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Bakhtiyorova Komila 249


Listening practice

Listening test #1

Questions 1-2

Watch the video about ancient city Khiva and complete the sentences 1-2.

Write only ONE word

  1. Apart from short minaret Kalta minor is familiar as blue minaret

  2. It started to be built in the 19th century and remained unfinished because of the death of the khan in the war

Questions 3-4

Watch the video and answer the questions 3-4

Write no more than TWO words for each answer.

  1. What two decorative building products were utilized to design Tosh Hovli palace? Marble, ceramics

  2. By whom Tosh Hovli was built? Allahkuli Khan

Questions 5-8

Watch the video and write TRUE or False or NOT GIVEN next to each sentence.

  1. Poi Kalon is an iconic image of Uzbekistan. False

  2. Poi Kalon is an Islamic masterpiece which's all parts of mosque were used to observe the city. True

  3. All monuments in the complex were constructed in the enlightenment period. False

  4. The garths which are outside of ensemble were decorated with mosaics. Not given

Questions 9-11

Watch the video and write TRUE or False or NOT GIVEN next to each sentence.

  1. Legend says that one of the biblical prophet made a wellhead within period of starvation. True

  2. All visitors who came there believe that the spring has special curing powers. True

  3. The construction has an extraordinary feature which is not typical to Bukhara architecture. True

Questions 12-14

Complete the sentences using no more than TWO words or a NUMBER.

Khudayar Khan place

Located in Kokand

which means12 wonderful.

There were 13 114 rooms and 7 courtyards among which

14 19 have been preserved

with ongoing restoration

Circle the correct answer

15. What are silkworms fed on?

  1. leaves of mulberry tree

  2. leaves of maple

  3. leaves of maidenhair tree

  4. leaves of Morella tree

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