B the chart shows the number of household in Winchester, California and the languages which people speak there

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Answers lesson 10
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Answers lesson 10

Handout 1

1 B





Handout 3

B) the chart shows the number of household in Winchester, California and the languages which people speak there.

C) The chart shows the difficulties people have when they integrate into a new country and how the problems vary according to age.

Handout 4

D) The diagrams illustrate how electricity is manufactured by sea waves in the electricity generation plant located by a cliff or sea wall. In general, making electricity using sea waves consists of several stages and special items.

Handout 5-6

1) The greatest problem for young people aged 18 to 34 is forming friendships, a problem experienced by 46 percent of the people in this age group. However, only 36 percent of 35-to 540 year-olds find it hard to make friends, while even fewer people over 55 (23 percent) have this problem.

2) Fifty-four percent of the older age group find learning to speak the local language the most problematic. In comparison, the youngest age group finds this easier, and the percentage who have problems learning the language is much lower, at 29 percent.

3) In contrast to their language-learning difficulties, only 22 percent of people in the oldest age group have trouble finding accommodation. However, this is the second most significant problem for the other two age groups with 39 to 40 percent of the people in each group finding it hard.

Handout 7

a problems – trouble, hitch, seatbacks, snag, hassle

b go to live – go for live,

c other countries –another countries,
Handout 9

1 The graph shows the increase in the percentage of people who used rail transport between 1976 and 1999. __________________

2 The graph shows the percent of people with a criminal record according to their age and percentage of people in prison according to their gender. __________________

3 By 1995, the numbers had fallen to a two percent. __________________

4 It is surprising that percentage of people watching television remained the same. ________

5 On the other hand, socializing with friends rose sharply to 25 percent in comparison with 1981. __________________
Handout 10

C The chart below compares reasons why Bulgarians aged 15- 60 decided to leave Bulgaria in 2001 and 2006.
Handout 11

1 What did most Bulgarians aged 15-60 plan to do in both years? emigrated

2 Which categories were higher in 2006 than in 2001? Travel and stay abroad

3 What was the lowest category in 2001? Work abroad return

4 What happened in the category of people intending to live abroad permanently? ………

5 Which categories were higher in 2001 than in 2006? Touristies and work abroad
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