Betz visits Offutt afb

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Betz visits Offutt AFB 


Last month, Betz Elementary sixth graders had the opportunity to visit Offutt AFB.  The sixth 

graders were studying variables and how they can cause different outcomes.  Our students 

were able to visit several Offutt organizations and apply what they were learning in the 

classroom to the daily jobs of these military organizations. 


Our students were able to see a Security Forces military working dog 

demonstration and learned how the dogs are trained and how they 

respond to different situations.    


Following the dog demonstration, the students toured an aircraft that 

collects atmospheric samples for analysis.  This went very well as the students had just 

finished their science fair projects and had learned about data collection.  After the crew 

walked the students through the aircraft and explained the 

mission of the aircraft, they got to walk around the outside of 

the plane and learn about the different flying surfaces and their 

effect on the flight of the plane.  Following the tour of the 

aircraft the students were able to fly the RC-135 simulator.  The 

students experienced first-hand how pilots account for the 

many different variables that affect flight, while practicing their 

responses to changes before getting into the real aircraft.   


You can’t learn about the planes and the variables that affect flight 

without learning about what to do in case of an emergency.  The 

students were able to try on different types of helmets, oxygen 

mask, get into an inflatable life raft, put on big orange neoprene 

survival suits, and even got to taste some survival ration bars.   


After learning about the aircraft and survival, the students were able to tour the base control 

tower.  The students learned that even the tower had a simulator used to help controllers 

learn how to safely manage and control aircraft operating in the air and on the ground.   


During lunch the students were able to enjoy some much needed warm 

weather and have a picnic on the base parade grounds.  The students had a 

visit from the HAWC (Health and Wellness Center) during their lunch 

break.  The HAWC discussed the importance of eating healthy and 

exercising.  At the end of their lunch, the students competed in jump rope 



Following lunch the students continued their tour of Offutt AFB 

by visiting the base Language Learning Center and the Fire 

Department.  While visiting the LLC, the students were able to 

learn a few phrases in multiple languages.  Some of the 

languages the kids learned were Russian, Korean, Spanish, 

Mandarin, and Tagalog.  The students loved hearing and 

learning the different languages.  I think we even have a few 

natural linguist in our classes!  


The final stop was the Fire Department.  While there the students saw how firemen help keep 

the airmen at Offutt AFB safe.  The firefighters tend to accidents that happen around the base 

and on the runway.  Additionally, we learned how the Fire Department identifies and controls 

variables that could result in a fire or accident. 


During their visit to Offutt AFB, on March 20


, the students were able to apply what they 

learned in the classroom.  Our students are grateful for the opportunity to tour the base.  

Additionally, they were thrilled with the opportunity to share a day of learning and inspiration 

with the men and women serving our nation. 



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