B Work in groups and compare your ideas c Are there any jobs you would all like to do?

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Lesson 15. Strange Jobs
Vocabulary word building:noun endings.
Listening and Vocabulary

  1. a) Think of three jobs that you would like to do and three jobs you would hate to do.

b) Work in groups and compare your ideas.
c) Are there any jobs you would all like to do?

  1. a) Work in pairs. Write all the jobs you know with the endings -or, -ant, -er, -ist and -ian.

  1. Compare lists with another pair. Who has the most?

  1. Are these words nouns (N) or verbs (V)?

Look at the endings. Which three words can be both a noun and a verb?
Decision N, examine V,cook N,V, interviewer, decide, examination, excite, argument, visit, discussion, interview, visitor, guitarist, discuss, excitement, argue, politician, examiner.

  1. a) Choose the correct words.

  1. When did you last have an interview/interviewer for a job?

  2. Have you got a big collect/collection of CDs?

  3. Do you ever argue/argument with your friends?

  4. What was the last important decide/decision you made?

  5. Do you like watching advertise/advertisements on TV?

  6. What was the last examine/examination you took?

b) Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.
5. Are these words nouns(N) or verbs (V)? Look at the endings. Which three words can be both a noun or a verb?
Decision-N Discussion-
Examine-V Interview-
Cook-N, V Visitor-
Interviewer- Guitarist-
Decide- Discuss-
Examination- Excitement-
Excite- Argue-
Argument- Politician-
Visit- Examiner-

6. Match phrases 1-12 to definitions a)-l).
I’d like…

  1. A good salary a)nice people to work with

  2. Friendly colleagues b)you know you’ll have the job for a long


  1. My own office c) a good manager

  2. Long holidays d) an office only for you

  3. A good boss e) a lot of days off a year

6.Job security f) a lot of money for doing your job
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