honor of her brother James Havena. Simply huge Asian tiger in the bottom of a back, and also patterns and a dragon. A Buddhist amulet for protection.
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